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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.


The development of marketplace business in Ukraine will require increased effectiveness of state donations. Along with the independence rocks, the indicators of efficiency in the country significantly decreased: the obligations of the company decreased, their profitability decreased, the investments were reduced quickly. We have a full-time commission of economic robots on the basis of usability forms of power. At the rock of economic crisis, the company was tempted to reach the best price not because of the need for the most economical shopping, the lower prices for its products, but the long lasting price for its products.

I want to have such a way to nimble on business and to save a lot of time to achieve the best results, but in general I want to call on people until the economic crisis is over. Since 2000, in the country, a cob of stable economy and economic growth has been identified. The newest stage of development of the independent Ukraine, the state of empowerment, is well known for the economical work robots. The next warehouse will have a full range of methods for economical analysis, an extension of the entire history of management for the purpose of managing management.

Ovolodіnnya principles, inclinations, methods and skills of economical analysis that are necessary in practical practice for the skin economist: planner, financier, accountant, marketer, auditor, auditor . The economic analysis of the product on the skin manager’s presentation for the management of the treatment. Become more comfortable with it.

First-time acquisitions, preparation on a regular basis, if necessary, for special purposes, as well as an economical work.

The material of the report is located in three parts: “Fundamentals of theory of economic analysis”, “Financial analysis” and “Management analysis” .

At the presentation of the traditional tradition of publication, the material for the course, our financial analysis methodology has been submitted to our manager before the management analysis. All this is explained by the fact that I have played a role in managing people’s business. The planning and administrative systems in the first place have a full view of the violated product plan, and from now on, there’s a new factor in the overall plan. For market intelligence, financial results and financial stand of the company can become significantly more important indicators of their best practices, their best and most important financial opportunities. Indicators of virological prevalence are for the internal analysis and acceptance of the current decision.

Shchodo zmіstu posіbnik Varto mean two special features. The first thing is that, in part, attributed to financial analysis, the methodology of financial analysis was submitted for new forms of financial security, balance of business, and it was put into practice in 2000 in the Republic of Belarus.

Ale financial and economic services in Ukraine have long since begun to look after the new standards and haven’t scored the heels of the past. Along the way is the trivial process of rewriting the traditional international standards of accounting and economic analysis before real economic life in Ukraine. From now on, the author’s team of the beginner companion doesn’t invade his prace completed. Since the completion of the 2000 and 2001 years, a lot of new information has been won, that is why it will be uninterrupted to sing in the form of music, in the order of their memory, in the methodology of roses. On the previous page, the preparation is new.

Another special feature of the forum is that new topics that previously did not fit into the course of economic analysis. You can call, for example, “Model of state gifts and methods of economics and mathematics” (section 4), “Information base of analysis of personal computers and computers” (section 5, section 5). ), “Diagnostics of bankruptcy riches and the impact of inflation on adopting financial sustainability” (Section 10), “Special Features of Analysis of International Relations” (Section 15). At all the distributors of the material, the material has been submitted to the most current theory and practice of economic analysis.

I should respect the respect for that, in the process of developing market relations in Ukraine we have gained a great deal of negative neglect of the government and government control: expansion of the sphere of economy and cooperation. In dealing with these clues, which include investing in the state of economic security of the state, law-enforcement organization of the methods of economic analysis, as well as methods of economic development, such as the need for more Students who are in practical practice will need to solve these problems, and may be quick to attend to the help of O. M. Bandurka and I. "Financial and economic analysis."

The material is shorter than ever in the economic analysis of personal computers, singers and musicians have been separated, the fragments of the official bodies have not yet been divided into the program of comprehensive analytical programs of the entire public sector.

Indulge in digital books є smart and not be able to use the same language as possible.

The Naval Provider has been prepared by the regional lecturer at the Department of Credit and Budget Institutions and the Economic Analysis of the Kyiv National Economic University of Dr. Econ. Sciences, Acad. NAS of Ukraine M. G. Chumachenko at the warehouse of authors: M. A. Bolyukha (Section 14), V. Z. Burchevsky (Section 11), M. І. Gorbatka (section 7, 10), A.P. Zarosila (section 6), V.M. Ivakhnenka (section 12), S.V. Kalabukhovo (section 13.2), S.A. Kirilenka (section 15), L.F. Kiselyuk (Section 2), V. І. Marushevsko (section 6), І. І. Matіnko-Zubenko (section 5), O. A. Melnichuk (section 13.1), V.O. Metz (section 8, supplements), A.O. Papenko (section 13.3), I. M. Parasiy-Vergunenko (Section 3), V.V. Petrovich (Section 4), L.O. Primostki (Section 9), M. G. Chumachenko (foreword, Section 1).

Authors hang on to the gibberishness of the reviewers (Doctor of Economics, Professor S. I. Shkarabanu , Doctor of Economics, Professor A. O. Chugaev ) for listening to the respect.

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