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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Obligations - a certificate, which is due to the fact of bargaining and goiter ’assignment of a bourgeois to a creditor to a songwriter, a loan book, and repay a loan (depreciation) upon completion of a singing period. Obligations can be secured by assets, because, as a rule, they are located in the territory of the regional powers, just by the ignorant platospromozhnіstyu emitenta.

Ob'kti insurance - the main interests, so as not to violate the dignified legislation:

• due to lives, health, praxis and pensions for the care of the insurer, but for the insured individual (special insurance);

• povyazanі s volodinnyam, koristuvannyam, ordering mine (mine insurance);

• Be sure to enter the insurance policy of the third-party insurance provider as well as the physical license of the legal entity (insurance policy).

Obligatory agreement - a form of a reinsurance agreement, which is not necessarily subject to any kind of assignment, but also to transfer the reinsurance to reinsurance, so the very reinsurance is not limited to reinsurance in that reinsured reinsurance.

Obov'yazkove insurance - one of the forms of insurance, in case of insurance insurance, insurance is insured and the insurance policy is violated by law. On the basis of voluntary insurance about the obligation, insurance is not in front of you (contracted) we insure and insurer.

The holder of the insurance sum is a person who has an agreement with the contract to pay a sum of money. The insured sums can be covered by an insurance holder, a certain contract, the person is insured, whose life and health are covered by insurance, but the insurance must be made by the insured person for an extra death or death penalty.

A specialty of insurance is a type of insurance, as a part of insurance of life, health, health and praise of people.

About investment - real investment, about non-profitability, financial investment (before the stock market tools), investment subject.

Defense stocks - stocks, like a house for stable needs and a decent income and demonstration of a good account before the deadline.

Turnover assets - an indicator that characterizes the number of reverse assets of the company (company) in the period, there is a certain look.

Profitability of investments - the process of turning investments of investment assets through possession of a surplus, depreciation.

Operational management of an investment portfolio - a system for entering into realizatsii including a portfolio of investment projects, monitoring of effectiveness of the environment, real estate investment and preparation of the investment program

Option - the right to add or sell the prizes for the song price at the song moment of selling the song term. Tse right, at his own house, to be sold and bought. Won о a self-type of valuable folders.

The order is a certificate, which grants the right of the owner the right to buy the prizes for the price set before the song period. An order is issued at once with interest in order to get investors to a new VIP.

The main bet is the rate - the rate for which commercial banks give pointers to credit and credit customers.


The payback period is an indicator of efficiency and investment, a characteristic of the term, the sale of a stink of a sting to the best. You have to look at the indicator to buy a hat for the amount of money invested in a mid-term penny, reductions to real wartosti.

Reinsurance - insurance agency, yak priyma ob'kti reinsurance.

Re -insurance company - a winery, I would like to repay reinsurance, for those who have reinsurance (agreement, contract) with reinsurance.

Reinsurance cesis - transfer to a third party legal entity, for example, to an insurance partnership.

Reinsurance - the scope of insurance insurance - operations between two insurance companies (reinsurance), if one of them (assignor) is transferred for the part fee for the fee, we will cover the insurance contract, the insurance will be reimbursed.

Really insurance - overnight reinsurance of one of the very same objects and quiet rizikіv at kіlkoh insurance, through scho insurance sum I significantly transfer insurance insurance.

Life insurance annuity - a type of insurance life insurance contract, regular income, who must pay the insured person up to the life insurance fund awarded for the insured out-of-pocket insurance.

Policy (insurance contract, insurance) - a letter of appreciation between the insurer and the insurer, as well as insurance, at the time of insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance and insurance. , for the mind pay off insurance payments at the bottom line

Polisotrimach - a safety harness.

Porto - postal and telegraphic vitrati, which must be submitted by credit, trade and insurance agencies, as well as by private individuals in their own homes.

Portfolio of insurance - the total amount of insurance of the insurance company is reinsured for all insurance policies.

The intermediary is an insurance broker, or an agent, through which a contract of insurance and virushuyutsya okremі nourishment of a waiver of regular claims can be settled.

Prevention - prejudicial dіyalnіst.

Preventive visit with insurance - insurance of health insurance is insured for the first round of calls, due to the lower prices and the lower number of risky insurance vipadkiv.

The benefit of the insurer in insurance operations is the presentation of the amount of premiums up to the amount of premiums earned.

Rules (think) of insurance - one of the main documents, so you can understand and think of voluntary insurance. Vіdpovіdno to the insurance law holder, when the insurance contract is made, the person is guilty of knowing the insurance policy in accordance with the Insurance Rules.

The margin of tariffs is an element of the tariff rate (gross rate). The margin on the tariffs is almost the same as the actual surplus, the previous insurance operations.

Reimbursement of the insurance organization - redistribution of benefits over vitrates (vitrates included in the insurance product list).

Liabilities vіd іinvestitsіy - a loss of insurance partnership від participation in the activities of an uninsured nature.

The side of insurance operations is the reassurance of the sum of the accumulated insurance premiums and the insurance premium.

Proporcity reinsurance - including contracts of quota and sequential reinsurance, I will explicitly reinsure my share in the total amount and amount of premiums with some reinsurance.

Fee - payment, consolidated by the power of the population, organization and ownership of the law established order.

The indicator of current assets is the main indicator of liquid assets of a company (firm), which is a characteristic of the appearance of all stream assets to all stream goats.

Prize for liquidity - pre -paid income, a certain amount of money (the number of transfers before payment) to the investor by the method of low rate, due to the low level of knowledge. Rosmir premium to lay down in the middle of the liquidity investment.

The prize for risik is pre -paid income, one who cries (who transfers to pay) to the investor ponad riven, and one who can get behind the risk-free investment. The rozmir of premium is to lay down in the middle of the rіznya and sign up for the additional model of the "linear over the market".

Preferences of shares - shares, a whistle of some kind of transfer before the head of a great deal of hours of distribution and dividends of a corporation at a time of liquidation. Win is not such a move to the creditor of the corporation. Preferential actions give the right to vote tolki todi, as long as they are not divulged in them. It’s not at all a stink to give rights to a voice, but to bring forth dividends and similarities to regional regions.

Pributkovіst Investment is an indicator that characterizes the appearance of a mid-term sum of a net loss to the oath of investment. I will show the role of a margin in the formality of the marginal profitability of the investment.

Pributkovіst capital is an indicator that characterizes the appearance of a sum of a clean stop in the singing period until the middle quarter of the capital capital in the whole period.

Loss on share - an introduction of the balance book balance to the capital account.

Private investments - investments, yakі zdіysnyuyutsya bulks, as well as companies (firms) of unrestrained forms of power.

Direct investment - investment, for any contribution to capital in investing investor to rob the investor without the help of financial intermediaries.