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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko



Kreditospromozhnіst - the price of redefinition for gaining a position and turning to rotate.

Objects of statistical analysis є okremі posichalniki (legal and physical individuals).

Estimation of credit and credit cliтntive to the bank є the most valuable warehouse valuation of the bank (before the credit) loan. Effectively manage a credit riser є the basis for opening a bank. The key elements of effective management are good credit card policy and procedures, credit portfolio management, effective credit control. Banks may be successful, if they are free, you can take it on yourself, get it started, control it and get control over the range of financial capabilities and competencies, and take advantage of the most important assets to take advantage of it. the need for profitable share capital.

Parameters of effective credit policy for the bank:

• meta financialsuvannya;

• Get paid off poses;

• posture structure;

• secure postures (structure of the post, я я продажу::: готов готов: readiness for sale, liquidity, variability, bargaining, liquidation, claim for rights of residence, вступ ков,, в,,,,,,)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))));););
• Estimation of riziks, entrained companions, as well as some difficulties in repaying loans, due to the type of dues (galuzy), competitiveness, operational efficiency, and the ability to pay;

• financial analysis on the basis of financial performance, including the principle of independence, the need for complementary financial analysis, additional financial performance, and additional financial performance.


In the process of analysis and proactive forecasting of credit and credit opportunities to the bank, on the basis of managing the loan portfolio, there are estimates of the following parameters:

• I will pour in the middle of the loan on the credit and solvency of the clerk on the basis of the vivchenny yogh I will stand in an economy in general and in a specific galuzy, the ability to adequately respond to the situation is inevitable in the business cycle;

• life cycle of the main types of products;

• zbutovo strategy;

• viroblyati health and selling comrades for prices, to compensate vitrati generate a profit;

• deposits in the hot water season; all the factors. Zdіsnyuєtsya group direct credit with vidokremlennyam nayrizikovanyshih, and itself:

• for a cob of business, an oath posic is not proporiously high, with an investment balance;

• for speculative lands with commodity and stock values;

• for operations with non-ruggedness; for owners of household goods with separated cats of hair;

• to make a great surplus on a deposit in a bank without an adequate capital, then make it;

• design project with a moral old age;

• pid low-grade values ​​and that.

The hour of evaluating the credit and credit needs of the bank is the same as the indicator system, which is signaling about the possibility of financial and bankruptcy:

• retrieval of critical rivia of stitched stolen goods;

• nadmirne vikoristannya short-line posik yak dzherela fіnansuvannya dovgostrokovy insert;

• low value indicator of liquidity;

• failure of werewolf;

• pіdvishchennya to the border between the parts posikovyh koshtіv at the zagalny obyaz_ koshtiv;

• non-recognition of goiters to creditors and shareholders as a whole, turning posic, pay interest and dividends;

• manifestation of stitched oborganosti;

• deadline with bank system installations;

• Victory of new Dzherel financial resources on apparently new minds;

• stagnation at the virobility retorted property;

• negative returns in the portfolio.

The hour of evaluating credit ratings of the bank may be vikoristovuvatisya such a system of indicators in order to change the rating:

• meta suma posiki:

- the real meta-juggered with her sum;

- border meta, accepted suma;

- not meta meta, problematic suma;

• financial ability of the applicant for the pose:

- Mitschny current і in the recent past, the financial mill, the middle and stable supply of steel;

- Dobri financial mill, stable supply of ready-made;

- an adopted financial camp, non-derogations of the rush of cooking;

- small income, a slight surge of ready-made;

- Zbitkova reputation, a slight surge of ready-made;

• outpost:

- obvious availability of the outpost;

- an outpost of mid-life;

- the outpost of the outpost is evident, ale obmezhenoі lіkvіdnostі;

- obvious deficiency of the outpost of boundary ankle;

- the outpost is unapproachable;

• Information about the clerk:

- bliskucha credit reputation;

- Good news about the high quality of the client;

- obmezhdenі vidguuki, the absence of negative information;

- відсуність відгуків;

- unacceptable credit reputation;

• v_dnosini jar with coffin:

- Trivals, last days, pributkov vidnosini;

- reassessment of the middle age of the company;

- a waste of vidnosin.