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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.


Greetings of the reader’s main editorial guide to political and economic incentives one by one to the main programs, yak bula is recommended for other economical mortgages in Ukraine Scientific-methodical conference on October 29-30, 1999 p.

Oskіlki Daniy Posibnik - the first politekonomichna "lastivka" for official recommended program, then maybutnnaya constructive criticism of guilty, in the first place, to compensate for this situation, because the material is available in the course of the process. In a different way, politekonomіya wait for a ball and і і нібільш zheideologizirovannoj ekonomіchny science, oskilki її subject to become foreign economic laws, scho to control processes of development of the ezhnomichny systems. With the whole author, not discreetly, the principle of discus- sion of the input to the material was ruled out with a test article over ideological and methodological zabobony, including the key, economical principles of the term “Ukraine”. For example, the rest of the day I went and went against the equivalent exchange, fine-tuning, what the exchange is not equivalent, the exchange rate is higher. Ale taka vigіdnіst pіdtverdzhuє іvnіst income and vitrat, scho є also a political problem.

Independently on the appearance in Ukraine of a significant number of primary views from the basics of economic theory, they are professionally trained to start a primary and methodical protection of young students of such theoretical and conceptual discipline. Author pragnuli vrahuvati Krashchi zrazki vikladu evolyutsії polіtekonomіchnoї pillows, rozshiriti colo power scho visvіtlyuyut problemi funktsіonuvannya gospodaryuyuchih sub'єktіv of minds rіznih ekonomіchnih systems vіdobraziti protsesualnіst stvorennya quiet chi іnshih polіtekonomіchnih kontseptsіy i plyuralіzm vіdpovіdey those chi Lots Other power.

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