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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

2.5. The subject of economic analysis

Economic analysis is a complex complex of functions of robotic technologies, of the best possible forms for the efficient evaluation of the results of further opportunities for the future.

Vivchayuchi dyalnist virobnicho ї brigadi abo okremikh vikonavtsіv, you must take water hours to respect the indicators of the workshop and the crew in a new given brigade; those themselves are bored with the workshop and business; partnerships and joint-stock partnerships are skinny.

With the development of the economy of our country before the economy, we must address the new, complicated problems of economic analysis and theory.

New information about the need for economic analysis will require the provision of adequate methodologies and concerns for the further development of the process, so that further development of the theory of further analysis is required. The price is also justified by the instructions for preparation of special preparations with the blessing of blessing.

I have a great deal of preparation and training, as well as at a faster and better time, as well as a constant need for more information. A great deal of knowledge of the theoretical foundations є with an important and thoughtful mind for the active participation of specialists with the need for economical education in a high level of rational and organic work, as well as the need for

An economical analysis of a subject, which is specific to the development of self-science, concretized and visualized. Naysuchasnіshim і, in our thought, to find the next sign є also.

The subject of economic analysis є dyalnіst pіdpriєmstv i ikh іx pidrozdіlіv, as well as the last state gifts, is straightened out to reach the maximum results for the minimum vitrates.

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Activities include warehousing: distribution and sales of products, maintenance, labor and financial resources, nature of work and financial resources.

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