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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

1.3. The process of accepting management decisions and economic analysis

I’m important the role of meeting the latest principles of development and adoption of management decisions. Development of a management solution є a complex of management management, a dealership є a logical advance deal. In fig. 1.2 is a flowchart showing the process of taking control.

Name the blocks to give notice about the process for the process of formulating the management decision. Slide deceive respect for such special features. For visual identification of the criteria for the development of problems (block 3), the following is the best possible problems. The state dariality has the most economical aspect of the problem. In the main vipads, the main thing is the social but technical aspect. So how so, ale treba, wait for the memory about complexity, the problematic aspects of management problems.

When formulating, label the vibration criteria for optimality and the ability to optimize the vibration of specific factors and minds, we will see the result of them. The formation of the factor factors є before the final elaboration of science-based technology, and the concept of effective solution.

Flowchart of the process of taking control

Fig. 1.2. Flowchart of the process of taking control

System analysis model (block 4) - Це, вісне, і є роз роз роз в в зав д д д,,, я я я я я ало пост ало пост пост ало пост ало пост ало є є є є є роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз. Depends on the nature of the zavadannya model can be simple but folding. Simple models are often used as standard. Foldable models can be completed (up to the stage of formalization) often and more often than not in the program.

Vibration models and development programs for developing the basis for creating a warehouse for the necessary information. As a model of solution, so that information can be provided with the option of choosing a solution.

The flowchart of the demo, which is an economical analysis in the process of taking on the management role of the lead role (blocks 4-10 is shown in bold).

From now on, the process of adopting a management decision is more iterative, so that I can help the model abo version decision by way of recent approach. So, when writing a vibration model with an original system (block 5), you can ask for more information (block 6), so as to be able to provide a more complete model of a solution. Due to the negative result of the preparation of the prepared solution with the more aspects of management (block 12), through the overhead method and the criteria (block 14), we can also send the request back to the analysis of the development of the system (block 7).

With the help of the best practices for taking that health decision, as well as changing your minds for the effective control of the weekend, the decision is limited to documentation. Documents issued with the law of the lawmakers and legal acts. Form dokumentuvannya rіshennya deposits od Yogo priznachennya and zmіst guilty vіdpovіdati such vimogam: at dokumentovanomu rіshennі vіdobrazhuyut Meta, viznachayut zasobi dosyagnennya tsієї methylation in viglyadі specific zahodіv, viznachayut ochіkuvanі result, vstanovlyuyut line vikonannya skin sunset that nazivayut specific osіb, SSMSC vіdpovіdayut for realіzatsіyu rіshennya .

A systematic piddіd to vivchenennya problems of management so that I can help you with any difficulties, bagatoaspektnosti and informational care. Behind the constant relationship of all the mutual factors, the problems and the management are divided into three groups.

Persha Group - good structured problems and management, as long as the voices are interchanged between the third-party officials and they are clearly identified.

Friend of the group - unstructured problems, as long as the resources are adequate, the characteristics described are described only without a clear identification.

The third group is loosely structured because of the problem, if the part is completely interrupted, the part is clear, and therefore, I need more problems.

I’m persuading the group of problems to communicate with the best methods of optimization, my friend with the heuristic methods (gr. Heurisko - I know, I’m curious), and the third - with the methods of system analysis.

System analysis є the basis of scientific methods and practical methods for arriving at great and complex problems of management, a methodical way to implement a systematic approach to management.

The scheme for the process of system analysis is significantly more complex for the scheme for the process of taking control. We have a clear view of the process that has been simplified, as if suckup tіlki chotirokh stage.

The first stage includes the recognition of the situation, the appearance of the head problem, the front-end system, the formulation of the goals and the recognition criteria.

Another stage is the structural analysis of the object and the conceptual development, the manifestation of the most interesting points in the system.

The third stage є the main one is the development of the model and the analysis.

At the fourth stage of development, the synthesis of the system is based on the knowledge gained from the analysis.

Apart from the irreconcilable methods of system analysis, the following are more common: decomposition of the system, diagnosis of the system, statistics of the system, the method of “over-the-clock”, expert analysis, and more important models.

The systematic code before the problems of management is vividly reflected in the development and implementation of complex programs (CCP). CKP to establish the chilnie mіsce in the adoption of pre-hosted management decisions at all management levels. I don’t take a closer look at the program process, there are three important characteristics of the CCP: the apparent readability of the installation; kіlkіsne visnochennya resources, necessary for the achievement of skin value, with urakhuvannyam otmezhenosti resources; filed general programs on program codes.

For glibshogo approach to large-scale solutions, such as great projects, benefit from the benefit-cost analysis system . Canadian experts to the secretary For the sake of Canada’s skarnbates we have prepared a meeting. It is necessary for anyone to understand how to analyze the Wi-Fi and the procedure by the procedure, to help others to evaluate the program through the method of split-time and Wi-Fi. Dovidnik rozkrivaє method viznazhennya pov'yazanih with the implementation of the project direct and indirect vitrat and vigid, criterions of the third and third year with usrahnov ushnih officials, which should accelerate.

Sled to deign respect for the pranks of new technologies adopted by management. The methodology of rating management, yak, according to the author’s license, «concept“ take the decision by potential customers on the basis of the rating based on the process of realizing management ”has been scattered. The basis of the concept is based on the calculation of the ranking of the economic system for the success of the indicators of the economy, and the rating of the rating for the business management. The protec- tion system of rating management is not practically practical, but the real prospect of the future is poorly impotent.

There are many ways to take advantage of the management of financial resources, so that you can have a better analysis of your loan in a safe way, and you won’t have to pay more money to manage your time and money.

Nasamkіnets varto name the factors, so that you can absorb the process of managing the decision:

  • Specificity of Yakostі kerіvnik.
  • Povedinka Kerivnik.
  • The middle ground is adopted (signification that risik).
  • Інформаційні обмеження (вит ан вит вит вит рат рат рат на от вит вит))))))).
  • Mutual recession.
  • Preparedness for possible negative insights.
  • The ability to meet the most urgent technical concerns.
  • Happiness of effective communications.
  • Vіdpovіdnіst structure of the management of tіlі mіі mіsіі organizationіzatsії.
  • Procedures for the implementation of management functions.

It’s not enough to give a shit about the development of the Ukrainian market vidnosin until you see the competition and the most economical rhizics, because before such appearances, they weren’t known to me for the colossal administrative-command system. Through those bullets would be an inexplicable grace, obruntovuyu varianti goverlinsky rishen, to obliterate, I can do these new factors for us.