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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Іndicatori of financial stan

Indicators of liquidity characterize the health of the clergyman of the care of their holy days of seeing their goiters, give them the ability to transmit the large number of rotations of the crawlers from the ground.

1. Suitability for repayment of short-stringed goiter'yazan

The value L1 = 1 means that there is enough money to pay off the goiters, and L1 <1 - that it’s more effective than kostivs.

2. Riven liquidity for rahunok naybіlsh lіkvіdnoy part of current assets

3. Deposits of liquidity of materials and material resources

Zb_lshennya value L3 to inform about the change in the structure of the reverse side of the most common parts.

4. The period, the sale of a company can be extended to the government on the basis of the most part of current assets,

This indicator is indicative of the ability to pay for your current vitrati.

Indicators of business activity characterize the effectiveness of the visibility of the most powerful countries.

1. Effectiveness of resource resources

There is an indicator of the visibility of the number of pennies sold products from the skin and pennies assets.

2. Turnaround rahunkіv to gain

You need a visitor indicator, understand the credit of purchases from the processes of realizing products.

3. The turnover of material viral resources

Chim whiskey indicator, tim bіlsh lіkvіdnu form mayuyut were reverse koshti.

4. Turnover of goods and bills before payment

This indicator is indicative of ов think of the commercial loan granted by the old firms. 5. Funds

6. Shvidkіst turnover of hairy capital

The great indicator DA6 should be said about the great fate of the capital of creditors in the business sector, and the low - about the lack of capital of the capital.

7. Efficiency vitrat pracі

8. Vitrati for utrimanya one prazivnik

9. Fundraising

Profitability indicators characterize the profitability of the company.

1. Profitability of capital

Porvnyannya R z R yesє a statement about the flow of profitability to the capital of the patriarchal insurance and that of the income and vitrat.

2. Profitability of vlasny capital

This indicator characterizes the effectiveness of capital invested by the hairworms. Win є we are important criterion for evaluating the level of interest in public offerings. Porvnyannya Р2 З Р yes I can appreciate the profitability of the profitable and the most profitable ones, having left the remaining for the business.

3. Profitability of realized products

4. Profitability Vitrat

Indicators of platform capacities characterize the structure of capital and the degree of interest and interest of the creditors and investors, as well as the availability of the input from the company.

1. Legal notice of interest for companies and shareholders and lenders

The high indicator PS1 is about the temple of financial stability.

2. A part of the acquired assets at the capital structure

3. Deposits dіyalnostі fіrmi vіd posik

Chim vishchiy Tsey indicator, Tim Rizikovannyy Stan Firmi.

4. A step of care of the main virobnitzvts with powerful cats

5. Steps of creditors indebtedness for not paying interest for applying posits

6. Vartіst healed position

Rating klіntiv bank.

Behind the pouches of kіlkіsnogo and yakіsnogo analizіv viznachaetsya klas klіnta (company).

Class 1, high. Access to financial markets is guaranteed by the economical mill of the company; stable supply of cash to pay for goitre; of buildings, balance, I’ve secured a real vision of assets.

Class 2, high. Access to financial markets is less, lower at class 1; stable supply of cash to pay for goiters'yazan.

Klas 3, the second half of the middle. Access to financial markets to lay out in economic situations; unstable supply of money to pay for goiters'yazan.

Klas 4, middle. Access to financial exchanges of exchanges navigate in the minds of a convenient and economical situation; a rush of money to pay for goiter'yazan with a zagalim adopted, but you can even stitch.

Klas 5, lower for the middle (rizikovanі kіlіnti). An increase in cost to pay for goiters is due for assets.

Control food

1. Understanding the creditworthiness.

2. The subject of a statistical analysis of credit and creditworthiness.

3. Head of the analysis of credit and loan facilities.

4. The main steps of a nefektivnoї credit policy to the bank.

5. Clutter of credit analysis.

6. Indicators of what to signal about possible finance and accelerated bankruptcy.

7. Indicators of scho vikoristovuyutsya p_d hour of assessment of credit ankles klіntiv bank.

8. Indicators, which characterize the financial and economic stan of the clergyman.

9. The method of drawing the indicator in the likelihood of the clergy, economical interpretation.

10. Basically, the designated indicator of business activity of the posichalnik.

11. The method of drawing the indicators for the business activity of the clergy, economical interpretation.

12. Basically, the designated indicator of profitability.

13. The technique of drawing the indicator for the profitability of the principal, the economic interpretation.

14. Basically, the designated indicator in the plateau posichalnika.

15. The technique of drawing the indicator in the platform of the posichalnik, economical interpretation.

16. The methodology viznazhennya rating klіntiv bank.

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