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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

2.6. See the straightforward economic analysis

The nature of the energy storage and economic analysis is based on financial and management. Such podil ponder over the financial and management region.

Depends on the glibini of the previous and the intended results of the economic analysis, there are three types of views: foreign economy , technical and economic, functional and virtual.

Foreign economic analysis to look at the currencies and special offers, financial, financial, credit and statistical bodies for the given foreign credits. It’s a method of evaluating state support, the manifestation of the main trends and development, ways of increasing the efficiency of the available resources and the ability to work.

The results of the official analysis for the overseas control of the effectiveness of the business, the assessment of the effectiveness and optimality of the resources, the assessment of the entire state of the business plan.

A foreign economic analysis is also available on the basis of the first and second tests for the foreign evaluation of the business. For the analysis of victorious planning and normative, sound, regional and official information. Behind the character and the stake of nutrition, two strands of conducting an inwardly economic analysis were laid down: financial-economic and statistical-economic .

Financial and economic analysis of financial and credit organizations. Fіnansovі place the conductive mostly zovnіshnіy analіz dіyalnostі of companies on pіdstavі kvartalnoї i rіchnoї zvіtnostі, zvertayuchi bunt uwagi on fіnansovі Result: vikonannya fіnansovogo plan efektivnіst vikoristannya fіnansovih resursіv, rentabelnіst, platospromozhnіst, vikonannya zobov'yazan the budget, fіnansovy mill i Yogo card redundancy payment, payment to the budget. Such an analysis is carried out immediately with the analysis of the virology programs.

Credit organizations, in order to give short-term and pre-holiday pointers, take advantage of the extended offer of state thanks. Stink control the credit and credit of the remaining, to save the bankruptcy. For the whole stench, to analyze the virological and financial dynasty of state thanks, which os their servants, to extend the respect for the effectiveness and correctness of the wisdom, the lack of privacy, the whole of public relations, and the whole of life.

Podatkova inspectorate analysis of the gratitude of state thanks for the presentation of good information. The main respect is to get paid for the weekend of goiters in front of the budget, for the financial camp and reserves for paying to the budget.

Statistical and economic analysis is carried out on the basis of statistical performance. Organ statistics to analyze the development of okremich galuzey, economic and administrative areas. For statistical and economic analysis, large numbers of people are appearing, an evaluation of the economy is carried out, the work of the country is carried out, tendencies of development appear.

Technical and economic analysis of the economy, engineering and technical specialists, employees and organizations for the management of operational and periodic ratings. It is a method of assessing state gifts, the manifestation of causal relationships and interdependent factors of technology and economics, reserve reserves, and access to resources for rationalization.

Technical and economic analysis - in principle, the main internal analysis. In the process of such an analysis, the availability of structural structural services, services, workshops, workshops, brigades and security officers is required. Dzherelom information for such an analysis о planning and regulatory data, material operational, accounting area, post-reporting data. The technical and economic analysis is carried out step-by-step, for a decade, month, quarter, and river before the storage of the total amount. On the basis of the results of the analysis, important management decisions are taken.

The new role of technical and economic analysis has grown, but the main indicators are to characterize the effectiveness of visits for new technology, technology, organization of virology, manufacturing, and self-planning. The sound of consumerism in the retail analysis and the technical and economic indicators.

Functional-analytical analysis (FVA) to provide the most effective views to the analysis of the requirements of the economy of the material, labor and small resources for the viral products.

FVA is carried out by way of declaring reserves for lower vitrates for co-workers of efficient variational and non-competitive varieties, and living with virology and vitrats for the first navigation. Win is based on a joke of ways to reduce material, energy and labor productivity.

FVA transfer of the minimum amount of resources for the process for the selection of the design components, the most convenient way to complete the parts, the higher technological level, the technological process. For a healthy analysis, we’ve got a great deal of feedback, regional, engineering and technological, regulatory information and information.

FVA is the method of one-time and interchange of connected functions of the company and its functions. Functions and skills to become the object of the FVA.

Pіd funktsiyami rozumіyut good living power (yakіst) ob'єkt. They stink at the fifth group: 1) the main functions, which bend the designation of the object; 2) the main functions, to secure a vikonannya head; 3) additional functions, which require the implementation of basic; 4) Functions and functions 5) Functions. FVA to enter from the ambush principle of the ability to consolidate the number of functions, to relieve virobes, to reduce the need for energy, material and energy, and so on. Enter the functions of the recognition of the virobi, the appearance of virobi, the appearance of the same functions, the traditional traditions of the virobu for the reasons.

FVA conduct groups special services. Up to this group include economy, design technologists. FVA is held in the small town: information, preparation, analysis, creative, up-to-date and complete. To save money we have two steps, in the middle we need to analyze: if analysis is performed, we will look at the latest technical and economic designation and virology cases. Golovne zavdannya groups - a manifestation of the best possible relationship between the living party and the vitrates for the first visit. It is necessary to imagine that the living wartiness of the object was growing, and the vitrati flew over to him.

Economic analysis of state gifts after an hour until the processes and appearances are given to the front, operational, last and strategic.

Forward analysis of vivchaив maybutni processes and appearances. Winnings shall be carried out for the evaluation of projects, the establishment of business plans, the identification of optimal rozmiriv virobnostva, the rational selection of resource resources, the effectiveness of the efficiency of the process, and the fact that we have a good time for them. Winnings for forecasting, prospective and accurate plans, vibration and planning options and management decisions: to carry out the cob of some gospodarsky operations. To the head of the arrears of the forward analysis є vivchenny tendencies, assessment of variant and poshuki naylіpshogo them, viyavlennya short-term, losses, unproductive vitrati and such. On the basis of analysis, economic strategy of management, perspective and planned forecasts; to be secure with material, labor and financial resources in front of a cob of virobnostva, to be practiced to save the most possible shortcomings, come in, there are reasons for that factor, which can be negatively impacted on your results, increase your productivity.

The main function of the anterior analysis is to study the effectiveness of virology, its intensity and competitiveness.

Operational analysis is carried out without interruption in the course of state support and at once upon receipt of the payment method with operational expense on technical and economic indicators of industrial and industrial construction. I can help you inevitably in the process of developing negative factors and making it possible for you to earn money, to assess the opportunity to fill in the money and to save money for the benefit of you. In addition, it seems that you need to analyze and promptly manage the management of the decision, coordinate the situation, assess the situation in the future, show the short-term resources and the availability of the latest trends.

In the process of analysis, it is necessary to show that there are not all factors that need to integrate the products into the list of assets, but more than the main ones, from the date of delivery, that’s more important, Vibration pidkhid is caused by such minds: the impossibility of an operational analysis of all the factors and often the great accumulation of one factor (unavailability for marriage, marriage, electricity). Take a moment to take this situation into account to empower the shvidke to consolidate the negative factors and to develop good minds to secure positive ones.

Dzherelami information for operational analysis є the most important first data, in order to economically correctly verify the reference site at the dilnitsy, in the shop, at the business.

Operational analysis is characterized by the following features: 1) terminology, which is closer to the lines of the analysis performed before the hour of the highest number of financial operations, which will help to speed up the increase and decrease the number of times; 2) diyovistyu, fragments of schodenne (schogodinne) performed analysis of the spur є non-inappropriately consolidated short-lived and vikoristanny viyavlenleniy reserves; 3) dostovіrnіstyu, oskіlki vіdomoyu є the value vidkhilennya actual indicators of the planned planned normative for the skin day robots; 4) masovіstyu, tobto wide heal of non-intermediate wickerwork process; 5) value, such an analysis, wait for my specific meta and order and okremі, find out the performance indicators of the robot.

A more accurate analysis of the operational type of operations, here there is a clear voice, regional and informal information. Operational information is not victorious, often it is not necessary, and at the level of information it is not possible to inform.

The final analysis is carried out on completion of the singing cycle of the dance and the performance of the music. Yogo zavdannya - as a whole, the whole economy of the economy of the economy, the evaluation of the results of the years, the change of laws and the tendency to develop state thanks, and the recognition of the need for further refunds.

All the analysis is based on all forms of oblast, plan and soundness. Vіn prodovzhuє analitichny processes, distribute forward and operational analyzes. Overpricing the form of analysis in front of those who have the best knowledge is that I can help the systemic user to evaluate the robots of all the economy gates and the integrated technology, organization, and management.

On the basis of the operational (in-line) analysis, which is mainly based on consumer goods, the final analysis is carried out on all the economy of the economy.

Reserves, manifested by operative analysis, can be detected inappropriately, and if they are manifested by final analysis, they can be damaged more than offensive fate.

Strategic analysis is stagnant for the sake of the main pre-tendency trends. Yogo meto є prediction of direct development of distant areas, galleys and economies as a whole. Vin zabezpechuє vibіr the most promising promising solution.

Yak bachimo, see straightforwardly analize to upgrade one of one.

Behind the month, an economic analysis is submitted to the internal and the middle; galusevi and mizhzhaluzeviy.

Intrashnogospodarsky analysis of vivcha indicators of dyalnost pіdpriyamstva that ogo structural pidrozdіlіv. We should take the fate of the performed service of the service. Win can be functional, wartime, forward, operational and final. In addition to the methodology of the world, it is the same as the methods of analysis. Intrashnogospodarsky analysis comprehensively completed business, workshop, business, team, business. Rivine details and that glibina are up to the bottom, enter the control line, strings for the last reason. The results of the analysis are giving you the opportunity to correctly vibrate the plan, to give the correct assessment of the effectiveness of the adopted solution and all the necessary information, which should be analyzed.

The Mizhzhospodarsky analysis of vivchaники indicators of the robot of the business were divided with the indicators of the business. There are winnings for the demonstration of the varieties of robots of the latest virobnosts, an increase in advanced accessibility, the manifestation of the mobile mobility of the clay reserves, and the possibility of evaluating the duality.

For the oath of fulfillment and peace, we will receive a new economic analysis that is more complex and thematic (part-time, express-analysis).

Povniy (complex) analysis of the whole side of the work, partly - the right amount is relevant for the given situation (labor discipline, work shop, safe work).

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