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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Financial capital is the main form of interchange of funds, capital, investment and circular products, and the process of capital formation, as well as investment. I’ll take a look at the development of financial capital є a kind of capital, one of the three evolving forms.

The financial capital is included in shares and regions. Isnuvannya tsikhnіh іnnі papіrіv pіdtverdzhuє manifestation of financial capital. Sound financial markets - as a form, interchange of suspension of the equity of capital and of the capital of the current suspension - of the image of the circle of financial capital. The main line of communication of these two classes of suspension capital is to go through the points of the most effective efficiency, the numbered profitability, the largest capital, the lowest price. From now on, by law we’ve absorbed the ruins of financial capital as an accelerated scientific and technical progress.

The laws of the circle of financial capital are recognized by the characteristics of the valuable folders, the scope of the action. The action, as indicated, as є water time for investment and investment (form of investment) and indicator of investment and investment goods, for investment and investment.

There is a better understanding of the circle of financial and financial capital in case of the first primary share, that is, the hour and hour of the initial market. The liability is recognized, as a rule, when I look at the specific price of capital - the organization of a new distribution, expansion of reconstruction, reconstruction, and more. With all of this, the forecast of profitability for the value of capital. Criterion of benefits, a certain sign of the lower boundary, є dividend, not the lowest type of zavichaynogo pozichkogo membership for the capital of the shareholder. I wish everyone the opportunity to have a good time, carefully think through all the thoughts and finances of the documented reference.

On the secondary markets, oaths and letters of indemnity and financial capital can be completely differentiated. It is a great pleasure to have a large share of the bargain in capital, included in the shares of the last honors, and to take the oath of money, to take the oath of the capital in order to pass through all stages of the process.

Pozichkovy capital, a little corridor to invest, on financial markets to protect the price of the papermakers, as investment investment, so that the capital is transformed from financial. Thus, the financial capital є the form of insertion of the posichkovy capital.

Through the specifics of the first and second rinks, the posi-tive capital is invested in two: better - at the newer customers, more financially and more transformatively, more often - in the process of buying and selling more money, more and more Moreover, on the initial markets of the posicchia and financial capital of the equal number of wartostists, one is alone. On the secondary markets, the masquera of capitals is irrelevant, which is where the servicing processes are transforming, the capitals are accumulated, the main are the financial masters.

To clarify this, I would like to have a mutual return for stocks, while the post office capitals are serviced balance.

The rozmir of financial capital, as a rule, is an interruption in the out-of-season accumulation of norms of the rate of posichkovy circulation. The whole group has the opportunity to invest in an alternative form, the contribution of the cap for capital is divided between the viral investments. Overdid the flow of the posichkovy capital on the corrida of the virobenic sector, leading to the change of obedience on the financial markets.

According to the analysis of the trend form and the amount of financial capital, the cost of financial capital is determined by the norms of capital flow of income. The lower rates for capital gains for specific gadgets of economic efficiency are for financial capital for those who have direct income. I Navpaki, zbіlshennya rates pozichkogo vidtsotka yak border appraisal of the effectiveness of the public gospodarnosti in a whole lower cost of the oath of financial capital.

At a rate of a certain margin of specific galleys на at a rate of posichkovy water supply, a bagato of a chinnikov. The visualization of the hectic mood of the chinnikov’s near the leather singing moment to endear the prediction of profitability and, moreover, the apparent trend of the future financial capital. When I take into account that urahovuvati, prognosis of winter and profitability of the region, and of the rates of maximum interest rates; the stochastic nature of gaining a rozmіr capіtalіzatsії a sidetrack, more than two practical rows of іmіvіrnіshnyh characteristics - імівірність зміни Standards of the sign-up list and іміріність зміни Standards of a walk. The cynics at the leather song moment are formed by the chain of notations of the capitalization of the income, financial financing. Obligations, terms and conditions, є by representatives of financial capital and terms, from one side, вклад by the form of contribution of capital investment, and by the form of investment capital. At the investment markets of the oblast region, there is the form of the investment product, that is, representatives of the implicit work of Maybutny capital, in the same way they can be transformed to the regional market for the market for the capital capitals. Obligation sign is sold, but the accumulation of posicidal capital was paid for consumer and state consumption. The region was resold, or rather, the region, which would be wrapped up on the secondary markets, indirectly about the transformation of the postal capital from the physical, and also about the gain in income. The main view of the region is that the action is based on the fact that the first person is safe and indirect, and the other directly.

Dividend for share є as a result of a profit. Schob to win a dividend, the mother needs a ride that is not inferior to the rate of posichkovy betting. For all the benefits of business, there are no grievances, no one should pay dividends to shareholders, shards of stench, like representatives of the same business, that’s the same as the results of the year’s good work.

Інша Річ - corporate regional relations, which is so very є in the form of advanced financing of business. At all times, the bald man of a positich capital didn’t even want to be better, better at risk, better, but in a little less time: you can have more money to go to the bank and you can get a better look at the bank, you can always see the money, 'The language with which we have a specific guarantee and so is the very guarantee of guarantee. This is also a contribution to corporate capital and corporate governance. A side of aboidotok for the region will be higher, lower at the bank, the remnants of vrakhova compensation for the rizik.

There is a glimpse in that, because the vibr is scented for the specific color of the product, and not the color of the jar, it can be in the area of ​​the investor’s depositor in the box, and in the case of public relations, it’s directly for obvious reasons to change. Ozhe, diver-sifikuyuchi activi, bank nadіnіshhe vіd non-financial corporationsі zadishki є investnikі vіd vtrat koshtіv. If you insult the investor’s vibrancy — having the financial sphere in the non-financial sphere — there is one basis: pennies go to the borg, pick up the form of poses or posiki, and the investor in both of them falls into the creditor.

The lender does not contribute pennies, as a rule, there will be no humor, then stink to turn to you with an increase - vidsotkom. For off-duty income in cash flows in a continuous financial supply network, money is paid from reserve funds. With the method of timely payment of loans and depreciation to the Borg (portion of repaid regional capital), the company will form special funds.

Power of the regional government, as well as the government of the sovereign borg, have the power to mobilize money for foreign consumption, at a time of unstable stability, up to the sovereign budget, and if necessary. The state can become a party leader, a regional leader and a young man, fragments of a dzherelo for payment of a loan and a shock absorber. In such a time, the hairline of the state oblast became the shareholder in the Maybut income of the state, only in the May donations of those payments.

In this way, the є hairman is often a part of the "potential capital" of the state, but the є hairman is often in the real finances of the state, which was accumulated by the sovereign budget. But at a glance, be it Yak Groshov’s good to bring a profit, then the state can be a creditor, giving the singing categories the pozichalnik of the sovereign budget to the Borg.

Based on the analysis of the day, the sign of financial investment and financial capital in the process of genesis of these categories can be achieved, the nature of the approval of financial capital can be dealt with. Financial capital is an economical category, which results in a very good result by investing (investing) and selling (investing). The essence of the price of super-transparency is in the lack of elasticity of the position of the posichkovy capital, and I will eat it on the market of investment goods. The non-randomness was assigned to zoom in ahead of time to achieve an effective, efficient mechanism by overflowing with small galleys and third-party goods, with freeze-ups and low prices. The capital structure of investments was not optimally assimilated in the result, and the norm was reduced to a margin. Owing to his chervil, the house was always in full contact with investors and investors, I was interested in bank loans in the deposit form and I was pleased to be satisfied with the border.

The designation of the bulletin is more broadly based on the development of active moisture, appear in the form of a mobile form of capital, and the right to complete the purchase of goods Concentration in one object of two polar powers, characteristic of the sign of a posych’s capital and a capital, has given rise to a new yakist - financial capital. Material nosyami vidnosin, scho bend financial capital, є aktsії, obligatsії і nihіdnі vіd them form. Rukh tsikhnih papernіv vіdbivaє rukh financial іnansovogo capital. The correct rate of the values ​​of the є financial capital.

And what about the rate of valuable servers to constantly beat up on a very fast day? Investors are always required to pay a margin of interest, and there are a lot of rates, then a lot of money is needed. Vin mak zmіnniy, nefiksovaniy character, that can be seen at wide ranges. At the end of the rozumіnnі the oath of the financial capital - at the end of the potential. It’s practically possible to realize the increase in capital on the hour of the resale of valuable folders (exchange rate) and the payment of dividends and rates.

Financial capital, vbdivayuchi in the supply chain of posichkovy і dіysnogo kapitalu, postak is overturned, the form of investment goods is capitalized. Financial capital is behind the stage of one-step investment and investment (capital) capital and by itself we will abstract abstract investment goods at the capital. Here you can go beyond the step of efficiency of financial and financial capital, but, at your own expense, zoom in to re-designing financial and capital investment for a specific investment type. Here you can find the possibility of falsely evolving capital forms on the basis of increasing interest and financial capital, there will be new generation financial capital.

However, there is a need for a mother of respect, especially for the positive authorities of the financial capital, such as investment and investment, mobility, win-win and good-for-money. Whether it’s a meal or a proposition on financial markets, I’m gaining a certain amount of food for reselling of greenhouses, as well as a supply of food and capital, there’s no need to go to market. Nayyaskravіche infectiousness as a heir to yogo high mobility, quick reaction to drink and propose to express themselves in the minds of unstable economical situations - quick and easy growth.

Influence of financial capital will result in a wide range of speculative operations on financial markets, which can reduce the incapacity of the primary ignition, the immunity of the circular capital of the circular capital. In general, looking at such financial statement, the financial capital is characterized as actual.

Tse comprehending from a scientific obig K. Marx. So I’m sure that I am in a position today of financial (active) capital: “As a rule, power is the stink of capital for buying it, for whom it is worth buying, you can buy it, you can buy it, investments from the owner; the very stink є not capital, but simple bargaining goiters; most of them are mortgages, the stinks are simply dedicated to gaining May land rents, and the more so that the stink is just title to property dart of the wartost. Usa is not the essence I don’t approve of the annual warehouse capital ... All this is a simple title for capital. "

During K. Marx’s hour, as long as the first form of financial capital appeared, the stinks and vlazhivatsya singing over-bud over the ruin of real capital. In Ukraine, in the period to market economy, the situation is similar to Karl Marx’s hour, and this is the position for Ukraine. From now on, material assets of financial capital in the interim period do not approve of the existing warehouse capital.

Tolki Todi, if the category of financial capital in our country is within reach of the current season, the price is higher, the price of the course is more frequent. In this way, it’s not necessary to show singularity (inactive capital), but as soon as possible contribute to capital and vitality, but rather to work, perform, effectively function. Only in your minds can you reach full investment of all investors - maximize your profit on the basis of the norms of profitability and increase investment, through which you can find more goods and services. Sound and financial capital - the price of the capital, the uniform form of the investment product, through the same key capital flow at the center of the city in the first place. І in the whole of the rozumіnnі financial capital є with the real capital, the form of the contribution of the cap capital.
Oskilki financial capital є capitalized form of the investment product, because it is the same form of material noses, it’s important to get to know the way, then you’ll be able to get the sign of the old capital. Thus, the financial capital is the water hour and the capitals capital. At present, minds in open market regions have a poetic capitals of a grandfather’s big world to be resold, gaining a financial form. From now on, financial capital є in the form of a clear form of capital development, on the other hand is the sign of the sign and the capital.