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Audit of foreign countries - Petrik O. A., Fenchenko M. T.


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The topic of the essay is selected by the student samostichno іz marked lower pereriku (repetition of the essays at the intergroup of one academic group of students є not Bazhanim).

  • Auditors postlugi (AP) from a prospective analysis of financial performance.
  • AP for the design of financial stability of the company.
  • Infusing internal audit and control on the command of a home audit.
  • The structure of internal audit and system of internal control of the company.
  • Zaluchennya auditor to auditorskoi perevirk ekspertіv that nshshih specialіalіstіv.
  • Victory is an auditor of the information of the lawyer of the corporate body-club at the auditor's office.
  • Planning of the auditor and audit firm.
  • Controlling the efficiency of the auditor.
  • The structure of the organization of the robots of the audit industry in foreign countries.
  • Zarubіzhny dosvіd p_dgotovki і pіdvischennya kvalіfіkatsіі auditorіv that vimogi to them.
  • International European Professionals Organizations of Auditors and Companies.
  • Especially conducted an audit in a computer medium.
  • International Standards Audit, its meaning and value.
  • Special Audit Consolidated Financials.
  • Otsіnka podіy auditor, scho have become pіslya folding financial іntnostі.
  • Vibirkov doslіdzhennya in audi.
  • Audit process virobnitstva.
  • Auditor of the process of implementation.
  • Audit of the process of postachana and rozrahunkiv postmen.
  • Audit of stockpile.
  • Audit of main activities.
  • Audit nematerial active.
  • Audit groshovih koshht.
  • Audit debitskoi zaborgvanostі.
  • Audit of capital, owing funds and reserves.
  • Audit financial results.
  • Audit kreditorskoi zaborgvanostі (dovgostrokovoї).
  • Audit rozrahunkiv z pay pratsі.
  • Internal control and audit, your structure and order is a Vicon.
  • Concepts of the company in audit.
  • Vidpovіdalnist auditors, they see the essence.
  • Special audit in the United States, the United Kingdom and France (porous characteristic).
  • Special Audit Investment Investments and Investment Funds.
  • Especially audit of capital investments.
  • Retail audit in Russia and future prospects.
  • The essence of the іміст інформаційного і ехнічних дэпелення auditorskoi dіyalnostі.
  • Post an audit.

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The essay essay: 10-15 pages, accurately numbered. The text of the rose on one standard side of paper with fields: lvoruch - 30 mm, right uch - 10, from the bottom and upwards - 20 mm.

Title and the whole robot must be established in order. On the title page, the name is given to the university, faculty, specialty, discipline, subject, course, name and student initiation.

The plan of the abstract is guilty of being added. I will enter, paragraph of the main newspaper, visnovk, list of the literature. In the case of a leather item, the plan must be seen. The essay cannot be written in Victorian countries without a single literature reference.

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From the lecturer's course (master course), a student can comment on a topic that has not been submitted to a perennial transition.

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