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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


To economically reform the people's statehood of Ukraine with a certain amount of financial management of social and economic processes, which are better off for additional budgetary regulation, due to the need for direct and indirect vosstanistnya koshtіv.

The budget (see English budget - bag) is a system of indicators, which characterize the need for security and social protection. Understanding the "budget" is possible only for one side, for example, for financial resources, for money, for one's own business (state, state, income), of an economic sub-account, balance of yogic cost, which characterizes the performance of the company, and the vitality of the sale of the singing period.

The sovereign budget is even broader than the budget. The main financial plan approved and victorious centralized penniless fund of the state; win in advance, proportional to the amount of financial resources and financial structure of the used assets and unbalanced flows at the scale of the state. The foreign-owned budget of Ukraine virally ratifies the republican budget (Autonomous Republic of Crimea) and the budget (oblast, city, district, rural, rural). Stink together, approve the One Sovereign Budget, which will take into account the gerel of penniless incomes and the nature of their support for species and vitrats.

At the most part of the budget, there is an image of the necessary cost - payments for income and organization, a surcharge for turnover, a fee for the population and lower payments; in the case of people who have it - they’re directly koshtіv for foreign consumption - financial support of the people’s statehood, social and cultural come in, vitrates for management, defense is skinny. The state budget is the central lanca of the financial system and the main financial plan of the country organically and financially (financial plans) with sub-projects of income through financial support, financial support. The State of the Vicorist budget for the regulation of the redistribution of income in terms of income and population through the effective development of the economy (regions, galleys), and important social programs.

Budgets and budgetary regulation are available in a socially-economical system of a rink type, so a non-rick type. However, the nature of encouraging budgets, ways to formulate, consolidate and come to principle on principle.

The centralized planning and economic budget has a chain of orders for a sovereign economic plan and a more important, non-self-important value. Such pidkhid on the sovereign rivlivnya of a fuel from panuyuch at a planned and orderly economy and tendencies of a higher role of material and speech officials and other - financial. The results in the minds of the command-administrative system prior to scamming, reviewing and consolidating the sovereign budget were disregarding the tendencies of formal shutter, they were automatically praised and solidified.

At the borders of the country with a market economy, there is one. I have great respect for the ordering, consolidation and analysis of the vision of the sovereign budgets. So, the budgets on the sovereign rivals and rivals are the main, initial form of the financial plan. Of course, the fact of this is that I am quick to state about those that are in the minds of the market economy of a non-centralized sovereign plan. Navpaki, the budget and financial plan in the country with a higher economy imposed more beautifully, the lower powers have a planned socialist state system of statehood.

In most capital cities, weary of tired, democratic procedures can be adopted by adopting budgets on the zagalnogo sovereign and municipal rivals. The budgets are negotiated in the parliaments and committees for all the specific articles and for the okrems. Tim, by the order of your own amusement of the vitality of the people’s pennies, is not for the purposes indicated.

Ninі in Ukraine’s budget has become the subject of attention and consolidation. Ale, having hardened the budget, forget about him immediately and take the decision, and rugo him.

For pіdtrimannya stabіlnostі Gospodarstwa, zapobіgannya krizovoe situatsіyam, zabezpechennya proportsіynostі that zbalansovanostі, funktsіonuvannya th rozvitku rіznih sektorіv i spheres Economy vazhlive values ​​Got control fіnansovimi flows svoєchasne koriguvannya dohіdnih i vidatkovih articles budget, to scho realnі fіnansovі vіdnosini vіdrіznyayutsya od namіchenih the project i plans . Zvichayno groshovi vitrati overtake ears of cob, and profit lower for ochkuvani. Also, the need for a consistent budget, victorious reserves for winter, so that you can directly and economically process your needs, find it easy to find financial resources. From now on, just give me your money, the budget is a tool for financial regulation of the economy, and the budget system will become one of the most important channels of the sovereign management of the economy.

By a zagal in the minds of the market economy, the steps of the sovereign hand in the assertion, ruh, and the distribution of financial resources are significantly smaller, lower in the economy of the non-market type. The water-hour budget-regulated function of the state in the distant lands with a market system to finish the lap and the maximum trend.

For the supplementary budget, so much for the supplementary funding for them and subsidies, subsidies and subsidies, sovereign investments, interest rates, state power, regular goods, goods, and other goods, as well as sily. Vlasne, the budget and the market regulator - for the elements of governance and economy. For example, for a supplementary fee, you can increase the cost of the budget and, at the same time, make it possible for the state to have the power, the power to invest, the social security and the structure of the economy, the voltage.

Budgets become collapsible and bagocomponent system, may have a bagged and bagged structure.

Pobudova budget is characterized by its structure, warehouse, organization, ways to manage it on all levels of the economy until the economy of the sub-projects, you can earn less and learn the vitra, dispose of finances, take part in it.

Sufficiency of the budget I will approve of the system, in which you can violate the budget for the analogy with the financial system, part of which is budgetary.

For the types of sub-sectors, the budget of the state and the budget of the territorial parts, the goluzevi, the virological units, the budget of the huge organizations, the budget of those and others is different (Fig. 2.6).

Sub-budgeting for types of sub'ktiv

Fig. 2.6. Sub-budgeting for types of sub'ktiv

Such is the scheme for budgeting for the types of fallow subdivisions, for the body, the authorities, for those that have a regular budget, the power for the economy, and so the economy. However, through the lack of organizational structure of the administrative and administrative structures of territorial and virological (galus) ones, the same schemes are induced by a specific method, and the way they can be combined in the form of a separate budget.

Galactic budgets in the market economy do not recognize such regular roles, as in the planning and directive, fragments of the galvanic ministry are not taken out of charge, but they are in order to exchange resources. Nabagato has a greater role to play in the budget of enterprises, virological organizations, and institutions.

At the time of the world’s control, the transition to state insurance methods, robots and self-financing of the budget and legal organizations, we have to make them feel free for the state budget. However tsya nezalezhnіst not poshiryuєtsya on deyakі uzakonenі FORMS vzaєmodії byudzhetіv: podatkovі viluchennya of byudzhetіv of companies, organіzatsіy, pіdpriєmtsіv to the sovereign, teritorіalnogo byudzhetіv, zvorotnі groshovі flows from viglyadі kapіtalovkladen, subsidіy, sub-ventsіy scho napravlyayutsya pіdpriєmstvam that organіzatsіyam of sovereign i mіstsevih byudzhetіv .

In the economy of the type of the budget of the huge organizations izvorozheny suvoro vidokremlenі vіd sovereign. Allowed for more frequent transfer of funds to the sovereign budget in the budget of good and cultural and cultural organizations. Political organizations are not guilty of koristuvatis pennies from sovereign dzherel.

As soon as there are fewer particular budgets, then stinks will take shape in economical type. At the majority of the happy social systems, I have been mindful of the progressive form of remembering the part of the budget of the state (approximately the fourth part) through suspension funds, living expenses, protection of the health, welfare, social welfare costs seamlessly with the sovereign. In an economical type of market, there is also a suspension of funds, while there is a small share in the family budget.

We clearly see the structure of the budget system and the functional functions. In the hierarchical ordering, in clear order of budget structures of Ukraine, the following budgets are:

• sovereign (єdiniy, zagalny);

• Autonomous Republic of Crimea (enter to the sovereignly sovereign);

• city of Kyiv, Sevastopol; regional cities and districts; district;

• city district level;

• villages;

• Sіlskі.

The budget structure has been brought as close as possible to the point where NI in Ukraine is now an independent state. It’s possible to achieve a specific administrative and territorial character, type of rice, power to the budgets of the great krai, and we’ve decided to have a territorial-administrative administrative file. The principles of the distribution of sovereign and territorial budgets in the economy of the non-market and market types are wrong in the elements of the structure, as in the nature of the form of the budget.

For the economy of the sovereign-administrative type, it is typical to be puffed up to a hypertrophied role, who stream to the budget of the wealthy state budget, through which the main part of the national income of the country passes through. For example, 80% of budgetary revenues and vitrats, as well as republican budgets and small budgets of small and medium income, went through the state budget through the state budget.

In the economy-wide type of energy, the sovereign budget is also great, the role of the financial community is to play a significant role in the regional and state budgets. In addition, financial flows are formed in a different way for the support of budgetary regulation on the side of sovereign bodies of power, as well as for voluntary granting in special bodies of power, asociation, concern, business, etc. In this case, the budget regulation itself is so much the same, but also on the basis of the independent form of the budget of the budget by the merchants of the first financial guarantee.

In the minds of a centralized, directive and orderly economy, the leather budget of the lower level is formed by a significant world of the budget of the second level. For such an approach, you will want to find the best way to spend your time, to spend all your time on the entire budgetary financial resource of the country and the last time you give it a rest. Of the formal positions, such a structure is more profitable and mutually beneficial income and budget in one center, maximally streamline and balance the budget system as a whole.

However, such a structure carries in itself all the negatives of the harsh directive centralized planning and management. Organizing the formulas, distribution, vitality of the budget of the capital of the state, giving the opportunity to direct the budgetary flows to the new loan, it is irreplaceable to enter the budget of the lower budget and consumer needs of the budgetary. Just a little bit lesser is the primacy of sovereign interests in front of the regional and local authorities. In the region, it’s natural to want to, if you don’t want to see the right amount of budget resources, so it’s better to bring more money to the sovereign budget than you need to.

Vidpovidno weaken the incentive for the first year daregles of groshovih nadzhzhen to transfer part of their income to the sovereign budget, take an active part in the form. Yakscho Well Reigning budget vіdpovіdaє on tse pіdvischennyam rates vіdrahuvan, Gone novih vidіv zborіv, podatkіv, platezhіv scho poglinayut the main masu pributku tovarovirobnikіv, the stench vіdpovіdayut on tse znizhennyam rіvnya rentabelnostі, pragnennyam perekachati all Prybutok on viplatu pratsіvnikam abo navіt directly zgortannyam virobnitstva. One of the poles has one of the reasons for the low efficiency of the supramundane centralized economy.

Processes of democratization of government, promotion of self-government in the region will inevitably affect the decentralization of the budget system. A water hour with a positive transition to the market economy, such decentralization is generally necessary, fragments of the transfer to a part of the budget at the straight line of order for the small organs, which should be closer to the first channels of economy, at least for the first time.

Urakhovucci can be violated by two general trends with the function of the budget structure.

The cunning of them lies in the fact that with the saving of the zagral structure of the budget system and the need for the sovereign budget to have a completely larger part, it will be transferred more and more from the order of territorial, municipal and municipal budgets. So do not require the ruin of the organizational structure of the structured formed budget system. However, on a day-by-day basis, such pidkhid does not mean transformation, but the conservation of budgetary business ideas.

Another, progressive trend of the country is that the budget for the lower levels of self-sufficiency is the same as the gain of income, so that the budget for the budget. Regional, state-financed organizations hold the right to receive unlimited share of their income from income and income from large-scale formations on the basis of self-regulated regional budget systems. In addition, the regional authorities of the winery have the opportunity to pay a fee for the environment and see the resources in the corridor.

I can independently support, distribute, and support financial resources. I’m creating the basis for introducing a system of direct administrative and budgetary order to the lower budget and financial institutions, since I have the right to be free.