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Marketing: basic methodical postnik - Pavlenko A.F.

Theme 6. Marketing policy rozpodilu

Marketing policy - a company with a plan for the implementation, implementation and control of physical movement of goods until the sale of goods for the satisfaction of the public.

The key moment of the marketing policy for the retail is the price and design of the channel for the retail.

Marketing channels are rozpodilu - the route, for any comrade move from one place to another for sale, from one pass to one; All prices are subject to transfer, as well as to transfer (to transfer to someone in general) the right of authority to a specific comrade to the old hat of the virobnik before living.

Functions of the channel:

a) functions, for the sake of pleasing:

  • procurement of goods;
  • sales of goods;
  • reassignment of a partner’s business partnership, an unrelated partner’s ability to pay for the purchase of a comrade;

b) logistic functions:

  • Target sales assortment of products;
  • Zaberezhennya products;
  • a set of party supplies of products;
  • transportation of products;

c) the functions of the servants:

  • sales and service staff;
  • standardization and control of product performance;
  • marketing marketing;
  • product planning;
  • Viznachennya price, national and that book;
  • Prosuvannya products.

You can see the channel in the main characteristics that are shown in fig. 23-25.

. Channels rozpodilu to the market of the living goods

Fig. 23. Channels rozpodilu to the market of the living goods

Channels rozpodilu to the market of industrial goods

Fig. 24. Channels to the market for industrial products

Main characteristics of the channel

Fig. 25. Main characteristics of the channel rozpodilu

Razdrybny trades

On the hour of the construction of the channel, I’ve got to know more about the need to know the way for three meals.

1. What kind of channel can I secure so that I can save a whole market?

2. What channel do you want to satisfy your needs?

3. What channel can I secure for my company the most attractive zisk?

The algorithm for the process of constructing the channel to the channel is presented in Fig. 26.

Using this algorithm, consume the following channels in the design channel, if:

  • a new product is procured on the market;
Algorithm konstruyuvannya channel rozpod_lu

Fig. 26. The algorithm for constructing the channel rozpod_lu

  • get used to new markets;
  • v_dbuvayutsya zmіni in the marketing complex;
  • get nova firma;
  • the explicit channel is not reached;
  • varying system of intermediation organizations;
  • vinikayut konflіkti mіzh sub'єktami channel_v.

For the sake of giving you the opportunity to get together with each other for the purposes of the company, in the meantime, it is clearly indicated specifically.

Specifics of distribution - as a function of functionality, so as to ensure that the channel is distributed in the course of the sale of goods.

The development of possible alternatives to the structure of the channel to the channel on the basis of such characteristics:

  • kіlkіst rіvnіv channel (middle);
  • napruzhenіst (width) of the channel on the cutaneous vernal rose;
  • Tipi mediator on the skin of the skin channel.

The vibration of the structure of the channel is rozpodilu - which is the most laborious way to the algorithm of constructing. Tse pov'yazan

With the great kol'kstyu zmіnnih, like mayuyu buti vrakhovanі. Sokrem:

a) return of the market (distribution, revenues, dispersion, behavior). Lay the structure of the channel to the channel (directly interconnected) in the form of a low-frequency channel (low-level market) and the secondary transport (retail market) shown in Fig. 27, 28;

Dinamika zmіni vartostі

Fig. 28. Dinamika zmіni vartostі

the servant is straight and in the middle of the channel

vid vidstanі transport:

Cd - service to the direct channel;

Cm - wariness of the service before-

forged channel.

. Dinamika zmіni vartostі

Fig. 27. Dinamika zmіni vartostі

straightforward servant

canal rozpodilu fallow

Від кількості споживачів:

Cd - service to the direct channel;

Cm - wariness of the service before-

forged channel.

b) limited goods (oath, carriage, size, type of clothing, standard, standardization, world of novelty, technology);

c) limited liability (need, financial support, effective management of the retail chain, the general policy, the manifestation of a state grant, transport interests));

d) average intermediary (overtime, wariness of the servants, see the servants, the guarantor is skinny);

e) zmnіnnі navkolishny middle;

e) the behavior of the sub-channel in the channel.

The vibration of the optimal channel to the channel may be better for the victories of such approaches;

  • financial - the financial results of the vibratory channel’s victory (so, as the most effective efficiency of the investment channel);
  • science-management - operational operations, victorious theory, model of process flow;
  • sub'єactive-ob'єactive - on the side of the judiciary manager and those of the basic rules for the distribution;
  • on the performance characteristics of the goods;
  • vartіsnogo.

Vibir sub channel in the channel - the type and type in the middle, as well as in the future. For the best, we’ll joke about potential intermediaries, for whom we can choose the most optimal options.

Intermediate activity at the channels of distribution - all special offers, organizations and other special functions and real-time sales are available.

The main principles of the middle д dyalnost є:

  • equality of interests;
  • pіdpriєmlivіst;
  • efficiency and mobility;
  • servicing counterparties;
  • economic interest of counterparties;
  • comer tsііnі ambush dіyalnostі;
  • contractual agreement.

Classification of intermediary enterprises and organizations to ambush them with functions and a set of services, as well as functional-universal and special-purpose specialization; stay, at your own home, submit to informational, contact, informative, informative, informative, advertising, advertising and leasing. There are also significant commodity specialization (commodity-universal commodity-specialization), status (independent, formally independent, fallow), organization of the basis of commodity (contractual and commercial), for the benefit of commerce, consignment purchase, sale, bargaining without specially arranged land), the method of winemaking in the city (for the price of the retail price, the national rates, specific payments), the direct payment for the purchase rate esіv (postachalnikіv, spozhivachіv, svoїh Vlasna) toscho.

The main types of trading intermediaries are simple representatives (agents, brokers, brokers), sales representatives, sales representatives and distributors, wholesalers (merchants, distributors), trading houses and stores.

Managing the channels of the rozpodilu - the whole complex of accesses with the realizable function of the rozpodilu through the interlaced channels for the achievement of the supply of the values. Tsey complex of entrance including:

  • vibration of trading intermediaries (criteria for such vibration є financial aspects of the business, organization of the main indicators for the product, product characteristics, the range of goods, reputation, the available market, keep that stock, management, close proximity)
  • wandering in the middle, respecting loyalty;
  • vinogorodzhennya prazі mediator;
  • initiation of praznivnikі in the middle organizations;
  • Establishment of standard service staff;
  • effective communication system and sound;
  • lіkvіdatsіyu horizontal and vertical conflicts.

It is still possible with the help of vertical marketing systems (Fig. 29).

Vertical marketing systems

Figure 29. Vertical marketing systems

Otsіnuvannya canal in rozpodilu - the whole analysis of the necessary dyalnosti from the look at the achievable delivery of the values ​​in front of them. Golovnim here є analiz dіyalnostі sub'єktіv channel.

For the assessment of the channel, there are two profitable ideas - an assessment of the number of channels (more than one channel per channel and the result) and audit.

The butt of the logical system is shown in fig. thirty.

. The butt of the logical system rozpodilu

Fig. 30. The butt of the logical system rozpodilu

Self-control routine

1. Give the visitor a marketing policy.

2. Give the marketing visibility to their channels. Describe the basic functions.

3. Point and characterize the main view of the channel.

4. Who has the three main problems (power supply), which need the most time to construct a channel for distribution?

5. Explain the logic of the process of constructing the channel to the channel.

6. What are the main characteristics of the channel?

7. What is the reason for the exclusion of exclusive, selective and mass distribution?

8. If there’s a need for new channels for sale?

9. What is the reason for the lack of specificity?

10. Describe how much, how to analyze, vibrating the channel.

11. Describe the approach, so that the channel will vibrate to the channel.

12. Name the criteria for the sub-channel channel rozpodilu.

13. Give a license and characterize the principle of middle business in the distribution channels.

14. Describe the main tipi mediator pіdprimstva and organization.

15. Give a description of the system of payment for the services of the middleman.

16. What is the standard of servicing? Point out the butt.

17. Name the type of conflict at the channels of distribution and methods of communication.

18. Give a description of the methods for evaluating the channel in the rozpodilu.

19. Describe the daily logistic systems rozpodilu.