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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


The financial vidnosinah between the power and the population of the Crimea are covered by one more moment, when you have to pay the whole population to the state skarnbnitsy - credits. About the whole bagato of people, they don’t have to express themselves, although they want є creditors of the state.

Credit - for the sake of economic vidnosini, for the sake of a certain kind of good mobilizatsii timichovo vilnyh koshtіv and nadannya ikh their powers, to the enterprises of those organizations on the basis of turnaround, liabilities and costs of payment. Credit є a form of collateral to the posichchik fund, which should be accrued by power and commercial banks as a result of a one-hour hourly wage from state budget, as well as a large population and budget.

The order of credit at the past has been restored to the populations of Ukraine by having their own system, as with the singing world of intelligence, it is possible to call voluntary-primus. The population of the credit to the state for another benefit of the regional government positions, penny certificates, lottery receipts and the saving of special pennies is at the mercy of the sovereign bank. In the minds of the command-administrative system of the alternative alternative to saving pennies, the population is practically not small.

In the process of reorienting an economic course, turning to a market economy is becoming a place of transformation. Interest rates for savings of pennies from sovereign banks increased, as for interest rates for loans from sovereign banks. Zbіlshilasya rozmіtіst sovereign valued folders.

The population is realized not only from the regions of the sovereign poses, but from the certificate, pennies of goiters. How much is it worth paying compensation for deposits and deposits at the sound of investment. It’s a pity that the stench is far from compensating for the population of the three times the penny of pennies, the building of the country with a loan. It would also be worthwhile to indicate that you must give people the power of the Borg, the loan of the money of the depositors and for the additional purchase of powerhouses, more small people, bring small incomes. In the minds of a destructive state financial system and a penny about a guarantee of a revolving population of crediting pennies at the expense of deposits, regulations, certificates of recognition.

There is no need to fill up solid, higher guarantees, low financial vigidness of the contribution from the state Oschadbanki should be raised to the point that a significant part is needed to be left at the hands of the population, and there is no need to stock up on supplies.

Crediting the power to the populations of the Doteper zdіsnyuєtsya, with the leading rank, with the hat of the zberiganny of the small money in the sovereign bank. All of the powers of the state are in the population of the population.

With practical practice, an important business bank, non-bank credit and financial structures: investment, financial, insurance and credit companies, pension funds. Stink to approve deposits, so that you can take out pennies, as well as valuable shares (promo, regional, promissory notes) for saving. The operation of these structures is usually obtained by depositors. For deposit deposits є deposit certificate - a letter of credit about credit establish about depositing money, which is right for the depositor to receive a deposit. By the depositor є physical as legal person, yak made a deposit.

In Ukraine, a system of non-bank special credit and financial establishments has been established. Vaughn okhoplyuє in the main sovereign wealth funds: parenting, borrowing, pension, sovereign insurance and thats. With the rest of the rocks, it seemed like the development of private (enormous) organizations. I am expanding my retirement pension funds, expanding the scope of the activities of the independent commercial insurance companies.

Deposits of credit and financial institutions can be sharpened (before being fed) and string. Goodbye moving Persians.

We are important financial resource of the bank є koshti organіv Ukrposh-fear. You’ll have to reckon with the insurance of extra-legal and physical obligations and assert the good reserves that are necessary for paying insurance to the insurance company. Regardless of the fact that scholarship payments are not reliable, insurance payments must be sold at a high rate, insurance companies have large pennies for maybutty bills. As a credit, the power of the stink can be made in our own money, at our bank’s bank deposits. The pre-hosted nature of the contribution may also include the resources of spare and reserve funds, funds of the social designated purpose of insurance bodies at the parts, and the purpose of financial contribution of the contribution. Yak bachimo, meaning koshti can be but jerel middle-term- and pre-deposit deposits.

Credit resources to the warehouse of financial resources are included inappropriately, fragments of financial resources are not due to new material goods, and prices are increased as a result of the re-allocation of financial resources. However prirіst vkladen in banks i prirіst depozitіv Varto rozglyadati yak Dzherelo fіnansovih resursіv, oskіlki in materіalno-Retschow aspektі їm vіdpovіdayut resources scho vivіlnyayutsya vnaslіdok vіdsutnostі require viroblyati in rozglyanutomu perіodі on chiu bag spozhivchі goods, i, otzhe, ekonomіchno obґruntovanim napryamkom їh vikoristannya є Providing extended care. Farther, as a financial end result, the process of success, financial success for financial contribution, growth of werewolf, social security, science, defense, state government.

We discerned the financial system of the country among the minority countries as the main participants - the state, food enterprises, and populations. Price for internal financial flows. However, the order of their flows between the powers that are important is important for the functioning of the financial system. The participants in the midst of sounds can be buti ti sami sub'kti financial vidnosin, toboe power, pidprimstva and pidprimtsi, the population. Ale pokshcho the main participant ником power. Pіdpriєmsstva tilki repair pіdklyuchatis to the best financial zv'yazkіv. With the development of the most economical financial services in the world, the transition to the market economy can be activated as well as the public and the population.

Important for the characterization of the financial country of the country is the problem of the foreign bogus, the motivated tim, and the currency income of the sovereign budget lower, lower vitrati. The problem of the newcomer to the Borg is especially gostroy, as if I’m overbearing the deity and the boundary is permissible. Nadto the great challenge of the Borg on the occasion of the situation, if the payment is due for a new fee, I mean a part of the value of export.

As long as I import the export of exported currency, then for the payment of bids, I’ll bring robotic new borgs, I won’t get an avalanche. The state is outraged by paying for them with national bugging, gold reserves, and the assets of the sovereign bank. With the whole course of the hryvnia declining, the chances of attaining conversion rates are reduced. Navigate to the internal financial market is hard currency to hryvnia hryvnia, vidbuvatsya yo dolarizatsіya.

Schob characterize the financial camp of the state, and it is important to have a prostitution and proanalizuvat internal borg. The win is characterized by the financial vidnosini all over the country between the power from one side and by the households and the populations - from the west. By the day of the internal Borg - the whole Borg is the power of the population and the collective enterprises. Winnings of tim, that the sovereign budget having posed at them for power consumption. Behind the form there are posities not in the population and enterprises, but in the sovereign bank, who’s in good luck with the population and I will assimilate them with a pecuniary fund, which’s kind of a victorious one for giving to the Borg state. But the essence of the matter is not to be changed, so you can turn your hair around to the hairless people to see the fact that they’ve gotten rid of them.

Due to the deficit of the sovereign budget, the redistribution of the first vitrat over the income, the part of the vitrat should be brought to a close with poetic cats, which should be reduced to the largest internal borg.

The internal state borg and deficit of the sovereign budget is not the same as the lack of innocence for enterprises and the population. Obstacle the state social programs, the state bank for money, the winners for the most important contributions, the higher number of badges, which are necessary for the sale of new products.

A review of the financial system and the display, which will go to the market economy, will need health, improvement of normal functioning of the system in all areas, stability of the long term learning.