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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Aktsiya - a kind of valuable paper, which can be launched AT. Vaughn to talk about the introduction of singing concerns in the mine AT and the right of ownership of the hairline to a portion of the statutory capital. Akcija daє її valsnika the right to gain a part of the benefit (dividend) of the business of AT і, as a rule, to participate in managing it. Aktsії do not have the meaning of the term term obobu, because є line-free. The action is inadequate, and you can only get a few people on a rights basis.

Usі vіdomostі about promotions, which are allowed to be introduced, entered at the prospectus, which are subject to registration by the state authorities, as amended by the legislation on prices for paper. Aktsії, not registered with the established order, get involved in less.

Aktsії, pribbanі shareholders, є rozmіschenimi. Aktsії, especially Dodatkovo, are called naked. Number and number of people who are quiet, and also order and understanding of their presence are recognized as the status of suspension.

Acts, partnership relations, classification, succession, on sound and privileges.

Zvichaynі aktsії grant the right to vote on the zagrannyh zbory Aktsionerіv (one action - one vote). Vlasniks of sound promotions take a share from the distributor at the door of AT Tilki Pislya reserve reserves and pay dividends on preferred shares. There is no guarantee that the payment of dividends for sound promotions is not guaranteed, so as to lay down the offer for commercial activities and the amount of money taken away.

In case of liquidation of the partnership, the share is granted to the shareholder the right to a part of the AT mine is paid by creditors and owners of private shares.

Preferred promotions to buy types, stinks to give you the ability to maintain a fixed dividend.

In addition, there is cumulative preference share. All the same, due to any non-payment of chi not a whole payment of dividends, transfers from the statute, accumulate and pay in vain. Such actions are convertible with sound cards with preferred types. I also have the right to redeem the shares, to pay off (vidklikayutsya), to redeem the shares with the fund redeemed, to vote and so, not to vote thinly. Kіlkіst i nomnalna vartіst emіtovanyh aktsіy dermal zkh zhі typіv, yak rozmіshchenikh, so і nakoloshenih, vnazhenetsya statute AT.

Privileged shares do not give voting rights in the general election ballots (not previously stipulated by the Law on AT chi partnership status for a particular type of privileged shares). Proteus, the owners of the shares have the opportunity to move ahead of the owners of the shares during the sale of a lane and a mine at the end of the partnership. It’s stinky to make a flicker of dividends; Rozrahunka with hairs of prelate shares to fall into the feathers of the cherga, to rosrachunks with hairs of sounding shares. It is typical that the law on AT is applicable to the founders of the partnership to expand the rights of shareholders - owners of shares, which is for those who have higher rights and more than once.

Vlasniks of dear types of privileges (primaries, cumulative ones) won the right to take a fate at the zagraniums of election camps with a right to vote. However, the right to do so is of an hour-long nature, so as to remember at the time of the weekend by the fellowship of your own goiters and vyplati dividend. The procedure for this is disclosed to the attorneys of the type designated for privileged shares that have the right to vote for an hour of negotiation with zagrebnyh zbory shares of law and order AT. If you want to reorganize and reorganize partnerships, then if they are violated on the zagrannyh election fees, take a share with the right to vote with ushers of privileged shares. When I take into account the fact that there are more prominent shares, I will naturally go out with a small nominal for getting other contributors, moreover, with the most important nutrition, the AT and the main ones will be greatly appreciated.

Aktsії may be but with the name of the predecessor. It is up to the statutory legislation of the limited liability partnership to grant the right to vipuskati іlnі іmennіy otstsії. Vlasnik of such actions are being restructured in a special registry.

The emphasis on the predecessor means the largest purchase and sale of the third-party sales without any restraint. Independently forgiveness, the process of wrapping up such actions, the stinks did not gain widespread knowledge of the difficulties in managing the AT at the time of vikoristan. The hiring of an uncontrolled process to a share of equity capital when there is a lack of available land purchase and sale of shares on a pre-advertiser may cause a negative negation.

Razrіznyayut kіlka vidі vartostі actions: nominalnu, emіsіynu і rinkovu.

Nominal variability of promotions to apply for an offer form and become a whore to distribute a sum of statutory capital of an AT for a limited amount of interest, but I must be issued.

According to the nominee bartosti, the fellow-settlers shall pay for the shares of the partnership when they are drowsy. Nominal wartings are the basis for the licensing of the business and wartosts, as well as the number of dividends. According to the nominated wartosts of the shares, the share of the shareholder is recognized for the payment of money for the ATL connection.

The price, on the basis of the sale to the investor, to the visitor of the bank account. Emіsіyna vartіst Mauger zbіgatisya chi vіdhilyatisya od nomіnalnoї vartostі to the chi Inshyj bіk.

The price, for such a share is realized on the stock exchange and on the free market, the signatory of the market share. Rinkova’s willingness to lay down the right way to offer and offer, which, my hometown, to think about is a matter of factors: overwhelming advertisements, bargaining, and before that, we’ve got a bigger bank’s bargain. At the same time, we want to see what’s the dividend, we’ll have more rinkov’s wartime, and how much we’re more than rinky bank’s wardotka, we’re less than rinkov’s wartime.

In order for you to familiarize yourself with the course of promotion, it is necessary to share the wisdom of the campaign for 100 pennies of the nominal rate.

You can judge about the ideal rate by the presentation of the market price of shares up to the sum of a profit, which is just one share. Call this value koofіtsієntom "course / side." Підвищення Chi padіnnya tsogogo koifitsієnta on the stock market to talk about more expensive ч ч пад пад пад пад падсл на на в на на в в в в в оном оном оном оном оном,,,,, актив актив, актив диск актив актив актив банк банк банк банк банк.

Certificate of Accreditation - a whole papier, who want to know about Volodinnya with a specific special designation of accentuation. Aktsії, as a rule, don’t get lost in the hands of Aktsioner. Deputy Akcij Volsniki hold one chilka certificate certification - document, scho ptdverdzhuyut ikhnu right of power. One certificate appears to be cost-free on a regular basis for paid shares, which should be attributed to the shareholder at the time the AT is established. Insurance certificates can be seen by the shareholder for the first time for a fee, enriched by the joy of the director.

The transfer of ownership rights to shares upon transfer of the certificate is required to be completed, as a rule, the restoration of the established order is in place. Certificate of Actual Requirements: document title, document and partnership partnership, category, certificate, certificate of law, legal license, certificate of liability power on the basis of a certified certificate, іх the rest of the nominee’s membership, the name of the person (s) and the number of employees (the amount of the living) the shareholder, the rate of the dividends, the payment of the dividends, the amount of the dividends If there is one absence of reinsurance requisites of certification, then there are not many.

Dividend - income on shares, swiping for a part of a net part of a clean AT car, which is less than one shareholder, at a share for one share. Dividend can be used in the total amount of the total price for the viewer. The coefficient, whose interest rate is the dividend, shall be designated as the introduction of dividend income from the deductible income to the nominal rate of the share. The interest rate of the dividend of the visitor of the share of shares. Dividends can be but not paid for in the form of money, but paid for with the highest commodity and material values ​​in the cases transferred by the statute of partnership.

Dividends on promissory notes may be paid out one time before the signing of the statute and the statute of AT for the quarter, once every month once and twice. Dzherelom viplati divіdendіv ий net profit for stream rіk. Promotional dividends are paid for the decision for the sake of the directors of the partnership, and the prize and the form of the payment of the highest dividends are recognized for the decision of the zagalnyh zborіv aktsionerіv. If you take the oath of public dividends, you can’t take less than the amount of paid dividends and more sums of dividends recommended by the Director.

The order of payment of dividends is to lie in the form of shares. Nasampered, divіnddi vplayayutsya for privileged shares. According to preferred shares of the type and type of dividends, you can pay for rahluny specially tidying up a net of funds.

Characteristically, the Law on AT transfers the right to grant absentee bills to take advantage of payments for non-payment of dividends for designated categories of promotions and more than that - for non-payment of dividends for higher ones. Also, you can fully enjoy the right to directly associate with the investor, to make sure that the partnership is completed.

Dividendi vplachayutsya for the types of privileged shares in order to change the rights for these shares. On the other hand, I’m grieving for dividends for privileged shares without a statutory dividend.

After the payment of dividends paid by the partnership for all types of benefits, the dividends are paid for the sound shares. You may not be able to cry out for the great deals of financial assistance at the time of financial difficulties, while having enough short money, and also, as a rule, you have to pay for the transfer of state gifts. The sum of the dividends for the rivals is actual, to indulge in obscure zambers of shares for the proposition for the sake of directors. For shares, they won’t be let out for obeig chi to take revenge on the balance of AT, and dividends are not paid. Dividendi don’t cry like that until the end of the weekend by a partnership of clever obyazykovy wikupu share in their shareholder.

The law on ATs has been transferred to the Civil Code, which means that the dividend payment can be paid for the payment of the statutory capital of the partnership and for the remuneration of the net assets of the ATV.

Dividends do not cry out, but there was a big deal of signs of the bankruptcy of a partnership whose signs could be manifested as a result of paying dividends.

Cream AT can be vipuskati oblіgatsії. Obligacy posika - the form of the on-site regional partnership on the basis of a prior, negotiated legal minds.

With a whip to the launch of the regional poses AT zaluchaє into circulation, posikovy capital. The order i think vipusku obligatsіynyh posik vnaznachayutsya zagralnymi zbori aktsіonerіv. Vipusk of regional poses to fall for the sake of decisions for the sake of directors, as a rule is not transmitted by the AT Statute.

The partnership is entitled to vipuskati regional posiki without a guarantee and a guarantee. In the rest of the week, a rozmir mayna is considered, on the yak the representatives of the region’s may change the rights of the post-triumph chi goiter’s assignment of a guarantor (guarantor) of the region’s postures.

Obligatory poses without a guarantee and third guarantees can be delivered not earlier than in two different years of successful AT. Zagalna suma obligatsіyno posics not guilty of redefining the statutory capital of AT chi sum security reserved for the partnership of the third person.

Obligations - a valuable papier, representing a goiter bargain, a joint-stock partnership to repay the regional authority at the terms of the nomination, the membership, the nomination, and the membership. Obligations are issued upon payment of statutory capital. Vlasniks oblіgatsіy vіdmіnu vіd vlasnikіv aktsіy not є valsniki aktsіonernogo partnerships, but to get him creditors.

Proteus, the owners of the oblast region may sing songs before the shareholders. The payment of loans for the regions does not fail to fail less than once in the river irrelevantly to the benefit of the partnership and the financial camp of the partnership, until before the payment of dividends for shares. When the AT is closed, the representatives of the region may have more rights than the right of the shareholders to the partnership’s assets.

The partnership is the right to vipuskati regional_triok types: secured outpost Mayna; childcare, nadana by third persons; without security.

Obligations for bolshennyas vlasnik can be redeemed in advance, but not earlier than the term in redeemed, enriched by a gratification about the release of the region.

I will look at those that have a registered share of AT, who can transfer the opportunity to convert a list of regions, but for the decision of zagrannyh zboriv for song brains can be exchanged for share. However, it is possible to convert into shares, not be allowed to be partnered with a partnership, as a rule there is a small increase in the share price for the share, the right to receive the same type of property may be changed.

While I am important, the role of regional authority for increasing the cost of expanding public relations, wrapping the regional authority in the Ukrainian market for the price of money did not reach the heights.

Obligatsії may be but with the name of the predecessor. Vlasniks of the іmennyh regions є restructured by partnership with a special є registry. At zvyazku z tsim the hairman of the imeno oblast of goiters at once instantly build a partnership about the winter of vidomost, which is entered before the registry. Requisites of the oblast oblast є number of oblast registers, nominal wartime, interest rate rozmі і imіya valsnik. When the Іmenino region’s oblast’s rights are included, you’ll enjoy the song fee.

Obligations to the pre-apprentice are called coupons, so that the owner of such a region can hold the list, having presented the coupon, applications prior to the oblast. АТ, scho emіtє oblіgatsії on the predecessor, not aware of the regional authorities. Obligations to the pre-present may the offensive requisites: the name of the partnership of the issuer, the sum of the poses is ignored, think and order the payment is due. When you regl_gatsії to the pre-party rights of the hairline, you will enjoy the court order.

Certificate of Obligations - a whole papyr, scho zvіdchuє kіlkіst і type of belonging to the owner of the іlnih oblіgatsіy. Yakshcho certificate of compliance about the right to one of the oblast regions, the first can be oblast regions. In the sale of a registered region to a new owner, a new certificate will be seen with redeemed earlier than a previous certificate.

Sertifіkat oblіgatsії Got takі rekvіziti: naymenuvannya tsіnnogo Papero, naymenuvannya i mіstseznahodzhennya AT Date Key infrastructure i zagalna scrip oblіgatsіynoї poziki, serії oblіgatsії i pov'yazanі of CIM law vkazany termіn repayment oblіgatsіynoї poziki, nomіnal odnієї oblіgatsії, i Quantity Non oblіgatsії, volodіnnya yakimi Certificate, Name and Requirement, I want to give safe postures - when I release my post, I’m given third time, I have to pay attention to the order for delivery, order, povіdalnih osіb tovaristva, signet tovaristva.

Vidotsotki for regional shares are paid in an irrelevant order in equal time with dividends for shares. There are hundreds of hundred and fifty nominee wartosts regionally independent of all course wartosts. At the first time, the region’s first business is funded at the same time, they’ll be paid in proportion to the hour of the actual state wrapping (not previously transmitted to the minds). Water rates for regions є fixed and non-negligible changes are irrelevant fallow terms and conditions and extinguished postures.

I pay for the banknotes for the net worth of a clean AT (up to the dividends for shares), and if it is inconsistent - for the reserve fund. Viplatka vіdsotkіv failing seamlessly АТ, scho let out a pose, either as an agent bank, or as a financial intermediary for a vignette of vidovdnih tax. The payment of banknotes for the regions to fail, as a rule, without a ready-made hat for an auxiliary check, payment handicrafts, postal and telegraphic transfers.

With the minds of the wipers, the wikipedia poses of the credit card can be transferred from the money peasants, the valuables, the goods and the most important rights, I can save the penny. When payment is received on regional payments, the sign of the payment on payment by credit is cleared with the payment of the coupon (in regions on the pre-bribe). The payment doesn’t fail, as it is indicated in the regional and regional lists for the nominal rate.

Water flow for regions may be paid once at the quarter, pyvrchichya chi rik. Yakshcho AT vidmovlyaetsya vplatiti vidssotki at the terminology rulings, but it’s possible to get better and better in life and less. Mine of an unscheduled capacity can be used for free payment for regions.

Акціонерне товариство вправі розміщати не тільки акції й облігації, але й інші види цінних паперів. Цивільним кодексом, Законом про АТ й іншими нормативними правовими актами регулюються загальні права випуску, розміщення і обертання цінних паперів. До боргових цінних паперів, крім облігації, відносяться векселі, депозитні й ощадні сертифікати банків.

Вексель засвідчує безумовне грошове зобов'язання векселедавця сплатити векселеутримувачу визначену суму грошей у встановлений термін.

Ощадний сертифікат — це письмове свідоцтво кредитної установи про депонування на певний строк коштів вкладника, а саме фізичної особи, з безумовним зобов'язанням повернення внеску з установленим відсотком. Депозитний сертифікат також засвідчує аналогічне право вкладника, у ролі якого виступає юридична організація.

Цінним папером є чек, використовуваний як платіжний засіб. Чек — це письмове розпорядження чекодавця організації-платнику виплатити чекоутримувачу зазначену суму грошей.

До цінних паперів відноситься коносамент, що виражає право власності на конкретний товар у процесі морського перевезення. Коносамент видається після одержання товару перевізником вантажу відправником із зазначенням вантажоодержувача.

До похідних цінних паперів відносяться опціони, фьючерси й інші, обіг яких з розвитком фінансового ринку в Україні набуває усе більшого поширення, тому що сприяє залученню у фінансовий оборот додаткових капіталів.