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Managing Human Resources - Krasnoshapka V.V.

Dodatok 1. Posadova Institute number 2


1. Partial part.

1.1. Special control for the control of the mill will improve Solom'yansky district.

1.2. Specialist of the First Category for the Control of the Holy See of the Rules of the Regulation.

1.3. Appointed for landing by the chief of special services.

1.4. Vikonavets planted with a special offer for the conduct of business at the special business.

1.5. Vikonavtsya prisyad zamіshchuє іshshy іshі specialist І categories (for the order of the head of special іvdіdilu).

1.6. Close to the village.

Robot at a given meeting I will need a view of the Vikonavtsya offensive kvalіfіkatsіі:

1.6.1. Osvіta - vishcha (dilovodstvo that archivvo znavstvo).

1.6.2. Spetsialnist - dilovod that archivoznavets.

1.6.3. The minimum working experience for the special - 2 rock.

1.6.4. Vilnius Volodinnya my Ukrainian - obov'yazkova.

1.7. The right to voluntary admission is guaranteed by a collective agreement.

1.8.Zarobitna payment - for the regular staff list.

1.9.Premіya at rozmіrі 50-60 відсотків від paid in earnest.

2. Tsіlі.

2.1. Providing for the safe conduct of forestry with the special laws and regulations of the special legislation.

3. Functions.

No. p / p

Transfer function

Periodicity and terminology.


Vedennya obloku vkhіdnoї vikhіdnoї documentation.



Vedennya Oblika Administrative Protocol.



Control over the insights of the present and the arguments on the pages of the physical and legal aspects.


Preparing and nadannya of monthly, quarterly and trivial plans and sound robots special.



Preparation of the plan and the call for a hundred-thousand-year spring two-month staff and the main month for the improvement, greening and polishing of the sanitary camp in the district.



Preparation of materials and protocol handrails before the meeting.



Vedennya protocol zasidan that nrad.



Rozrobka posadovikh іnstrucіy pracіvnikіv specialvіddіlu.



Restrastiya of working hours pracіvnikіv specials.



Preparation of the graph of cherguany pracіvnikіv special for uvіdnі that holy days.



Preparation of orders and order of majesty of maternal help, assistance of maternity and pre-admission, premiere, acceptance of the call, praise, meager.



Vidach permits to the IAF. on sale of goods at the bargain in primіshchennі.

For the necessary.


Region and telephone numbers registration.



Conducting inventory of popular advertisements, small architectural forms in the district.

For the necessary.

4. Information.

4.1. In order to reach foreign goals, robots for special needs and for effective visibility of their needs are regularly exchanged with information from the authorities.

No. p.p.

Otrimu і information

No. p.p.

Transmission Information


Type of the head of the special department at the form of resignation, as well as in the standard form at the planned and operational tasks.


To the head of the special officer in the uniform form of the forensic letters and additional letters and notes.


Vid pracіvnikіv special іvdіlі in the usual form and that of the forensic letters of additional entrants.


Specialists in special form.


Від керівництва Head control of the control of the camp I will improve the place of the form of letters and handwriting.


Kerivnitsvu Head Office of control over the camp I will improve the place in the form of letters and letters of honor and zvіtіv.


Vid kerіvnitstva rayonadchadmi-nіstratsії u formі vkazіvok that letter handwriting.


Kerivnitsvu district state administration in the form of letters and additional letters and sounds.

5. Rights.

5.1. Take the fate of the people's deputies and the deputy commissions.

5.2. Vimagati vіd spіvrobіtnikіv special vіdd of hours and arguments for vіdpovіday for washing the physical and legal osb.

5.3. Vimagati vіd spіvrobіtnikіv spetsvіddіlu daily hour of recession materіalіv thoroughly prepared training plans and zvіtіv robots spetsvіddіlu.

5.4. Monitor the order, punishment and order of the specialty.

5.5. Submit a proposal to the Chief Special Officer for a special robot.

5.6. Take a part at the districts of the regional government of food and nutrition with a good deal of special dіdalnost.

6. Vіdpovіdalnіst.

6.1. I have the responsibility for the introduction of forestry with the normative acts of the same legislation.

7. The addition of that serpent.

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In a point buli introduced zmіini

New edition

Date entered

Hto hardening the editorial board

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Head of Special Affairs M. Kravchenko

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Specialist І categories O. Shevchenko