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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

Rozdil 2. Subject i see an economic analysis

2.1. The role of economic analysis for the marketplace

The course of economic analysis of the loan in the system of economic education. It is meaningful to the importance of economic analysis in the management of activities for the form of subparagraphs of economic activity and the nature of knowledge, which makes it possible to become socially important. These instructions will be explained to those who are given the primary discipline for students to study at all faculties and all specialties of economical universities. The economist of any profile is guilty of sufficient volatility with the skills of an analytical robot.

The economic analysis of the discipline was formed on the basis of the accounting course of the accounting department: the first analysis was performed using the names “Analysis balance”, “Analysis analysis”, N. Account. The main source of information for analysis є to complete is a folding system of regional and external indicators of robots.

On the other side of the accounting area and statistics, such as history, economic analysis, and science have recently been formed. At the pre-revolutionary Russian economy, robots of self-reliance have not been self-consciously eliminated: only the elements of silicon have become victorious.

Economic analysis є specific methodological discipline. Start on the materials of the most economical disciplines and have a significant number of students who know how to do it, know how to help them, to help them to understand the situation

Economic analysis є warehouse part-time economic robots for production. Win, the final stage of the complex, comprehensively complete all the elements of robots.

Economic analysis, I can help you correctly evaluate the work of the company and its customers, the reasons for the lack of reserves and the obvious reserves, the ability to significantly improve the efficiency of the work,

An important economical analysis is the need for market reforms, if on the first plan we need to follow the economic methods of management: you should not be less hibi, and you need more money to further economize.

For these reasons, analysis is important for the efficient evaluation of economic results of employees, the identification of labor costs, the number of expenses, and the total cost of the work I will be pleased to disaggregate the system of material and legal requirements for payment for payments to the fund for the payment of public and private dzherel.

The crisis of Ukraine’s economy will require active analytic robots, and more economical analysis will help me to reduce the severity of deposits and other resources, wages, forms of moisture. Economical analysis of sparingє saving, losing sight of all kinds of problems, likingless statelessness, unproductive vitrates and expenses.

Rinkovny vidnosini to demand the on-line analysis of a rinkovy situations in the future, so as to familiarize with a principle of a rinkovyh mechanisms. Such an analysis in more and more countries has shown that the law of government is low and that I can help to plan the goods more than once, I know that the goods will be delivered to the consumer’s market. The result was a reorientation of virology, and next to it I will respect. It seemed like becoming a so-called market for buying is more practical than conceptual marketing.

I’m economizing, I’m self-confident, I will increase my vitality extensively, amused by the noise, mobility and stimulus, knowledge and technical progress of the mother for the main criterion of product quality. It’s not so easy to go on a meal. For the direction of this deformation, the necessary economical analysis is in control.

For the minds of privatization and market intelligence that are inevitable є switching over to increase the number of viral obligations to that which is justifiably necessary, high and low. I need a winnings and analysis and information about the market and consume the market, without which there will be an added sense of marketing to the concept of marketing. Obviously, the need for over-the-clock robots and services and the creation of new ones for secure information and methods of analysis, the development of specialized and specialized banking, and marketing.

Analitical rozrahunki treba buduvati with urakhuvannyam actual camp suspension and economy. For example, at a time for Ukraine relevant є dosvіd visokorozvvinutih krask. However, an active analysis was guilty of brothers to respectfully change their minds, who have secured success in the country: a specific material and technical base, formed the basis of private power and legal zahist.

In the world, the formation of market links is widespread, the temperament of admission is accelerating. Tom needs to pass an hour past the analysis and the victories of his visnova.

More information on the organization of higher economic analysis in the management of the most comprehensive system in our country, which is directly connected to the public from all over the world.