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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


The streamline of the economy will be designated as sub-,ktіv, as a state gift, Maybutniy - with pledges уinvestitsy at virobnitstvo.

In the process of production of products and above-mentioned services, the main funds of enterprises are available: business, cars, ownership. For іх vіnovnovlennya accumulate depreciation fund. An oath of depreciation funds for enterprises, insurance for singing period of an hour, a sign of an oath of liabilities, necessary for a simple review of important fixed assets. The main funds of investment enterprises are fully recognized in the process of investment. As a rule, an oath of investment is an oath of depreciation to the fund, it is simpler than vydnovlennya.

The growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) for the co-financed fund and the important macroeconomic proportionality of the national economy. In addition, a part of the GDP of the Vitrača country on the basis of material and technical and financial base of new goods and services, may be buried may be GDP GDP and the population will be kindly welcomed. Realization of the fund of the reward - an important direct investment.

The Law of Ukraine "On Investment Diligence" means the right to invest in intellectual property rights, which can be invested in property and property rights, which are owned and operated. These values ​​can be buti:

• Coshti, bank deposits, shares, shares and prices;

• ruhome and non-rudimentary maynos (budіvlі, possession of the іnshі materіalі tsіnnostі);

• Mayn’s rights, which I owe to copyright, additional rights and intellectual values;

• rights to land, water, natural resources;

• the availability of technical and economic knowledge in the form of documentation, skill, viral distribution, necessary for organizing viral goods and services, but not patented (know-how).

Існує Bagato Visnaznach іinvestitsіyno dіyalnostі. It is possible to respect with a zagalom, scho іinvestitsіyna dіyalnіst - as a whole complex of entrance і і і і і і і і і і іdіdе legal ісіб, as a rule, invest in the money (at the material, financial and basic form) by means of.

The investor - the whole sub-investment investment, a certain acceptance of the contribution and the contribution of the acquired investment to the investment.

Sub-investment investments may include the most powerful organisms of the state, the physical and legal entities of Ukraine and the major powers.

On the subject of investment in May, in small forms, on the basis of which investments and in the form of victories have been removed for the purpose of denying a profit: basic and reverse prices, basic technology, science and technology, technology and technology.
The complex of production and installation, the products and services of which are required to realize the implementation of investment activities, and to establish the investment complex of the country. To lay down:

• industrial enterprises, industrial materials, industrial materials, machinery;

• Install design organization;

• financial intermediaries - investment banks, companies, funds;

• organization of sovereign management, which regulate the functions of sub-projects and investments;

• Stock market infrastructure.

As a result, the national income of the country is submitted to the co-fund and the co-fund. Ostananny за zagallenim іnnim іzimym іzpіtalovladen usіh pіdpriєmstv. A portion of yogy may become 20-30% of national income. With the rest of the rocks in Ukraine, to the part of the sovereign koshtis in the country, more often than not, there is a part of the capital contribution, and I can go further down the road.

For the forms of direct investment (capital investment), you can see this:

• at new budіvnitstvo - the creation of new pіdprimstva (virobnitstv) at new places for new projects;

• on expansion of virobnitstva - introducing new fixed assets into the community, to improve them, for an extensive increase in the number of assets on public objects;

• for reconstruction - installation of new radio technologies with new technology and technology for new complex projects;

• at the technical re-installation - the technical re-introduction of the radio for the window of the replacement of the old possessed in a new, productive way.

Behind the warehouse and the character of vitrat straight investment is possible to design the technological structure:

• working robots;

• assembly robots;

• cars that possess;

• design robots.

The period of model realizatsii invested in parts:

• preparation (design robots, organization finance, weather planning, technical and technical support of the cob robot);

• realizatsiyu - the creation of a new material object;

• Exploitation of a new virobnitztva, denying a profit, secure investment, investing in a robot for the project.