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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 2. Subject of political economy

Rozmaitty direct and school in economical terms and distribution in the process of interpreting the role of people in the development of human suspension and the subject of political economy.

The interpretation of the subject of politekonomії . Polyteconomy and economy

A number of economic economies have come to recognize polytechnology as a science about bagatism, popular gratitude, well-to-do well. For the full drive A. Marshall wrote: “Political economy, but economical science (economic), to take care of the normal life of people’s suspension; there’s the vivchaє sphere of indiviual and suspension dіi, which I have come to know for the first time and the vicarities of the material foundations of good deeds ”* 1.

* 1: {Marshall A. Principles of economic science: Per. from English— T. 1. - M .: Progress, 1993. - S. 56.}

Nowadays, rozumіnynya zhіdnymi ekonomіmami politically іkonomії intransigently tied to the understandings of "economy", scho to be translated as "economy". The subject of economy is the behavior of people in the process of viral benefits for the minds of sharing resources and their management. By this method, I have reached the maximum satisfaction of the needs of people on the basis of a secure trip. P. Samuelson, author of the economical ’economics’ manual, construction, economics, and the number of people living in the process of acquisitions for viral goods. Acts of economy (for example, S. Fisher) do not worry about the emphasis on the vibra of such resources, but call the subject of economy in economy that sphere of human activity, which should be included in the scope of exchange, exchange and sale of goods.

Marxism, with the recognition of the subject of political economy, exposes virological people to people in the process of viral education, distribution, exchange and sharing of material benefits.

If there are two approaches to the subject of the subject, the obvious ones are the difference between them. Sokrem, an economy emphasis on respect for other people in different spheres of suspension, and politekonomiya (Marxist) - on how people in the process of transmission (sharing transmission) are joining in singing.

Sounds and deposits, the nature of the system for virological vidnosin, are violated by economic laws. Tobto, political economy - the whole science of basic laws and economic rules, which you can manage, distribute, exchange and share material benefits and services. On the basis of public development of human suspensions, the law is politekonomichny science of looking at them so that you can’t lie in front of people and people. I don’t forbid the economy itself, as it is the subject of vivchenny ек economical laws (they are also called principles), but they don’t look at them as they are, but the tract is viro.

Significance of economy and economy and economy when characterizing the laws. Thus, the law of law, the law of price, the law of law, the law of offending pennies, the law of concentration of laws, the law of increased productivity, the law of economy and the time of the past. The economy is operating with such laws, such as the law (principle) of slumping production, the sharing of resources, and border corridor.


Saving the law of internal, suttural, postional causal (deterministic) ties between the economical manifestations and processes. Stink, so the laws of nature, may be more active. At the same time, economically and legally recognize the laws of nature, omnibus and function are less than in the process of economically active people, and also, they are indeterminate.

Klasifіkuyuchi ekonomіchnі law, violate so tipi:

  • to ignite, to rule, to rule all economical systems (the law of increased suspended productivity, the law of economical hours and other);
  • specificity - the laws of the world, which function at the boundaries of the same economic system (basic economic law);
  • stage, which requires less than one stage development of the economic system, for example, the law of creation of a monopoly concentration (centralization) of virobnitsva.

Mechanism of economic laws of reasoning of a more active nature. Mechanism of vikoristannya including on the front of the recognition of laws by people and the failure of their vimog with the growth of economic policies.

Oskіlki ekonomіchnichі zakonite virazhayut vzєєodimi ekonomichnyh vidnosin і productive forces, also the subject of political economy can be given a broader interpretation. Це - the science of economical structure of suspension. Schematically, the structure can be identified as follows:

economical structure

Economic categories - which are theoretically understood, abstract, and I can really imagine real economic (consumer, interest, value, profit, power and so on). The skin law is nibbit of the “group” with a certain number of economical categories.

Political economy as a science is a fundamental character. Prote won over the object. The main problems of the economic order are taken up by those directly in the economic field, as micro- and macroeconomics.

Microeconomic care for the economy of the system for microeconomic, additional services, conditions for the economy of the sub-sectors, characterization of their behavior and explanation, as well as the need for greater efficiency,

Macroeconomics before the economy as one, in systems, a complex of all problems on the level of national gratitude. Macroeconomics of large-scale economical processes (similarity to the nature of the population in the country, nationality of the whole country, productivity of the suspension, official recognition, dynamics of the percentage). (as you want to get new work, how to save the economy, how to save the rest of the country, and how to protect yourself from the macro economy).

Micro- and macroeconomics as warehouses of economical theories are interrupted by irresponsible facilities, and interchange. Immediately filed economical science on micro- and macroeconomic singing world є we’ll be clever. Therefore, it’s more natural to justify those that offend the most significant part of the economic theory of their problems on the basis of the recognized laws and categories, which are subject to a political economy.

Positive political economy is reckoned to be formulated on the basis of science based on economic laws and categories, based on economic activity; to that won the sub-active assessment of judges. The normative political economy of supra-legal judging of a singing group of people with the most economic laws and practical categories is practical. Otsіnnі sudzhennya abo normative firmly vinikayut on rivnі ob ґruntuvannya ekonomіchno ї politics.