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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

Chastina I. Osnovi teorії ekonomіchnogo analizu

Rozdil 1. Economic analysis and management of management decisions

1.1. Zmіst і zavdannya ekonomіchnogo analysis

Gospodarska dіyalnist pіdprinimstv іznogo goluzey materіialnogo virobnitstva є the basis of suspension vіdtvorennya gross internal product. Vidomo, shcho skin prydpriemstvo є folding system for the interchange of bones and cards, so that you can enjoy different functions in the process of production. The economy of the economy, the system of indicators, which give the economy the evaluation of the processes and the results of the economy.

Gospodarska d'yalnist pidprimstv, so as to show the appearance of suspension of life, I will need a systematic vivchenny for successful and effective management of it. One way to vivchenny dyalnostі і analysis. The term “analysis” of the indomitable similarity (group analysis) means the meaning of “sharing”, “dismembering”. Shchodo ekonomіchnogo analizu - tse znachenie vichlenovuvannya okremich indicators in the state dyalnostі іz from the outer warehouses for the offensive vivchenchennya.

Analysis of economical indicators to improve the world of the necessary delayed approach - synthesis (gr. Synthesis), so that I’ve got all the indicators in one place, I’ve been able to keep them closer and closer to them. From now on, analysis and synthesis in the complex should be protected by the science of vivchennyh evidence and the process of interconnection and interchange.

It is a good practice to economize on all the rules of the economy: on the power, galleys and regions (macroeconomics), on the basis of economy and organization (economy). On the basis of macroeconomic analysis, macroeconomic analysis, on the basis of macroeconomic analysis, a specific economic analysis, which can be called the analysis of state subsidiaries.

The economic analysis of economic activity of the mother’s quarters is tied to a systematic approach , which is due to the comprehensive management of the subject of management of the economic, social, technical, technical and social aspects.

For the systemic approach, the leather management object is looked at as a complex of interconnected elements, which can be used to identify external power and access for access to singing equipment. For special literatures, it is recommended that the system be corrupted by the best principles:

  • system_tamanna манdina meta;
  • the system is stocked up from the list of elements, as well as the internal structure;
  • the існує system in the singing medium, as if it is possible to celebrate the intermittent infusion on the її functions;
  • system of resources, in order to secure the functional functions;
  • The system includes a cerulent center, a certain organization to the mark.

Because of the particular systemic approach to management, there is no need for economical analysis of the preparation of management solutions for all aspects of the business. Ale vіn є nadііnim іnstrumentu for vіrіshennya problems the most economical aspect, as well as for economical problems іruntuvannya rіshhen іnshih problems management.

I can help you to make a more efficient analysis in the system of business management. In fig. 1.1 depicts a control system for production as a result of three systems: a system of control, a system that can be controlled, and an information system.

You can see the diagrams, the information management system, including all of the regions, which can be used to control the information, which is characterized by the system, which can be controlled, and that the picture of management decisions. Usya management information to be analyzed, and more than once to the results of the analysis, we are ready to design management solutions, so that they can be transferred to the management system.

In a system that has control, design a management solution at a time from the beginning of information to the main functions to control the formality of control, so that it is transferred to the control system (control).

In the area of ​​management, management is passed on to the public and that control over the third week is secured. Shchodo all operations, which are in order to form, form in the first information, which in order of the zvoryazku go to the information management system.

Economic analysis of system management

Fig. 1.1. Economic analysis of system management

A short look at the management cycle of the show shows that a more efficient loan analysis is more important in the information management system for the economic management of the control.

At rozdіlі 2 postniknika, a brief history of the wisdom and development of an economical analysis is given, one with the highest degree of economics is re-engaged in a self-taught university course, which is the main for special students. The remaining okremёnny okremoy course with an economic analysis became steel writing prof. M. І. Bakanovim that prof. A. D. Sheremet pidruchnika from the theory of economical analysis, which is a bit cautious and replayed by a stretch of the two remaining ten. A characteristic peculiarity of this handicraft є the flexibility of the theoretical theoretical and practical methods of complex economic analysis of the most complex computer technologies and the specific mathematical methods for practical tasks.

The form of the mechanism of market intelligence is, without interruption, the character of the analitical robot. Vaughn is guilty of oversighting both the internal and the middle one, the treasury of the skin object of the state donation, including the market and adaptive markets, the conversion rate and the global market.

An economical analysis for an equally short historical term (with a stretch of the 20th century) recognizing the day-to-day transformation: go through an analysis of the balance of business to a complex economic analysis of the most recent personal computers.

Tsі transformatsії trivayut p_d vplom development of suspension vidnosin. Let’s briefly say the special features of the most recent economic and economic analysis in traditional forms.

  • Significantly wider is the principle of governing the rule of view, which allows me to express my respect for the winter without interruption in the process of virology.
  • Pidvishchennya operativnosti ekonomіchnogo analysis, schow to appear in the minimum period, for which an accurate analysis is carried out.
  • Vidhid vid obov'yazkovo formal "accuracy" the result of the analysis, so that transferred to the center of respect vid analysis of the soundness to the analysis of the situation, the whole analysis of reserves.
  • A wide range of pre-Ukrainian informational order is available for domestic and domestic guests.
  • The building of analytic groups with the participation of economists, technologists, marketers, lawyers (it’s irrelevant for the future problems) for securing the complexity of the economic analysis.
  • Rozshirennya vikoristannya in ekonomіchnomu analizі vibіrkovih Danih.

The economic analysis is widely fixed in the process of conducting audits, auditing audits and marketing audits. The price is not a part of the system of business planning, of yak (especially for its own products) є warehouse management department.