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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Treasury bill - a short-term (up to one year) state power, which doesn’t give an official account. Revenues are sold at a discounted discount price, sold for a ticket, a nominal ticket, and for a discount at the time of redemption.

Treasury shares - permissions are granted for the start -up, but not for the authorized companies, but for the authorized shares, they will be included in the purchased company.

Capital - the main type of investment resources in the form of material and small resources, in the form of financial resources. For a vuzhchu, it’s important to have an active company (company) without goiter'yazan (bargaining).

Quotation for insurance - a) the portion of the insurance holder’s participation in the foreign insurance amount at times the insurance coverage on the minds of the insurance company; b) frequent reinsurance with a proportional reinsurance agreement.

Quota reinsurance - reinsurance on the basis of quotas, tobto, insurance, reinsurance reinsurance in the weather, take on insurance for singing (group view) insurance.

Keptivny insurance companies - companies that are committed to industrial, commercial, banking and other structures by satisfying their insurance needs.

Classification of insurance - a system for increasing insurance in the sphere of vision, see and form.

Clause - zhererezhennya, what should be included in the insurance agreement.

Insurance cover: a) information about insurance, as if you are a broker of insurance insurance signs on the sign of insurance insurance contract with a limited list of insurance; b) a document, so as to exchange reinsurance in their business, є an analogue to the reinsurance agreement, a certain agreement between the general reinsurance agreement.

Koefіtsієnt zbitkіv - an indicator of how much to pay for as a paid claim and to be quiet, to pay in advance, before winning bonuses.

Collectively, life insurance is insurance, when it’s possible, you can get insurance for health insurance for a group of people who have a group of people.

Komertsіyna taєmnitsya (confidency) - a video about the insurance of the insurance company, an extension of some of the possible interests.

The insurance and vinograd insurance company is obliged to pay insurance to the middlemen for the collection of insurance coverage, documentation, insurance coverage, and in the case of temporary insurance - for the consideration of insurance claims.

Conversion - transferring a policy from one type of life insurance to the last.

Kontralіment - repudiation of reinsurance interests.

Kotiruvannya - by way of insurance we insure the premium rates, for which there is a ready insurance policy.

Cumulation : a) concentration of insurance risks in one company in liabilities, which you can bring up to you one insurance premium to one insurance company; b) the average insurance coverage for one territory, one street, one bunker, one port, one temporary station, a ship, and at a time of one-time insurance may be brought before the loss of financial stability if there is a need for additional insurance.

Capitalization - redevelopment of funds to capital. In the investment activity, the most important operations are capitalization of a part of a net surplus, capitalization of dividends, capitalization of deposit deposit and that.

Kapitalov_dacha - a presentation of a limited liability of products to a statutory fund. Capitalization - an introduction of the statutory fund up to the period of praxis.

Capital investment - investment in fixed assets and on the basis of material and viral reserves. Capital investment in the form of a new business, expansion, reconstruction and technical reassignment.

Quota : 1) a part in suspension virobnitsvі abo zbutі, as a rule to be established in the boundaries of the open lands for the skin participant; 2) kіlkіsniy indicator, which characterizes the importance of export abo import for state gratitude.

Clearing is a system of bezgotovyh razrahunkіv for the comrade, valuable friends and servants, ґruntuєtsya to the room of the mutual vimog і zobov'yazan.

The coefficient of autonomy is one of the main indicators that characterize the financial stability of the company (company). Win is signaled as a whip of the sum of the lofty capital for the sum of all victorious clothes. What is more significant is the number of companies, is the type of financial stability of the company (company).

The coefficient of pre-state bargaining is an important indicator of financial stability , the characteristic of the nature of the total amount of bargaining.

Koefіtsієnt capіtalіzatsії - presentation of assets to the statutory fund.

Koefіtsієnt lіkvіdnostі_ - vіdnoshennya assets to creditors ’bargaining.

The coefficient of turnover of assets is the introduction of a limited liability of products to assets.

The coefficient of turnover of creditor bargaining - the introduction of a limited liability of products to the credit bargaining.

Controlling package of shares - majority of shares, which give the investor the right to know the actual control over the shares of the company. In Ukraine, the decision to declare a controlling interest in shares, I do not overwhelm the majority of shares is 51%;

Conjuncture - the sufficiency of factors, which characterize the camp as if it were some kind of process, dyalnosti, manifestation.

The investment market is a system of factors that characterize an accurate investment scheme, positioning, price and competition of investment services, as well as investment in these forms.

Conjunctural cycle - period of an hour, the sale of a certain last-minute change of all stages of the investment market. The conjunctural cycle is submitted at four stages: 1) the last day of the conjuncturi; 2) market boom; 3) relaxed conjuncturi; 4) market decline.

Korotkostrokov_investitsії - a form of investment with capital terminology to one rock. Before them there should be a dowry of short-term regions, short-term certificates of deposit, short-term deposits on deposit deposits and those of short-term deposits.

Credit loan is a sum to pay, we hold a credit for paying by peep-type cats one time until the established rate of loan.

Curve investment - a graphical depiction of the deposits for investment in investment factors: pets and income; ochkuvano norms of profitability and investment; betting rates; temp інфляції skinny.

Cumulative preferences - preference shares, thanks for thinking that you don’t pay dividends on them, get paid and get paid before you receive dividends for the owners of the sound shares.

Coupon - a part of the regional certification certificate, like okremo vid nogo daє volsniku the right to gain vidotka. Rozmir vіdsotka і date of the first payment paid on the coupon.