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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Management of industrial property management of households, interruptions, material resources, information, finances. Sufficiency of the type and form of management of business and law in foreign practice is called management, and administrators, who are responsible for business management, are managers.

On the basis of the one-sided process, the basis for management is coordination, as the two-sided process is straightforward and twang.

Traditionally, the main functions of management were financial, virobnitz and marketing. Financial management - the whole process of managing the business process for the additional form of the small resources, the business process and the business process. It’s a pity that the world of literature with the economy of financial management features in the economy of the world is not up to par.

I will look at the fact that there’s a small business with a middle name, like a permanent offer, and so much control is possible. There is little tolka of reacting to the winter at the new generation. Managers may have a message on how to manage, to be a mother on business before management. The Initial Manager is actively shuking the money and the desire to achieve the desired benefits. І such pіdkhіd before managing the company necessary for all іvіv rivnyah. From now on, one of the peculiarities of financial management in the market economy.

On the other hand, there is a centralized economy, the main organizer of the state gifts is a plan that goes down "at the door", at the second-hand coordination of the economy and the general management of the people. From now on, it is possible to sign the specialty of financial management - the management of the market. All of the fundamentally different character of the financial manager’s robot: the guilty person is guilty of the right partner with the director of marketing.

One of the most important factors that can be used to finance management in the market economy, is to increase the strength of the official.

In the minds of the planned economy, the situation is economical, the state certificate was given in the previous year, the form “lit up” in the punitive order was the set of rules and norms. The hard system of centralized attribution bridged the initiative, did not give the opportunity to be uprooted. Odnak won brought in readability and secured the singing order. If you want not to have a great deal of fun, you can blame the nobility, pay for it, transfer the oath of duty, post the sale, live, price and income. Zrozumіlo, and for such minds I’ve risnav. It was brought about by sticking to the ranks that the sovereign’s sovereign plan was not broken, that contractual goiters and yazan were destroyed, the products and services weren’t accessible, the vehicles were transported, and they were completely misplaced. In the market economy, on the first place you need to enter such a warehouse as a warehouse, as it is not transferring the market. Sound knowledge and the skill of reinstatement, who have stashed themselves at the planned economy, are lacking in order to save the non-residents of the market economy.

In general, there is a theoretical basis for the most important, the methodology, recommendations about the hats and ways to change the order.

I will formulate the more precisely terminological basis of the theory of theoretical education. Pid pіdpriєmnitskim rozumіtimemo rizik, scho vinikaє at whether yakih kinds dіyalnostі, pov'yazanih of virobnitstvom produktsії, tovarіv, poslug, їh realіzatsієyu and takozh rizik, pov'yazany іz fіnansovimi operatsіyami, komertsієyu, zdіysnennyam NAUKOVO tehnіchnih-i-sotsіalno ekonomіchnih proektіv . Tobto in our various forms of communication, mothers can become familiar with the laws and the material, labor, financial, informational and intellectual resources.

Rizik - because of its potential, it’s possible to lose resources, but it’s underestimated income, it’s also varied, and we’ve re-licensed our local resources for all kinds of business. In addition, it seems, the rizik is the threat of knowing how much you need to spend more time with the forecast, the project, the plan, the program, but to keep the income lower than that, by yakin rozrahovuv.

Rizik, from one side, є the result of the destruction of the river in the system, from the first - the cause of the fallen destruction of the river. Підприємницький різик at the rinkovskiy ekonomіtsі є for the sake of freedom free rukh kapіtalu samostіynih vlasnikіv. In this way, the most economical category is the most important - the most economical and independent sub-accounts of the most profitable and the most important ones.

At the same time, they’ll have to pay attention to material, labor and financial resources.

Material costs are manifested in the non-delivery of the project of supplementary vitrats, but directly on the costs of material objects - Budinkiv, equipment, installation, lane, products, goods, materials, syrovini, energy. Workers are called labor hours during vipadkov, non-transfer of furnishings. Finance for the day - a straight line of pennies, payments for the need for unpaid payments, payment of fines, payment of additional fees, for the third cost and the price of the folders. There are financial incentives that also appear at times unreasonable, but underestimation of pennies with dzherel, stars of their choice have expressed their matrimony, at times of unverified borgs, non-repayments of delivered products, reduction of viruses through lower prices for sales. You can spend money at the rate of exchange, the exchange rate, the higher prices for the budget, and the budget for the high prices. Immediately із irrevocably can be butch timchasovі financials otrati, zamoulenі freeze-ups rakhunkіv, irrelevant kind of costoshiv, vіdstrochkuyu voplati borgіv.

I will look at wikladen for the most basic view of pidprimnitsky riziku.

Virologic rizik - obligations for viral education and realization of products, servants, healthy days of any kind of virology. Among the most important reasons for the winding-up of a rozobichnaya rizika - it is possible to lower the number of viral transmissions, the vibration of incomplete technology, and the lower number of vitamins.

Commerce, abo-rinkovy, rizik-winika є in the process of realizing goods and service on the market. The reasons for commercial riches may be better product prices, underestimation of the underestimated liability, purchase and purchase of unimportant prices, and lower prices as a result of increased competition.

The financial rizik - winika є in the sphere of commercial activities of the investor. The financial rizik of dіyalnostі pіdpriyomstva vimіryuєtsya in vidnoshennyam posikovyh koshtіv to Vlasni. Nowadays, there’s such a presentation, it’s more than my right to borrow from your creditors, and later, you’ll have a bigger financial loan, and even more money should be available.

Predprimstvo Moge credituvati іshshі fіrmі abo noble vidvantazhennya vlasno ї products без without advance payment, but at a penny form.

At all times there’s a loan, that’s why you don’t pay off a posichnik for a posichka.

The company goes to the financial market and the market, investor, so it is necessary to cover the exchange rate and the percentage rate.

The coursework rizik of obligations with the unreported winter exchange rate for the valuable father, and the percentage ripe winnik, which is the price of the valuable primer, can be changed through the normal rate.

The investment rizik vinikaє at times the cost of the project and the underperformance of the project.

The yak is meant, the rhizic is the category of imіrіnnіsna, і yogo vimіryuyut yak imііrnіst singing іvnі vtrat. And the skin p_dpriemmets will establish for myself the proper step-up. For permissible rizik it is possible to take the threat of repeating a little extra of a half of business. The critical rhetoric of commitments is not only for the second time, but for the underdone of the transmitted virus, as long as vitrati are brought in for the head of the head. Neynebezpechneshim for business д catastrophe rizik, which can lead to bankruptcy of business, all but one part of the mine, investment business.

Lauding the decision about accepting and improving the performance, it is important to know that it is not only the singing time of the song, but the fact that you don’t have to overwrite the specific time.

The analysis of repair can be repaired due to the appearance of a religious education for the first time. Behind the Dzherel Vinnikennya rozrіznyayut such riziki: gospodarsky; obligations to the special people; zumovleniya natural dignitaries. For the cause of the winnings, the phrases are violated, which is the result of the unimportant maybutny; non-transfer of partners behavior; lack of information. Rizik wait so chi іnaksha povyazaniya іz camp of the information security rishennya.

Evaluation of Risiku - on the other hand, intuitive and Rosrachun. INTRODUCTION To get to know more people and to penetration. Particularly great is the significance of the intuition at times of lack of information for the active, accurate rozraunkuniv.

In the economy, it is in principle possible to vary from one party to another and from one country to another and from companies. The power for the market economy is the right to regulate the effectiveness of industrial methods by indirect methods. An unreasonable amount of intellectual property in Ukraine and the privatization of sovereign enterprises. Tsey process іstotno zmіnit character and method of financial management, as well as the nature of dzherel financialsuvannya. The state ceased to be a part-time shareholder of private enterprises, and, therefore, not vidpovid for their financial support. A water hour of self-styled hairworms repair one's own one. Payments for the market economy are to be borne in material terms for the financial resources of the economy.

Economic self-sufficiency will require that you financially correct your partner correctly vibrate your partners. For the whole necessary analitichny pidd_d to accept a solution. Moreover, the need for analysis of the financial establishment is not only of the lofty government, but of the economy, with which the viral and financial dignity is tied. Inability to pay and bankruptcy.

Without financial analysis, it is unfeasible to correctly vibrate the policy of business (company). One of the peculiarities of managing for a market economy is the strength of the strategic nature of management, which is why in the minds of instability and risk, you need to predict.

In the minds of the market, instability of the management strategy, the management strategy is clicked on to take stability and state-funded hospitality. Stability to a side of business directly to lay down in strategic decisions.

Pіd strategіuyu management pіdpriyemstvo (firm) rozumіyut viznachlennya pre-stringed goals yogo dezvitku and officials in the process of business with urahuvannyam zmіn on the market. The strategy of managing the distribution of resources is limited, as well as resources and resources for realizing. The head of the strategic management of the pole is that they will be able to pay attention to the vipadkov’s officials.

At the administration level, you’ll absorb the special characteristics of the manager, the middle ground of the appreciation, the information sharing (Fig. 7.1).

Scheme of the process of adoption of the rational solution

Fig. 7.1. Scheme of the process of adoption of the rational solution

First we have croc at the planning strategy є vizneshennya met. The form of labeling business in the main is represented by three officials: type of business (company); becoming a place of business (more precisely, in perspective); in vividly and by the method of the vlasnik.

Meta enterprises are formed by the owners of the main resources of the organization. Virіznyayut meta systems and meta participants in the system. Meta-system - the main zagalnicnye znameniki och_kuvan vlasnik_v resources_v. The main obscurity is meta - vision, so as to ensure the stability of business. Zavdyaki access to the price is possible to take an oath of sale, investment and return.

Based on the analysis of financial management for the market economy, you can see the most important officials, so that the officials can be reached by the government and officials, so that the maximum efficiency is possible. Before them lay a little clue of the reaction of the key to the middle of the middle, the second to the market, the innovation and the acceleration, creative, analysis, strategic management to control.

The main functional areas of the strategic strategy for the market economy є marketing, finance and virobnitsvo. For effective business activities, all functional strategies are available for ordering external strategies. The diagram of marketing activities (Fig. 7.2) shows the development of business opportunities in the minds of the market, as well as marketing methods and methods for realizing economic criteria.

By means of marketing, from my own clerk, є gain of information about the market (market) of commodity markets and forecasting of their development. The basis for this is the systematic, comprehensive integration of the tendency of internal and external commodity markets, more than one product, more options, and more options. From now on, marketing marketing strategy, transmission of market forecasts and forecasting, basic directories of product marketing, supply chain management and marketing, and marketing. To become involved in operational marketing solutions, to specify the effectiveness of marketing and effective marketing efforts.

The doorway is visible in the minds of the winter world of the middle class, the need to correct the meta, the structure and the functions of the main consumer goods (companies).

Zagalna scheme marketing dіyalnostі pіdpriemstva

Fig. 7.2. Zagalna scheme marketing dіyalnostі pіdpriemstva

Having analyzed the features of financial management for the market economy, you can violated the basic functions of the financial manager:

• Visually consume consumer goods (funds) from financial resources through the implementation of real-life investment projects;

• presentation for the analysis of alternative dzherel finances, іх otsіnyuvannya і form of the rational structure of posikovyh koshtіv; securing the instant possession of financial resources with a signified dzherel; at the time, it’s important to stitch behind the snakes of the market place of business and, at times, make corrections to the financial policy of the business;

• optimization of the benefit of business and the provision of a stable profit;

• Effectively vikoristannya otrimanih financial resources; for the whole, it’s important that Keruvati is correct with the collapse of the negotiable and main capital;

• securing stable development of the company as a system for groceries expanding the viral virobnosis of any kind with the best products; I want to bankruptcy of business, business for banks with payable authorities, insurance companies, pension funds and so on.

Assigned func tions of mop'azan, and moreover, one func tion can be given by a hat; it is important to know naypriynyatnіshiy.