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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


The main principle of evaluating the effectiveness of the return of income is that vitrate, which was protected. Obligatory economic efficiency of investment projects, a complex of indicators, a principle of visualization of a principle that is more important to the principle of higher efficiency and investment of a system.

To go to the order of the weekend, I’ll show the indications in a clever way:

R - the oath of penniless security and economic protection; investment and investment;

B, - an oath of investment, which is necessary for introducing an object into operation (Vitrati investment);

Be - an oath of accurate vitrats of a duty object, necessary for the provision of goods and services, and the possibility of targeting (vitrati operation);

АІ - the value of insured for the period of depreciation of fixed assets, incurred for the investment invested;

Т - кількість Ріків living in the project (exploitation of the project and the recognition of the income of the investment);

I - index (serial number) of the skin of the skin operating,

I = 1, 2, ..., T.

1. The cleanliness is given to the project’s project (MRI) as it is worth the sum of generous income without income, reduced to stream stream:

To accept the MRI project, ma revert zero.

2. Terminology of the project (Tk) is the term for the small amount of rock, for any ignorance of the ghosts, a little more expensive investment. Vin dorіvnyuє such і (Тк = і), with

The term payback is less for the ignorant terminit for the project: Tk <T. Here Tk is a great deal of rock, so that you can swear an oath for a little more than investing with an oversight Ві (term payback); g - the discount rate, yak стов ик стов стов стов ув ати для для для для для для для привед для для для для для для привед для для для для для для для для для для до до до до до до. K - a number of quotes,

3. Koefitsіnt the other income and vitrat rozrahovutsya yak dib, de to the numeral of the month sum of the reduced revenues for all the fate, and the sign of the sum to bring the vitrate:

Tsey is an indicator of maє re-enlisting one.

4. Coefficiency of the project (h) profitability as a result of purely reduced income for the life of the project and the total capital contribution:

I’m starting to design, for a certain number of benefits, I’m going to change the odin.

5. The internal rate of return to the project (I) is the same as the discount rate (g), if the cleanliness of the project (for the period of life) is clear, the price is zero, to

The internal norm of profitability is the boundary, below the yak the project is negative the profitability is negative. Rozrahovane for the project is significant. I’m most concerned with the normative level of Yap for projects of this type. I am Yap, the project can be adopted, as I am, the project is.

Significance I use the method of adding and changing the last values ​​of r (r> Jp) from the computer programs in the United States graphically by the method of encouraging functional deposits of the middle of the switchgear (Fig. 12.1).

For cutaneous project fallow od kriterіїv, yakimi keruyutsya zaіnteresovane in nyoma pіdpriєmstvo that Yogo EXPERT, rіven Yap Mauger Buti rіznim fallow od makroekonomіchnoї situatsії in kraїnі, rіvnya rizikіv in kraїnі, the Branch, the project serednoї rentabelnostі dіyalnostі pіdpriєmstva-іnvestora, vartostі Yogo kapіtalu, spіvvіdnoshennya Posichennogo and vlasny capital and for the most reasons.

6. Funds to the project (/) to pay as much as possible for the secondary loan for the entire period of the life of the project until the middle of the extra loans for investment for the same period for the protection of the public:

Tsey indicator viznacha ryven middle іddachі (otrimannya income) a view of the skinny penniless single vikoristanikh іinvestitsіy.

Control food

1. Visa wartosti pennies at the clock.

2. Officials, by which to signify the effectiveness of investment.

3. Rosrahuvati of a purely reduced version of the investment project.

4. Viznachennya terminu okupnostі investment project.

5. Viznazhennya koefіtsієnta spіvvіdnoshennya income_v vitrat.

6. Rosrahuvannya fund_products and investment project.