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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Evaluation of the stock market share is appreciated for their nominal, official or market value.

There is a base for establishing a fixed price, a market price, and also for distributing a dividend.

The offer is sold by the owner for the actual price, and on the secondary market of the valuable shares (the current sale is the investor) won the market price of Tsr. For market value of shares are sold at the stock exchange and the over-the-counter market. There is a desire to meet those present and propositions.

Indicators of estimates

1. Nominality of share (Vn)

de SK - oath of statutory capital; K - number of outstanding shares. 2. Margin (spread) (M)

de Tspop, Tsprop - the price is more than one offer for share.

3. Rinkova price of shares in the lottery for 100 pennies, tobto course of shares

de Tsr, Tsn - the price of the share of the rinkova is nominal.

4. Birzhovyi index of mid-market value

de Tsrі - rinkova price of aktsіі i-naymenuvannya; p - kіlkіst naymenuvan aktsіy, as they entered the group for the razrakhunka bіrzhovogo index. 5. Group index of mid-market value

de (Tsr - Tsn) - vіdkhilennya rinkovo ​​і prіnі vіd nomіnalnoї for aktsіі і-naymenuvannya; Кі - кількість sold shares of the i-naimenuvannya.

6. середндекс серед серед серед серед серед ц ц ц ц ц ц

de Tsr ,, Tsro - the middle price for a group of papers at the period of the continuous flow and the front.

7. Іandex біржової ціни


Two factors are at the core of business recognition:

• the gain of a dividend (parts of a pink-backed AB battery);

• the possibility of realizing a share in the stock exchange at a price, but I will redeem the price of dowry.

Selling shares for a new price, the вла ник ник ник от от от ри ри ри од од приб приб приб ут ут ут.

Dividend is the part of a rozpodіlyuvany to a profit of a joint-stock bank, one of a share for one share. Win є with the honor of the investor for the risik, I would like to say something to you, if you don’t make a contribution to the price of the porch.

Dividend is set for penny units and interest rate.

Indicators of income and profitability

1. Interest rate (dividend rate as a percentage of the percentage rate)

de Dd — dividend dokhid; Tsn - nominalnaya aktsії.

2. Current income rate

de Dd - dividend dohid; Tspr - the price of dowry. 3. Dokhid buytsya (sellers) aktsії

de DDvpok, D ™ ok - dokhid purchases, rozrahovaniya vidpovidno for the formula of sound and exact percent; Dd - Rіchny rozmіr divіdendu; ґ - кількість днів від дати sale before the first day of payment of dividends.

4. Absolute rozmir pre-income income (zbitku)

de Tspr - the price of prikadnya aktsії (emіsіyna chi rinkova).

5. Dodatkova income, but the interest rate on pre-tax income (percentage of the amount of pre-income income),

6. Sukupny (Kintsevsky) dohid

D = D + D.

7. Sukupna (Kintseva) income (rate of gross income)

The main source of payment of dividends is a net gain on a joint-stock bank, only a profit, which would be left in a disbursed bank after paying back the payments that have been made to the budget.

We are important to the dzherelnosti aktsії од pre-datikovy dokhid, which can be assimilated as a result of an increased exchange rate of action. Dodatkovy dokhid (zbitok) is indicated in absolute units and percentages. Yogo absolute rozmіr viznachaetsya yak rіznitsya mizh between exchange rate and the price of pribannaya aktsії.

Dodatkova income (the interest rate of pre-tax income) is recognized as the amount of pre-paid income to the price of accrual.

Rosmere dividend and additional income in the amount of becoming more senior (Kintsev) income.

Sukupna (Kintseva) income share (rate of gross income) - the presentation of gross income before the price of income. The rate of gross income can be increased and I can sum the rates of current and additional income.

Viznazhennya dokhidnosti akcii tisno pov'yazane z rozrakhunom exchange rate, the fragments at the time of daddybnaya akcii rinkova price umumovlyu otchochu, dodatkova and kintsevuyu dokhidnіst, as well as the excitement to the rozmir dodatkovogo income.

At the moment of the hour, the exchange rate is directly proportional to the dividend rate and the proportional rate is wrapped up to the bank interest rate. The investor’s dividend is guilty of such an amount, because I wouldn’t have changed the interest of the bank for investing pennies in the bank for a dubious share for the exchange rate.