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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Інний цінний папір - Цінний папір, registrations of company books on the name of the owner. Much buti sales іншій persons ііі ільки з by written permission to the hair-dresser (pass-through recording for certificates). Obligatsiya can be used in such a way as depreciation, so that is depreciation and insurance.

INVESTMENTS - the contribution of insurance to the non-psychological sphere with the help of a profit. Types of investment insurance є cash, deposits in banks (deposits), rukome mino, copyright, know-how is skinny. At the warehouse of investment there are financial investments, capital investment, stock of commodity and material values.

Indoament - (with insurance) a document that must be reached at the time of signing the contract.

Installation is a part of a premium award, which is why you get paid a deletion.

Irrejta - inscription on the insurance document, which is due to be paid slightly insignificant pardons (clerical errors), admitted when it is issued.

Investment - see the main and the most valuable values, which can be invested in the business and the other with the help of a gain from the access to the social effect.

Investment with fixed income - contribution to capital in the field of investment with the front-end transfer of fixed rate of income. Prior to such invested events, there are coupons to obliterated, certified certificates, privileged shares.

Investment Declaration - a warehouse statute of the Investment Fund, which is designated as the main direct division of the city, the procedure for issuing, selling, and the sale of investment certificates, as well as the supply of energy.

Investment dіyalnіst - the purchase of practical dіy thugs, legal і і power and the power to implement investment. Foreign legal, economic and social rights to invest in Ukraine are regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On Investment in Ukraine" dated 18.09.91.

Investments and Infrastructure - save money and save money, pay hardships, and ensure that the process of uninterrupted health is guaranteed without any delay.

Investment company - trade in valuable folders, a great deal of great views, and you can earn money for a safe and secure investment (including). Construction and investment companies in Ukraine are regulated by the Presidential Decree "On Investment Funds and Investment Companies" dated 19.02.94.

An investment company of a closed type - a company whose shares are sold on a stock exchange, and capital is unimaginable.

Investment of galactic flexibility - an integral characteristic of the economy of the galaxy of economy with the prospect of development, the cost of investment and the investment of investment. Investment Privilege The size of the galleys is estimated at the hour of the development of the investment strategic company (firm) and the galactic diversification of the investment portfolio.

Іnvestitsіyna privablivіst regіonіv - іntegralna characteristic okremih regіonіv Kraina s pozitsії іnvestitsіynogo klіmatu, rіvnya rozvitku іnvestitsіynoї іnfrastrukturi, mozhlivostey zaluchennya іnvestitsіynih resursіv that іnshih faktorіv, SSMSC іstotno vplivayut on formuvannya dohіdnostі іnvestitsіy that іnvestitsіynih rizikіv. Investment privilege okrimich region otsіnyuєtsya під hour of development of the investment strategic company (company) and regional diversification of the investment portfolio.

Investment program company - investment program as a separate part of the company investment portfolio (company), is molded for galuzevoy, regional part with the best signs for management. The investment program includes, as a rule, a number of investment projects (for example, investment programs for living services, processing of social products, construction of social and infrastructure infrastructure).

Investment strategy - form of a system of pre-party goals for investment companies (firms) and vibrations of the most effective gambling goals.

Investment Bank - a bank that is specially specialized in financial investment of its own clients with a chance to receive pre-term credit loans (position).

An investment dealer is a company, which is an intermediary in the market of valuable servers, but only an environment, is associated with such a company. You can play the role of a broker, so that you can start buying customers with sellers, gain the price of the seller, or join the dealer, you must sign up for the whole new issue of the old folders, as well as have the right to have a different system. , economic and social wisdom of investing in Ukraine, as well as sustainably investing in investment and investment.

Investment management - the process of managing all aspects of the investment dyalnosti subprocess.

Investment Portfolio - Formations of a company (firm) transfer of real and financial investment with investment investments.

An investment project is an object of real investment, such as getting ready to be implemented in the form of a new holiday, a new business, expansion, reconstruction, and so on based on a first look at the business plan.

Investment Rizik - Immunity to winnings of non-transfer of financial expenses (in the form of lower incomes and the loss of capital and income), in case of negligence of investment. Rziznayyut іnvestitsіyniy rizik systematic and unsystematic; real and financial investment; economical, political, social, skinny.

Investment market - investment and investment among sellers and buyers of investment goods and services, as well as investment in the most common forms.

The Investment Fund is a legal person, it is established at the form of joint-stock partnership, and as a whole, it is exclusively at the sphere of investment. Investment funds are accountable and closed. The order of establishment and investment funds in Ukraine is regulated by the Decree of the President “On Investment Funds and Investment Companies” dated 19.02.94.

Investment values ​​of integrated folders - an integral characteristic of the appearance of the size of the servers with the position of their needs, the number of values.

The investor is a sub-investment and financial contribution, a clear acceptance of the contribution of the most significant and most important resources in the investment.

Indexing of fixed assets - revaluation of fixed assets, as a rule, periodically with the method of increasing the number of calendars to the current market rate.

An individual investor - an okrema is a legal person, as a self-employed person (without intermediary) health insurance investment.

INNOVATSIIINVITITSII - one of the forms of investment, which is important for me to achieve the progress of science and technology progress in the field of social and social sphere.

Foreign investment - see the values, as well as invest in the investment activities in the territory of the Czech Republic. The order of the foreign investment in the territory of Ukraine is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On the regime of foreign investment" dated 19.03.96.

Insider - usi directors, senior officials of corporations and all, who have access to internal, service information. Usі, hto volodіє ponad 10% stock company.

The Institutional Investor is a financial intermediary, akumulyu koshti іndivіdualnih іnvestorіv і zdііsnyu іinvestitsіynu dіyalіnіst, shcho special іzalіzuєtsya, as a rule, on operations with valuable folders.

Instruments of the stock market - instruments, for the help of some other operations on the stock market. Prior to the main tools of the stock market, there should be regional, certification, option, investment contracts, investment certificates.

Інфляційна inchіya - pre-paid income, a kind of cry for the investor through the method of returning the money for the sale of pennies for inflows. Rivine of total income is up to the pace of inflation in the perceived period.

Інфляція - a repetition of the channel to obigu by the papermaker’s pennies, which will allow them to superconduct; to appear in the irregular and irregular range of prices for comrades and servants, who should increase the income of the main part of the population to the redevelopment of national income, the loss of social differential.

Mortgage Posichka (credit) - Posichka, freed by the clerk pid pid outpost of the indestructible lane. At the time of the collapse of the loan agreement by stitches (stitched poses), the lender has the right to sell the outpost by turning the poses (including payroll) and vitra with a real loan.