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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

1.5. Administrative region and economic analysis

The Law of Ukraine “On accounting and financial management in Ukraine” has the following meaning: Internal and regional management” is a system for processing and preparation of information on industrial processes for internal business management.

At zv'yazku zim slіd peredovsіm z'yasuvati the very essence of the governing region. Reach at the time, often in special literature to stay in negative position before the entire region. At the thought of the dear fakhivtsiv, filed for the financial and management region to lead to the end of the Unified system of the accounting region.

Ale tse not vіdpovіdaє dіysnostі. The administrative region is in the part of the regional region of the virology department and the cost of the products, which are violated, are overlooked by the warehouse of a single accounting region and are kept in the united region. Vіdmіnnіst upravlіnskogo oblіku polyagaє in fact, scho, krіm oblіku vitrat i kalkulyuvannya sobіvartostі produktsії, spetsіalny oblіkovy aparata vikonuє OAO All operatsії, pov'yazanі of upravlіnnyam sobіvartіstyu produktsії on pіdpriєmstvі: uzagalnennya materіalnih, labor i fіnansovih normativіv vitrat in viglyadі normativnoї kalkulyatsії sobіvartostі virobіv, vnutrіshnozavodske plan for the production of products in the centers of vitality and entertainment for the whole, analysis of the products for the environment and articles kulyatsії, pіdgotovka proektіv upravlіnskih rіshen. The term “managerial region” is not representative of the nature of accounting, of which there are functions, and that you are obliged to save in the literature for tradition. In the history of literature, it was mechanically transferred from foreign countries.

Please be sure to pay attention to the complex functions of the managerial region, to be more precise to manage your own products, to require a more competent accountant, and to have access to it often Authors of an American fellow from a governor's office can find a way to get help with these words: “Nowadays there are companies (such as General Motors, Pepsi Co) at the bank accountants. Dosvіd regional robots vіdіgrav key role in іхній кар'єрі, more so people zavdyaki oblіku, who will save all the services of food, boulevardly due to operational plans and control ".

Otzhe, an economic analysis in the administrative region of the loan suttve mіssets. I’m using an analytic robot, I’m responsible for the production of products, and for the service of the regional administration.

Three main principles of economical analysis of virologic vitrates .

The first one is straightforward to hesitate to analyze the interruption of the indications of "vitrati — an oath — an aide." The basis of such an analysis is that I filed all virological vitrines for regular and permanent fall-out of “behaviors” for a limited liability for the realization of any kind of virology. Zmіnnі vitrati zbіlshuyutsya but change directly proportional to the amount of oversight oversight, the sum of the old vitrati for such a serpent is indemnified. I ask you повед “behavior” vitrate per unit of production: winter vitrate per unit of product є non-invariable for the unit; Knowing this pattern (the singing world of smartest) laws is able to analyze an interchange of indicators of “vitrati — an oath — a margin” (an analysis of a point without a bit).

The sounds of vitrata and the side with an oath of virobism can be represented graphically (Fig. 1.3).

The graph depicts znіnnі, postіnі that zagalі vitrati, dokhіd vіd realizatsіі, a little that marginal dokhid. The point to cross the line of income from the line of the foreign vitals is the point of no zbitkovosti (critical oath to realize the reality) - for the change of oath lower for critical criticism of the matrimony of zbitki, for the increase of oversight.

Grafik vzakmozvv'yazku indications in "vitrati-oath-surrogate"

Fig. 1.3. Grafik vzakozmozv'yazku indicators in "vitrati-oath-surrogate"

The system of income has been fragmented, so that it is possible for the skin option to have a free point, to pay back the indications of a “profit — an oath”, an oath of marginal income, which is a sum of the old vitra and the profit. There was also a razrakhunok of sensitivity to a ride to winter vitrines, the price and the oath of realization. Of particular importance is the naming of the titles of differential analysis, a kind of transmission of vіvchencheniya tіlki quiet indications, scho іnіnuyutsya іnvіlіdok іn control іn rіshennya.

The increased number of rozrakhunka is able to cope with the alternative alternatives of direct sales, operating and economical projects of management.

Another straightforward analysis of vitrats is fixed for the preparation of options for operational solutions, as well as the management of solutions to the problems. The basis of this price is the calculation of the marginal income as the minimum income and the full value of the wiring for the same amount. There are different situations that can be traded in most cases.

One of these poles is that in the case of recognized docility they have taken a replacement for the pre-emptive release of the viroba for the lowered price for the manifestation of virological needs. The problem of Winikaє Todi, to Oli the Deputy Prophetє Tsіnu, Nizhchu for obv sobvartіst virobu. At first glance, I see that this kind of proposition is required - confusion є formally zbitkim, ale marginal analysis can be changed: it’s almost all over again that I’ve gotten a little bit of the last vitality, which’s all right.

Another operational situation is the appearance of zbitkovyh for company products. Zrozumіlo, scho nayprostіshoy will be the proposition of liquidity of the zbitkovі virobnitstva. Ale yakshcho marginal analysis is also shown, what are the cues of these virobnitsv lower for the sum of the latest vitrums, if you fall on them, the decision about the likelihood of the need to accept the good vivchity, moreover, summarize.

The operational situation, which requires respectful analysis, also proposes to replace the details of the higher education institution, and the integration of such devices for this work. A marginal analysis can be brought about by replacing the viola with the right company for the reason of losing the share for the window of the old vitrates.

In practice, often the cynic needs of the visually imposed resources of the past for the manifestation of obmezhen. The singing vipadas buvaє have the cinnamon shape of the model of linear programming.

Prior to the category of operational situations, to lay down and develop the problems of price resolution. In addition to standard situations, if you are an owner of a product, you’re in a situation, if you need to set a price for a Maybut viro. For these minds, the cinnamon є system of complete calculation, the basis of which is the possibility of the price of a new virobu, is planned by the fakhivtsi, the planned meeting is possible. Porvnyannya both indicators are shown in addition to the launch of a new virob.

From now on, there is a direct operational analysis of the skin-specific situation that will be needed for the analysis of the creative approach, which cannot be based on standard methods for analyzing the quality of business.

The third straightforward management of economic analysis is due to the adoption of pre-settlement decisions, so that investment decisions are required, as well as the need for estimates of additional contributions. Zrozumіlo, now the investor is able to get enough money for depositing money and minimizing the risk of losing money.

To take effective decisions, it is important that you evaluate the investment projects. For the sake of zososovuytes method razrahunku clean brought efekte, razrahunka іnd index abo norms of profitability of investment, the most significant line of profitability of investment, rozrahunku of some efficiency of investment.

For the feasibility of alternative projects, to analyze the dynamics of groshy streams, to design with new groshy streams, to combine investment projects, to design free trials. We are important є health analysis and investment projects for the minds of the economy and that. Much more information will be needed for a project to solve a problem in an ambush. Optimization of investment and investment for projects.

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  • What is yake miscellaneous loan analysis at economical evidence and suspension processes?
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  • Give the term term "system analysis" and name one of the four main stages.
  • What factors do you take into account the process of management?
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