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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Litsyova Vartіst - Vartіst valuable priest, is assigned to the first lytsovoy botsі. Soundly cry out to the hairline at the time of repayment by an indicator of the market price.

League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine - non-profit community of insurance companies.

Likvidatsiya zbitkіv - a complex of payments with a license and a premium of insurance insurance.

Liquidity - a) the health of the insurer to satisfy the claims claimed by the insured; b) an indicator of the fact that shvidko is possible to realize material values ​​and otrimati pennies, which are necessary for the protection of goiters.

Limited liability insurance - insurance sum (insurance coverage), is fixed in the contract as an insurance policy, so as to insure insurance coverage when an insurance waiver is issued. Limited liability may be limited by the type of insurance, or by the insurance policy.

Limit insurance - the maximum amount is insured, yak can be insured material values ​​and insurance insurance.

The line of the excedent is a part of the range in the agreement of the excedent of the sum, which is more valuable to the utter assignor.

Licensing for insurance insurance - a document stating the right of the insurance company to insurance for insurance (reinsurance) insurance for singing.

Lloyd - International Insurance Market, Lending at London City; corporation (obdnanny) of legally independent insurance (syndicates), the skin of some self-accepting loans for insurance, out of the box financial resources.

Leasing is a pre -hosted form of renting a car and setting up, but immediately I will be victorious as soon as I can form a form of investing resources.

Likelihood of assets - price is the sale of the most active assets (cars, machinery, leaning) at times for new ones.

Likedness - healthy assets of vikoristovatsya as an immediate payment for payment, but they are ready to be quickly re-created on a penny form without losing the flow rate.

Likewise investment - Health about investing in real estate sales of short term without losing real wartost.

Listing - an entered promotion company has a list of promotions that are listed on the singing exchange. Not included in the list of shares are sold "from the counter", on the "street" market.

Licensing is an extension, which seems to be the competent authorities for the conduct of certain types of government activities, including the number of foreign trade operations (export and export licenses).


A broker is a middleman for an hour of settling stocks, stocks and currencies, a special operation for a customer’s account and a groschen winery at a wiggly house.

Mainove insurance is a type of insurance, in the main case insurance is mine, which should be legal as well as physical persons.

The maximum ambitious zbitok is the upper border between one zabit and one insurance object; if there is any insignificant amount of insurance, it is significant to finish the insurance.

Material facts - arrange, schlo to pour into the underwriter’s rosasheks, when the minds are marked, they will take rhizic.

Medicare insurance - a form of special insurance for a vipadok and losing health in a hvorobi or a hell of a terrible vipadok.

Morskie insurance - private insurance of ships, one-stop insurance and freight for all kinds of business hours of the weekend.

Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) - a form of comprehensive insurance, which is necessary to insure the insurance of civil liability of transport interests.

Marketing - a system for managing the virological and biological business, is based on a comprehensive analysis of the market and is fixed on the most important problems and the realization of products with a straightforward way to receive food and services.

Management is the principle of principles, methods, concerns and forms of managing the law, division and closure of the USA and the rest of the world through the method of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the business.

Methods of financial investment - principles go to financial investment and investment projects Prior to the main methods of financing and investment, follow the rules of self-financing, financing, credit financing, leasing and selengs, financial financing.

Midzhilersky , aka "high school", market, also trading "from the counter" - buying and selling of valuable folders (most of all regional and part shares) by phone, at least the trading floor of the store.

Місце - terminology, which means the right of a broker company to trade in the stock exchange mothers at the trading floor.

Monitoring - systematically keeping track of the reference camp of the company, organization, organization through the process of business.

Monitoring of the investment market - the mechanism of health with the continued use of macroeconomic factors in the development of the investment market in the segment.

Monitoring of the implementation of investment projects - the mechanism of continuous follow-up for the important accurate results of the implementation of all investment projects in the field of investment and investment.

The multiplier of investment vitrates - a certain amount, a show, at the expense of the development of the sum to the increase of the national income I will transfer the sum to the increase of the net investment in the economy of the country. The model of such a multiplier has been beaten by D. Keynes.


Naroshchuvannya - a method of presenting current wartosts of pennies to the next wartosts in the foregoing, a kind of vikoristovitsya for the evaluation of maybutny wartosts of investment.

Navantazhennya is a part of the insurance rate, it is not tied to the form of funds for health insurance bills, even if the bills are paid by the insurance provider.

Unearned premium - part of the premium, according to the insurance contract, but the insurance portfolio is limited to the excess period of insurance.

Non-reinsurance reinsurance - a form of organizing agreements in reinsurance, transferring reinsurance and reinsurance indemnity, unlimited reinsurance and reinsurance.

Net premium - gross premium for the minus Navantage.

Net rate is a part of the insurance rate, which is assigned for the form of insurance resources for payment of insurance premiums and insurance sums.

Notice - а) after the reinsurance agreement, transfer from yards, if one of the parties to the agreement (reinsurance or assignment), you must agree to the agreement if you need to join your partners in advance. termination of the contract; b) the ship’s announcement of the freight forwarder about the hour the vessel enters the voyage abo ochikuvane arriving at the port of Navantazhenya (rozvantazhennya).

Non-Balancing Investment Portfolio - a portfolio that can be stored in investment projects and financial instruments, with no significant difference in financial resources.

Non-cumulative dividend - a preferential dividend, which is not to be piled up and not to have a hairline at the time of undecided radio directors of the company.

Non - payment - the lack of company (company) pay at the terms of their terms and conditions.

New VIP issue - a company proposition for a company for the implementation of a fully functioning greenhouse.

Know-how - the availability of technical, technological, commercial knowledge and design, the preparation of technical documentation, the skill and freedom of access, which is necessary for organizing this kind of information, which is not necessary. To learn more about the know-how of a science-technology, management, business and financial nature.