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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


1.5.1. Investment Management

Investment management - the whole process of managing all aspects of the investment sub-project. The main meta-investment management is to ensure the effective implementation of investment strategies and sub-activities. For the whole, it’s necessary to develop such a basic principle:

• to keep the high pace of economical development of subcontracts in order to ensure effective and efficient investments, as well as increased expenses and additional assortment;

• maximize the amount of investment and investment, the idea of ​​gaining a profit - the main meta sub'kktiv pіdpriymnitstva;

• Minimized investment, because for unpleasant minds the stench can be brought up to a half not only a few pributkiv, but the first part of the investment capital;

• Ensuring financial stability and platform support during the implementation of investment programs. Oscillations of investment are tied to contributions to significant financial resources, as a rule, to trials, they can be reduced to reduce the cost of investor, non-repayable payments and other expenses. That’s why the hour of formulating financial resources for forecasting the investment in financial resources of the sub-sector is required;

• visibility of possible options for accelerated implementation of investment programs. Ostannі neobhіdno realіzuvati yaknayshvidshe, oskіlki tse spriyatime priskorennyu ekonomіchnogo rozvitku of companies (organіzatsіy) Shvidky formuvannyu penny potokіv in viglyadі pributku od іnvestitsіy that amortizatsіynih vіdrahuvan, skorochennyu termіnіv vikoristannya Credit resursіv, zmenshennyu іnvestitsіynih rizikіv, pov'yazanih of nespriyatlivimi zmіnami kon'yunkturi іnvestitsіynogo klіmatu .

Priority є securing high tempera- tures at an economical rate of development for understanding financial stability, rather than maximizing the benefit, as it is, I’m responsible for the topic.

Let’s take a look at the following basic functions of investment management:

• up to date of the proposed investment treasury and forecasting of the future investment and investment;

• development of strategic investments and investment sub-activities;

• development of a strategic form of investment resources in a sub-investment investment cycle;

• show and assessment of investment projects of real projects and their development;

• assessment of investment brights of financial instruments and vibrations of them;

• form and evaluation of the investment portfolio for criteria of profitability, risen and liquidity;

• more accurate planning and operational management of realization of the program and project;

• organizing monitoring and investment programs and projects;

• preparation of a ritual about one’s vidmova vid of ineffective projects (sales of okrimich financial instruments).

1.5.2. Insurance management

Yak і every gospodarska dіyalnіst, insurance vimagaє management. One sign of insurance on the right is that there are special features, which can be seen in any form of state gift. For the benefit of the offensive: insurance duty is to be registered in Ukraine as vinyatkova duty and regulation are governed by the Law of Ukraine "On Insurance" dated 7th birch 1996, No. 86/96-VR.

In the country with a well-aimed market economy, the significant part of the gain is not to receive insurance coverage, but to invest. The main concern for the insured is insurance and insurance, and by the way insurance insurance for investment [1, p. 32].

Whiskers became possible for thoughtful and honorable politicians to manage. Insurers have come to eat, have taken a lesson, more effectively, have instituted a reinsurance institute, more than a little respect we have thought of coming in with preventive approaches, we’ve begun to manage the riziks.

Strakhuvannya - one of the business halls, the most important types of medical care. Kozhen insurance insurer will require a constant analysis of the internal factors and internal factors, which can be discounted for the robots of the company. The electronic data processing is an important moment in strategic development of a company-insurance company. It is necessary to develop an integrated computer system of an information security service company.

The most important aspect of the management of an insurance company is an indicator of the oath of insurance payments. May the entire insurance business in Ukraine is based on insurance insurance payments. With these pennies, insurance reserves, premium payments and insurance premiums, vitrati companies are formed. To get the most relevant information, you need to pay for the insurance, manage insurance payments and plan. Vimogi pіdvishchity financial_styku sponukayut insurance policies zbіlshuvati kіlkіst contractіv insurance. In one more way, financial insurance benefits can be balanced by the insurance portfolio - insurance coverage and reinsurance of insurance providers. Існує type of insurance, debit is even 100%, but the win is popular because of the middle population and є ов obov'yazkovim view. Do not pretend to care for the insurer of the creep of the insects and see the insurance for the wraps of the cross over of their cues.

An important aspect of insurance management is investment insurance. Ways to increase the insurance insurance reserves to become an investment strategy. In countries with a well-aimed market economy and strong competition, insurance companies do not have to pay for the meta of gaining great benefits from insurance. Basically, insurance companies insurance coverage in the maximum amount of insurance coverage and insurance coverage of insurance premiums by investing. I in the whole plan of the insurance company є a participant in the investment process and the knowledge of the subtleties of the market. In order to increase the investment and debit for investment and insurance investors, insurance may not be invested, but as a sub-insurance market, so that insurance is invested. Tsey aspect of insurance management is important to insure that the expansion of the sphere to the insurance market.