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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

2.2. Іstorіya і look forward to the development of economical analysis

Economical analysis as a science has formed on the cob of the twentieth century.

Rozvitok kapіtalіzmu in Rosіyskіy іmperії, utvorennya great Promyslova of companies, shirokoї i sistemi bankіv Credit SET, kooperativnoї sistemi gospodaryuvannya poklikat to Zhittya qiu samostіynu Galuzo knowledge zavdannyam yakoї guilty Bulo Why vivchennya dіyalnostі Gospodarstwa, viyavlennya rezervіv virobnitstva, obґruntuvannya upravlіnskih rіshen.

The formation of economical analysis has a great role to enforce for Ukrainian students, especially M. І. Tugan-Baranovsky.

Istorium development of economic analysis can be intelligently done on such period:

  1. before the revolution of 1917;
  2. pіslyarevolyutsіyniy perіod;
  3. period to the transition to market vidnosin.

Prior to the revolutionary analysis of the state subsidiary private-ownership and monopoly monies, having reckoned over in the analysis of the balance sheet, in evaluating the assets and liabilities of the articles. Ale balances do not wait for the right picture of the mill. Significant co-operative form of development of the zoom zooming out the necessary analysis of robots, based on the co-operative moisture. The main respect in the process of analysis was drawn on the financial results of the state diplomacy.

Ala special literature, a single scheme of organizing economic analysis did not exist. Boulevards of short commercial banks with a chance to convert credit and loan facilities.

Since 1917, the parties have become rallied in politics, economy, management structures, in the organization and control. Last, most recently, the development of a social economy, developing an economical analysis, and the need for a command-administrative system.

More important than 20 years of age, there were cooperative organizations — living and credit partnerships. Dosvіd robots ikh organization izagalnyuvavsya and analizuvavsya. I haven’t been able to actively analyze the development of financial cooperation and the organization of cooperative arrangements.

The course on industrialization of the territory of the country having signaled the need for intensive analysis of economic analysis.

The impudent zavadannyam became the lowering of their own promissory notes and promises, before the triumph of the gospodar state rozrakhunka, the regime of economy, financial and credit discipline.

Analysis at the time period formed as a self-discipline in the program of other economical primary mortgages.

In front of a rocky economic analysis nabuv to finish wide development. Win in having dealt with a positive impact on the economy of the country.

A special historical period is the fates of the Great Patriotic War. Relocation of industrial enterprises in the region of the territory of the country, direct distribution of the security requirements to the security of the front was a folding and important one.

The most feasible contribution to the zagalu right was probed by the chief servicemen of the economic service, and the most advanced of them, who have received uninterrupted communication with the oblast, control and analysis of the robot business.

Over the minds of the military hour, an economical analysis of the most important importance was gained by the fact that the fragments were sprinkled with the simplest version of the high-quality products with the lowest vitrates.

The rocky vіyni bulo is seen in low praxis in the region and analysis of the economic situation.

Transition to a peaceful buddyvnitsva pіslya zakіnchencheniya vіyni becoming a new stage in the development of economic analysis.

Necessarily bulky to estimate the colossal material of teeth, due to the national statehood of God. It was inappropriate to write off the majesty of the main concerns of the commodity and material values, the fact that they were purchased and recaptured by the payers for the last hour. On the first floor, there is a nutrition analysis and virology program that will help you to find the best way to do business. Yak dzherela analysis will not be given to the balance sheet, but to the accounting and statistical performance, as well as to the regional and planning plan.

Nabuva is of special significance for analyzing the drama of the goluzeys of the people’s statehood, the robot of the state insurance company and the technology for testing, the methods of analyzing the stars are scattered.

Widely published monographs, handcuffs, published articles, journal articles, devoted to economic analysis.

The development of the methodology and methodology of economic analysis in Ukraine for a period of time with the refueling of the last orders of the centralized department of the Radyansky Union. I’m sure to understand that situation, which was glad for my readers to do the theory of economical analysis and the methodology for analyzing the economy gadgets for the introduction of economic analysis, the independent course of economic analysis. A short course of historical development of economical analysis of rose in the hand of the theory of economic analysis of M. І. Bakanova and A. D. Sheremet , I have been introduced, except for the help of the methodology of analysis in the trading of complex economic analysis. In handwriting, authorize to open a copy of the latest scientific and economic information from the economic analysis, especially N.R. Weizman, M.D. Dembinsky, L. І. Kravchenko, J. І. Poklad, S.K. Tatura .

The Ukrainian school was meant to be at the market for economic analysis. Especially the opportunity to pay for operational economic analysis and theoretical economic analysis. І. Karakoza I. V. I. Samborsky ; from economic analysis in the state thanks to Yu. Y. Litvin ; h the methodology of economic analysis in industry and vocabulary of the EOM in economic analysis of G. M. Melnichuk ; of the methods of internal economic analysis and the further expansion of economic analysis in the USA M. G. Chumachenko .

Ozhe, the bulo was tested by a great robot for the development of a theory of economic analysis and a more thorough methodology. In fact, the bulo pid was prepared for the offensive stage - an economical analysis during the transition to the marketplace.

Rinkova economics of their laws and categories. Use new methods, and in the baggage problems, new methodology, new methods of economic analysis.

Dokorinnі zmіini, schow vidbuvayutsya in our slustilstvі, put new vimogi the same way to the organization and the conduct of an economic analysis. With extensive support, privatization and establishment of the state self-government of all organizational structures, there is a wider scope of zososuvannya. Sokrem, specifically and more likely to get involved, consume the market, drink and offer, marketing. Becomes stronger to the analysis of financial positions, income, credit and competitiveness and competitiveness. Become familiar with the priority export and import, investment policies, the effectiveness of internal and external sounds at the virology, post-production, and tourism sites.

The whisker, which has been broken up earlier, is the fundamental foundation for a practical, economical analysis for new minds.

Ale Perebudova gospodarskogo mehanizmu, organizing yoga on the marketplace to demand a look at the traditional priyomіv uplіdzhennya and zavoshennoy bagatokh new economic categories. The more important is the small shopping list, which means the maximum value of economic importance for the effectiveness of virology. Proteins are more broadly є incapable without a hygienic analysis of dіalnostі pіdprіmіstv і іhnіkh pіdrozdіlіv. To clarify, there is a need for more economic analysis of the wider range of advanced technologies, progressive forms of management, advanced technologies, and protection of the laws and regulations.

We are important for the pride of economic analysis for the most recent minds є up to date commercial commerce. In the economic structures of the developed capitalist powers, there are special special science-based studies that can be used to scrutinize the technique of such an analysis.

Rinkova economy is characterized by a dynamic situation. All the best and the best, the first middleware. For these minds, the first and foremost role is played by the situation situation analysis, analysis on computer technology processing of operational information technologies. Vin umozlivlyuє operatively cheruvannya marketing dіyalnisty pіdpriєmstv.

The doorway to complex automated systems of business information technology - the task of completing a folding, ale, as shown by the international practice, is a whole health.

Before economical analysis, as for science, the development of economics posed a lot of problems for ordinary minds. In front of us, we need to establish a single system of economic analysis, so that we can integrate analysis in all areas. Zim mábuti is associated with a system of different-line forecasts, which was based on laws, trends and reserves, and manifested analysis.

I need to adjust the system for evaluating the effectiveness indicators of state donations and for the development of the economy. In addition, there is a need for more efficient economic analysis, more convenient organizational forms of analytical work and information flow.

Varto also made it possible to find more information on how to organize the analysis of the market. More often than not, the prospect of developing an economic analysis will completely turn around to a quiet methodical and organizational ambush, with tens of rock formed in the United States.

Virishennya urgent problems analysis will require widespread recognition of economical and mathematical methods, electronic computing technology and personal computers. In order to give the shortcut the speed of the informational streams, the lower the number of pardons for an hour, I will give the tribute.

Even more important is the fragmentation of bagatovarities of different tasks and the same methodology for them of that option, which will be optimal for setting parameters.