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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


The basis of the form is the assertion of financial capital. Indicators of financial stability and intensity of capital investments. Features of financial management in the market economy . Commerce and finance . Price and Mechanism of Market Confirmation


The main lanka in the economy of the people’s statehood is і consumerism. In the minds of the centralized management of the social and economic economy, they were called the main state organizations, backwaters, factories, alarm complexes, alarm and installation trusts, large virobility and science. Predprimstvo - the most stable way, the first and the largest form of organization and economic diyalnost.

Turn to market economy by zooming in on the creation of new organizational and state-sponsored forms of enterprises that do not dominate the planned and economical economy. And with the advent of legislation on enterprises and enterprises, a deed of recognition was introduced to the understanding about the organization and legal form of enterprises.

The company is called an independent sub-project of state donations, activities in accordance with the established legislation for the production of violated products, the work of the past and the first service, by which I am satisfied with the suspension of needs and the presence of support.

Such recognition of legislation in the legislation has brought him to the quiet, but the authorities have an economic type. However, it’s not at all the same organization day as the system. Predprimstvo - the whole range of interactions between modifying, organizing organisms and technology-related sounds. It seems, pidprimstvo - the whole organizatsionna virobnichno-tehnologichna system. Such a system becomes a great number of completely orderly interconnections of the other viral structures and elements of the virology, which are necessary for the function and development of the system.

Systems can be but vidkritimi and close. Vidkrita system exchange material values, energy, information with a clear middleware, so that together with it. The system is not closed without modifying the middle way. The sound of the industry is middleware to come through the market, competing in the market, capital, social services, and sovereign regulation. Zovnіshnє middle ground is pouring in on everything, which is necessary for all, the signification of the power of one's vision. From now on, it’s necessary to lay the foundation for business, to be economically equipped, to maintain the social and social camp, put to business, the legal basis.

Yakshcho pidprimstvo want functionally stable in the minds of the znіn zvneshnogo middleware, it’s possible to linger self-correcting. Ale Oskіlki in Ukraine’s Middle Ages are always in direct contact with the market economy, then the first things are like in the micro-system are there in earnest. With the transition to the market economy, you can change the functions and functions of the company, which may be necessary during reorganization and re-establishment of companies, active partnerships and other forms.

Vіdkritі sistemi may have butchi zdatnі to self-organization, so that to sort through the internal omezhzhennya, reach new, old stations. To save your own business, you can slow down the old structure, so that once you ruin the old structure, you can slow down a new one that is adequate to the changed middleware of the structure.

There is a tendency for the economy to move forward to the development of private partnerships of a closed type. Such an organizatsionno-gospodarska form of government is dominated by enterprises, which function in the minds of the market.

Close partnerships in partnership are secured by an unlimited partnership and a partner partnership with a state-owned subsidiary. Establishment of third-party organizations, enterprises and communities, minority contacts, permanent contact, interaction based on viral technology requirements. Participants of a partnership with an objemlennom vidpovіdalnіstu vidpovidayut for goiters-obligations of the partnership tіlki within the boundaries of their share in the capital partnership. Legal individuals, as the descendants - participants in the partnership - to protect your self-esteem and the rights of legal entities.

Vlasnost aktsionernoe partnership closed type є collective and ґruntuєtsya on the share of power of the participant. The participation of a closed joint-stock company and a share in the Volodymyn mine as a private partner, as a certificate, but not as valuable folders. A clean lodge among the participants in the partnership is distributed proportionally to the part of the participant in the statutory capital of the partnership.

Close to a joint-stock partnership with a deductible vidpovidalnisty for a day and a zimistom organization izaktsionno-legal form є Akcіonerne partnership vidkritogo type. The main structural peculiarity of such a partnership is a polygon in that it can be formed for a rachuk vidkritogo, vіlnogo sale of shares. The price is civilized, the form is now very popular for the team to the point of ownership.

Shareholders of commercial partnerships in exchange for a share of a statutory capital partnership (company) may see (sell for a nominal party) a valid share, which may be fully sold, it is possible to sell them in full, and they are entitled to a full sale. The government rozsud is an independent member of the joint stock company. Vidkritimyi joint-stock partnerships can be but great, as well as middle enterprises. Creation of joint-stock partnerships transfer є the acquisition of great number of participants. Vidkrit aktsionerne partnership can be done on the heirs of re-registration partnership with obmezhdenoyu vidpovіdalnіstyu.

Aktsіonerne partnership - є a single high-lying hairline of the proper yomu lane complex and informational intellectual values. Aktsioneri с vlosnikami tilki valuable folders, who right now have the right to obtain a part of a partnership from a wiggly person’s vidotskіv - divіdendіv.

Warehouse of members in vіdkritich joint-stock partnerships may be sold in bulk for sale and purchase of shares. However, the founders may be able to transfer their share of shareholder power to the participants of the same partnership, but to third persons who are deprived of the last year’s participants.

Sufficiency of indivisible capital, revised for the second issue and the first share and regional partnership, the capital of the share partnership. Koshti vіd vipusku i rozmіshchennya akcіy approve the power of the capital of the joint-stock partnership, who can pay for the share of capital of the company and that additional share. So financial capital is concentrated in one obdnannі.

Water hours with unified forms of organization of economic activities are broadened and asso- ciated, so that they can be received. Prior to new associative organization-state forms of business-like forms of the market type, there are concerns, consortiums, trusts, syndicates, cartels, state-sponsored associations.

On the basis of business relations, we agree on a contractual basis. The basic principle of approval is voluntary entry. Under the laws of the Republic of Belarus, the rights of legal entities are reserved and may be sought by the bazhenians from the minds transmitted by the statute. When they come to them, the goiter’s commitment to partners is followed by earlier agreements.

A meta-framework of associative structures of the pole at the vicarious expensive investment projects and various servicing participants of the associative.

We look more closely at the type of associative government organizations, which are wider in economic capital and are born in the Ukrainian economy.

The Concern is a form of great negotiated needs, usually a monopoly type, some of which can be vikoristovuvati large-scale virobnitsva, combination, cooperation. In Ukraine, Russia and the rest of the republics of the colossal Soviet Socialist Republic, the Concerns are often taking part on the basis of the great sovereign enterprises and enterprises.

Such organizational and state structures are dependent on the scale of concentration of virology and capital, the wideness of diversion, the wide range of opportunities for diversification, and there are However, it is a decline in the economic and economic system of the concern, set up in Ukraine, to carry on its own the beatings of administrative management, low mobility, and the privacy of state donations. Privatization of sovereign enterprises, vivnilny price, vidhid vid of the centralized material and technical production and development of products, show the middle tendency to enter into business, be sure to enter into concern. Antimonopoly come also can accelerate the camp.

Winnings of corporations in the countries with a rampant market economy — historically zoomed out in front of the concentration of financial capital, which was re-aggregated in the district of goods and goods. Naivvlivshoy oznakoyu concern became the unity of the power of enterprises, which is included before them. Thus, the participants of the Concerns for winter deposits are not under the contract, but on the basis of economic vidnosin.

Form of organizational activities and organizational structures of concern groups. The position of the centralized idea of ​​centralized energy consumption, which is included in the concern, is limited, that is at the violated holding company, which is the owner of the control package. The centralized economy of the SRSR is analogous to holding companies and boules are the so-called head organization.

Mechanism has taken advantage in joint-stock partnerships and I can help the holding to invest in state, commercial and financial loans to the group member. If you want to receive legal support from the legal aspect, become independent, the holding company can manage them in the interests of the Concern as a whole city structure. In addition, the holding may have a low level of functionality, due to the fact that it is necessary. At times you need holding, you can centralize and re-distribute financial resources to the group member.

Nabuwa development is one more organ-state-gospodar form of state registration - state-owned asociation. As a result of voluntary agreement, we agree on coordination of virological and state activities, weakened specialization and development of cooperative resources, and organizing other activities. Gosodarskі asotsotsiatsіі - naygnuchkіsha form of obdnanny zusil financial capital with the help of nadannya help the skin participant of asotsiatsatsiya at the viral authority zavdan.

On the form of corporate formations for the state associations asocial characteristics such special features:

- weak zvazyazki mіzh pіdpriimstva-participants;

- You can immediately become a member of the kolkoh asotsiyatsiy;

- centralization of the number of administrative functions, which may be of a more serviced nature.

The State Association may include the benefits of commercial galleries of industry, the mother and daughter, and, if necessary, please be aware that the system is fully compliant.

The importance of the functions of the state sponsored associations is to establish the requirements for developing financial policies, the foreign policy of development, and the provision of foreign interests in the legislative bodies.

There are more distinctive features for capital enterprises of the Czech Republic asociated organizational structures, as they did not reach beyond the extent of widening in the economy of Ukraine.

Consortium - an hour and a half of voluntary cooperation, organization, organization for specific problems and problems of great investment, science and technology and social and environmental projects. At the consortium, you can get to know both the great and the big ones, take the chance to take part from the general design of the first half of the plan, but you can’t stop being able to do it yourself. Consortium is a potential efficient organization-structural way of integrating hours, labor, material and financial resources. Funds can be negotiated for a high-sided project, which I will need for realizing large capital deposits, as well as for trials, and high steps.

Cartel - an agreement on business, based on what you want to say about quotes for acquiring virobnitsva, prices for realizatsii, think of the sale, the separation of markets for zbutu. Pіdpriimstva, scho enter the cartel’s warehouse, legally self-sufficient. Zazvichai stink zd_isnyuyut zbut products on the negotiated ambushes, so that it is up to the contract laid down between the two.

Syndicate - a form of contractual cooperation, transferring to the centralization of the membership of the syndicate and production of products. The solution to the syndicate is to help us compete among the participants in the field of procurement and procurement of syrovini. For health management functions, a special authority is being set up. The previous version of the organization to the transfer syndicate is the transfer of these functions to one of the participants in the negotiated agreement to the directorate of the syndicate.

Authority to engage in procurement and procurement, collection of products for the syndicate and distribution of goods up to quotas that are agreed upon. When a member of the syndicate is involved in commerce, the independence is complete, and the job is frequent. Undertakings to the syndicate are legally independent; however, financial capital is concentrated in the syndicate.

Participants of the syndicate may not be but tіlki pіdpriєimstva, and th ob'єdnannya, concern, trust.

In the economy of a capital type of trust - the form of an є н ня і н є є є є,,,,,, я, ц к вт вт вт рач ю ю риди риди,,,,, ком, ер ц й й об сам сам сам ост управ управ управ управ управ управ управ управ управ управ управ управ управ управ управ управ управ. The organization has a large organizational structure, which has been revived by the organization, as well as self-propelled appliances.