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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


The financial market is one of the fewer populations, enterprises (powers) and the power to drive the redevelopment of large estates on the basis of independent economic resources, the mechanism of self-regulating It’s an extra and a budget method, which is one in the minds of a planned economy.

From a practical look, the financial market means operating with valuable partners and you can save money in the country, so the region is economically simple.

Fragments of operations with valuable folders to identify specific economic sub-objects, as a rule, are organized, then there is a constitutional structure of the financial market, and there is a substantial investment fund.

The market economy has two types of operations: the first retail and the second market. For an additional operation on the primary market, he will be satisfied with drinking on a pay-as-you-go capital on his side. Pouring a posichkovy capital into a concrete gallery of health and safety as a hat of public relations and public relations. At the whole on the primary financial market stand one to one posichkovy and financial capitals of the same wartosti.

In the business process, the overflow of capital is seamless in the realm of the specific business on the first markets on the secondary markets, power is overturned to capital. Secondary markets, restructuring the market, violate the main direct input of the new contribution, so as to overflow the capitals between the galleys and the territories.

In ordinary minds, the priority is given to such investment values ​​as the old ones, as stable as possible, to save money invested in the paper capital and private property. In the most distant lands, there are so many opportunities to buy shares, so you can borrow the most money from the lists of stock exchanges. Oscillations of minority interests are associated with the most valuable partners, then access to the shares of great corporations is possible, and they will occupy the first place in the markets and have a stable financial station.

In this way, the vibration of the most valuable servers, the uninterrupted change of sales of the financial resources of Europe, the organization of funds (funds) and non-organization. Inorganized markets, wait for the opportunity to stay on the road for the most valuable folders. The result is the formation of a financial system of financial markets, the role of a universal market indicator of the stock market of the stock market.

The effectiveness of the two main functions of the financial market - the indicator of the conjuncture and the overflow of capital - to overwhelm the main market and the level of the monopoly. The liquidity of the financial market means the ability to obtain the best value for money. Mistkіst rynku voznachaetsya on the front of kіlkіstyu participating in stocks We would like to have more participants - yak emitent (mortgages as a whole, which is important for all important folders), as well as investors, - we have big liens with big fidgets, and we have greater control over them.

The small market is characterized by a small number of participants, a slight vibrator of the old folders, a small margin of land, a constant price gap between the buyers and sellers. The indefinite rink is not vidbivaє with the rest of the world of the іісіії іі ііпії і зічічі відпідії і, and the same, let’s say about the market conditions. Tim by ourselves is the ruch of the financial capital of the collection of a chaotic, often vipadic nature, fragments of a doctor’s hands and the hands of a contributor.

The non-equitable financial market is characteristic, as a rule, for the country with weakly excluded market channels, as well as for the country with a high level of monopoly market.

Pіdvishchennyu lіkvіdnostі інінінії інніківнії інків a significant world of speculation є their speculative form. As a matter of fact, in the first markets, the warehouse is speculative in gaining a fixed back-up, then on the second ones I am for the exchange rate.

It’s speculative in warehouses, на т т на на на без без без в сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц. Sincerely speculators, but gracious ones aren’t just browning with the wines of the year, but they themselves will constantly pour on the wines of the right people and people. Speculation in stock values ​​is a process of uninterrupted, self-creation.

The positive incentive of speculating on the liquidity of the financial market of the pole is that there is a wider range of the market, which is better for the newer and more secure supply of the cap payroll. Therefore, the increase in capital is due to the mobilization of mobile power for speculators (graders) in the process of purchase for exchange rate and credit funds (bank loans, deport and report).

Speculatively pleasing, greater risk of understanding of the greenhouses, taking advantage of the increase in the supply of money for financial markets, increasing the rate of the greenhouses, learning about the market. All the more, I’ll make it possible for me to use a mechanical overflow of capital.

On the effectiveness of the functionality of the financial market there is a constant increase in the degree of monopolization, but I will show my own form. In general, first and foremost, a one-time financial form of supreme investment and proposition, in another way, is an increase in financial market of specific investment goods. Monopolization of financial markets є "unsumbled" speculation. In the minds of monopolistic financial rinok ceases to be an indicator of an irregularly economic structure. This means that the financial market is distorted in the image, which is in the realm of real capital. Very much investor and tendency of a small capital, I can zoom in on my business, do not get lost, because there are flow of pozichkovy capital and give me direct contact to the galaxy, even more often than not. Then, from your own house, to bring to the maximum possible rate as soon as possible to the whole market, an extended oath of the offer of singing goods and to lower prices on them. The result is a change in sales liabilities, income and dividends.

Shvidkody mehanizmu overflow of capital on the secondary markets to take advantage of the fact that, mainly on the basis of index exchange rate programs, healthy stock exchanges and system of variable rates, dividends are divided Thus, the effectiveness of the function of financial markets is safe in the minds of the past for the promotion of the func- tion of the "best practices" among the organizations of the foreign market.

First markets, it’s important in the form of overlooked markets, in the minds of the ruined countries, the main channel of liquidity for corporations in the non-financial sector. Dedal is important for the sale of liquidity for commercial banks, financial institutions of the financial sector. The primary markets will play the role of a cycle absorber, a unique financial buffer. In view of the role of callbacks in winter life and the structure in winter phases of the economic cycle. So, in the phase of crisis, in corporations of the non-financial sector of the winery ’guest house, the pennies of the groshovoy capital for servicing the platypoduzhny oath. Oscillations in the crisis period, indicators of the flatness of the loan and the loan of the loan, the rate of repayment, the change in the possibility of gaining a short-term bank loan has changed. To enter upon reorientation of short-term dzherel finances in the form of bank loans for pre-term loans in the form of regional posic. In practice, there’s a lot of krai viplivaє, but in the minds of the crisis, there is a part of the region in the minds of the structure.

The financial rinok yak way of meeting the interests of investors and investors through the system of institutes. There are so many types of markets in rozvinenih viri: fund stocks, when birzhov (parallel) that take away the markets, at the warehouse there are some viral retail and wholesale operations of the corporation. Funds to become ofitsyny (organization) market.

For the main characteristics to the stock exchange close to the so-called bіlya bіrzhovі (parallel) markets. In case of great bargains, special deals were made with lower (more and more stable) vimogs to companies - emitent actions and up to characteristics of start-up actions. By the apportionment of the organization of such loans є "the market is not torn out of the greenhouses" at the London stock exchange, the "parallel market" at the Amsterdam stock exchange, the "other market" at Paris.

Inshi tipi rinkiv to become in the market of neofitsyny (nonorganizations) rinok, that is, informal rinok, a kind of not fixed mіssstya. In the countries of the country with highly hindered marketplace vindosinami, for example from the United States, non-organization of the rinoks are divided into two great blocks. The first healthy operation and dealer-broker companies with a recognized customer base, or even between them. Zvichayno Tsі fіrmi є members are like, most often great, birzhі. For business on the financial market stink to win the company. The other block of the unorganized market is to become a company, so as not to be a member of the market and not to abolish the comms. Klіntami cikh firm є great іinstitutsіonalnі іinvestori, call for financial wages, scho іdіsnyuyut operations with great packages of valuable folders (wholesale operations). Oskilki are registered at brokers' brokerage firms on the scale of the land, then the wholesale service market is unregistered firms, which are special to pay only in the song room.

With a flap on the side of the mobility of the great capitals є accelerated by the process of average normative profit in the scale of suspension. You can turn around at all other types of investments, why do you need to start bidding at the rate of interest rate as an estimate of boundary efficiency investment. I can show you a good practice, having a break at the side of the road, a contribution can be reached by one of the following parties: a monopoly market, an incentive innovation, who have renewed mobile capital on the basis of new special funds.

Keruyuvsky influx of power can broaden to the sphere of both virological investments and financial resources. For overwhelming majority of investors and investors, including a power as a lender and a co-principal, the possibility of gaining additional capital and income is realized through financial investments. Stop the process of constructing and refurbishing new financial instruments, systems, financial instruments, technology and financial investments, which means that there is a greater number of reactive financial problems. With all of this, the role of officials is essentially a riskic ritual, a cinema of inflation and a concurrent investment.

I’m better at the prospect of a market for positivistic funds, a little room for two warehouses - a groshny rinok and a yakin capital, - to overtake on a single financial market without any interruptions. There is a need for unbalanced single cheruvanny with all the flows of capital on the basis of the indices of the market conjuncture. The whole role of the stock broker and the regulator and regulator of the concurrently has a better sound. Water time to develop investment and financial institution, to function in accordance with the principle of single all flow streams, and therefore it is necessary to diversify your activity widely in the field of financial activity, as well as.

From now on, having analyzed the genesis of the financial market, it’s possible to make such an excuse: first, be-the-yank is economical system, you can get on the market cards, you need to go through singing development, evolve in your home; in a different way, the “revolution” method of promoting the appearance of the other forms of market-oriented problems in the non-adapted market does not produce positive results. Navpaki, may become a generator of instability. There’s no need to go, for any economical system, you need to carefully identify the market, step up the readiness for the market with the latest models of organizing market intelligence. Tilki for the most part can winnings are effective economics of the market type. Adaptation of the economy of Ukraine to the ultimate models of market intelligence will be provided.

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1. The main officials of the market of market economy.

2. Formuity of food and offer for capital.

3. Rinok kapitalu.

4. The main power of capital.

5. The main investment interests.

6. See investment.

7. The basis of investment.

8. The circle of investment.

9. Financial capital. The main power.

10. Functions of the financial market in the current market economy.