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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Investments in the development of classifications for singing signs.

1. Behind objects included in the cost (lane) separate investment and real money. Real investment means investing money (lane) in real assets - material and non-material assets (ininvestment in non-material assets, which requires a more technical progress, characterize them). Financial investment - the cost of investing in financial instruments (assets), mid-term transfer of valuable shares.

2. The nature of participation in investing in investments is direct and indirect. Directly invest the investor, so that I can get the investment invested in them continuously (mine, asset). As a rule, investor kindly know about investing and knowing the mechanics of investing. Indirect investment, investment, investment and intermediaries. Oskylki don’t have to invest the necessary amount for efficient investment and investment management, then the private part of the house is invested, the property is invested. Choose intermediaries from investors, look at them, look at them, invest in them, and then distribute their possessions to their clients - investors.

3. Behind the period of investment investment for a short period of time. Korotkostrokovі investment in the period to one rock. Prior to them, apply short-term deposit deposits, adding up short-term out-of-town certificates. Dovgostrokov_investitsii health for the period ponad pik. Great investment companies distribute them at four times see: up to two rockies; view two to three rocks; vid trikh to p'yat rock_v; ponad p'yat rockіv.

4. For forms of power investor, private investor, state, foreign and private. Private investment, private individuals, legal entities with private capital, powers - state and government organizations, state and private funds, property and budget, 'Acts of the Singing Power and the Foreign Powers.

5. For regional oznakoyu rozrіznyayut invest in the state and the pose between the intervals. Internal investment in the area of ​​investment within the borders of the state, and foreign - the posture between the borders. Prior to foreign investment, it is also necessary to establish a combination of different financial financial instruments of the foreign powers - active foreign companies and regional powers.

The classification and investment of the image has been brought. Science dzherelahs also have the same high class.