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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

1.2. The nature of management

Use state-owned processes in the business, in the business and in the business, you can straighten them out. The basis of the management of these processes is the management of the process. The main special feature of management is to accept those for the care of the uninterrupted function of management. This is recognized, the principle of the method of preparation and adoption of the management of rishnas, their benefits, the principle of their principle of nature of their nature.

Theory of management decisions is formulated with the basic understanding of the characteristics of such solutions, the theoretical provisions, methodology of preparation and acceptance of decisions are based on.

Management is not possible to discern as I do. Revision of pre-training and acceptance of management decision-making is a matter of identifying problems, so as to establish a lack of practical knowledge and business opportunities, a commercial or non-business opportunity,

Requirements for the adoption of fasting, as long as there are options, because of the need to vibrate. Vibration of the varied solution is determined by the criteria and criteria system and the established order is based on the established scientific principles.

In order to prepare and accept effective management decisions, you must immediately acquire information about internal and external communications about management. Oskilki, a complex of these minds is practically not buoyant, however, we have a specific solution for managing the situation itself, as a rule, it is wintery. The simple principle of vimogi to rush can be mixed up by the indispensable stretch of the singing hour (as a rule, until the winter of specific economical minds).

An important role is to preserve the strength , to bend through one's economy and one's own. The economy is characterized by the efficiency of the victories that have been gained in terms of labor, material, financial and financial resources , and the frequency of problems is less often. Yakіst of management іshennі visnacha і kintsevі results management.

For significant hourly control parameters, I’m on a per- thread basis , on the other hand , I’m able to resolve problems, I’ll be able to cope without delay in the process of viola- tion, and I ’m strategically advising on the future.

Management is a creative process that requires sub-management, as a result of which you must be aware that you need to be aware of this factual situation and if you need to communicate, there is a need to transfer it to the public.

Special literature on the theory of management allows you to know more clearly the understanding of "management decision": you signify as a social act, because as a part of the process, as I control it. From now on, an unambiguous understanding of the management decision is not formulated.

Preparation and adoption of management decisions є not only through the organic part of the management process, but through the main stage of the management cycle. In addition, the current day of management is to examine the way of direct linking of the sub-account to the site, which is controlled, then the day of management is controlled and the next step is to form the basis of the order .

Management is provided for power, power, power, power, power, power, power, control, power, and other controls.

The characteristic of the daily management and the possibility of increasing the degree of recognition of the role and the role of management in the process of management is not only on the scale of the surrounding viral area, but on the other side of the city, there is a large area of ​​the city. The value of scientifically based management of the solution is very important, I want to protect the efficient and functional development of the viral objects, access to current and promising goals for all management, it’s important.

In the process of developing and accepting management decisions, we must take into account the necessary principles of management . Najavlivіshі of them so:

  • The optimal distribution of functional functions and equipment for management.
  • The regional delegation is of greater importance and vіdpovіdalnostі.
  • Єuninitiality and collective management.
  • Specificity and indivisibility.
  • Efficiency of the car.
  • Efficiency management.
  • The scientific nature of management.

Especially voted for promptness for serious minds. The economic analysis of the economy of the people is like an analysis of the economy, which can be repaired by analyzing the balance of the economy. The result of such an analysis of the Boole is an analytical note. The world’s growing oversight and accelerated dynamics of all the suspension processes have more and more demand for operational solutions. Through the price of 60 years of age, Winik has an operational economic analysis. They are browning for the manifestation of the process in the process of non-intrusive acceptance. With the help of computer technology, operational analysis is possible without interruption during the weekend operation.

It’s one way to ignite the principles of management, management and management of singing mums, and the very same:

  • buti scientifically wrapped up , so that it takes shape with the laws of regular laws - quietly technological, economical, organizational features of the oblast, letting in the dyalnost of a certain ease;
  • buti is safe , to be precise, we are set before the office of management, but before we okroim we will give it;
  • but it’s very clear that it’s possible to know that it’s both specific indicators and mathematical indicators and results, as well as a detailed description of this aspect, which I can’t do;
  • be right , so do not over read the most dignified laws, other orders, norms, standards, instructions and other normative documents;
  • but it’s optimal to save such a variation, a kind of bi-directional efficiency criterion - gaining the highest results with the lowest vitrates for completing all the most important aspects of the management process;
  • but , to invest in late signaled preparation lines, to bring the decision to specific people and to control the weekend;
  • buti comprehensive , to vrahovuvati all aspects of management;
  • buti with a stiff , so that it is not inadvertently reacting to the winter kon'unkturi, an economically elevated one;
  • We’ll complete the registration process in order to identify the specific requirements for specific methods, additional resources, the number of days, the warehouse, the procedure for the registration of documents, and the legal documents.

Before the end, I’m supposed to be placed before the manager’s office, є it’s necessary for the care of specificity, informative information, as well as for a clear sharing of the week-end. As a rule, I’m able to take care of myself, so I can take care of my friend and I’m able to manage the management of the project.