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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Otsіnyuvannya zmіni vartostі pennies at the hour. Performance Indicators


Plan investment , recognition of profitability, profitability, forecast forecasts of May income and vitality, as a result of grocery flows. Chi odnakova groshova value Mayuyut dokhid, say, 10 thousand. UAH, what kind of fate will be gained, and the same dohіd through three fate?

Mostly 10 thousand yew. UAH at a time, then through the rick for the mind, why should the bank have 5% of the bank’s money, it’s possible even 10.5 thousand. UAH, through rik - 11 thousand. UAH and so on. And mother shchob through rik 10 tis. UAH, annual requirements to the bank (mother in reality) 9.5 thousand UAH Otzhe, at rozrahunok, otsіnkah, pivnannyah overshoot koshtіv, scho razdіlenі mіzh themselves by the hour, requiring to pay the price of their advance.

At the top view, also see the pennies of the pennies (T7,), the following formula

de R - wariness of pennies in May and May; (1 + g) 1 - komofitsіnt compoundduvannya; g - bank rate; I - the ordinal number of the rock (most often with the offensive, we will specify), as if vіdpovіdaє means R.

Such a change in the assessment of the pennies of the present to the Maybach notes is called compound.

The doorway process is rejected of the year-old equivalent of a cardholder, which can be used in maybuty, called discounts. The main formula is reduced to the oath of the clothes of the Maybuty period (і ^) to the equivalent of the oath of flowing rock (R), such a view:

de g - discount rate;

- some discounts.

As long as it’s forecasted for winter, then the formula is the oath of pennies due to rosti I to the flow rock matima viglyad

Butt 1. Yakim koshtami sogodnі equivalent equals the sum of 100 yew. UAH, what should I win through three rockies (a percentage of 5%)? For the formula (12.2) discount

Butt 2. Yaki koshti treba mother sogodnі, so that through five rocky turn the borg at the sum of 500 yew. UAH (bank deposit interest in Persian two rocky - 3.5%, in offensive three rocky - 5%).

Requirement to bring wart_ maybutnіsh koshtіv (?) To the flow period (R):

Butt 3. Organizations minie-bakery wart_styu 40 tis. UAH Beyond the predicted rose-flowers, bring the sale of five rockies a clean clean ride in the amount of 12 thousand. UAH Chi dotsіlniy tsey project?

Necessarily tidy up the laggard lodge for five rockets and an oath of vitrat 40 yew. UAH Apparently, I’m summarizing for five days a chance to get a little extra (yew. UAH), having brought the skin skin to mind before that hour, if my mother’s vitratiti is 40 thousand. UAH investment (discount rate 10%):

all at once for five rock'v - 45.45 yew. UAH

Qia Suma is brought to the minds of stream rock and can be sworn with an oath of investment 40 thousand. UAH The net ghosts are being re-leased to тinvestitsіynі vitrati by 5.5 thousand. UAH The project is possible to be revived.

Victory mechanism for discounting maybutnous pennies is practical є by the method of split income to the project and income by adding the pennies themselves to the bank at a generous percentage. At the hinted application, the organization has a mini-bakery ут a quick alternative, and an investment of pennies at the bank. Ale tse does not mean that the project will be accepted by the investor. You can get more information for additional indicators and more projects, as if you were an investor.