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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


The real rate is the rate - the rate is set, so that you can choose from the right to buy and pay for pennies at the rate of interest.

Regres - the right of the insurer to the visas between the de facto cohesive sums of claims, claims to the third party, the winnings of the insurance guarantee, by means of which they canceled the indemnification for the application of the Skoda.

Zbitkіv reserves - an element of technical reserves, according to the statements, there are no paid zbits.

The reserve of unearned premiums is a part of premiums for insurance contracts, which is the term insurance term, which can be used for calendar calendar.

Insurance reserves - funds approved by insurance organizations for guaranteeing insurance premiums and insurance premiums (reserve fund, insurance fund, life insurance reserves, pension, reserve funds, May payment payments).

Profitability of insurance operations - income from purchases over vitrates. It is soundly rozrahovuvatsya on the basis of the presentation of the indicator of the balance sheet to the profit for the singing period (as a rule, for the period).

Represiya - the stranglehold of vipadkovo podії, yavishcha.

Repressive come with insurance - struggle with verse with courage by way of change of insurance and insurance of insured insurance.

Retrocession - the process of submission of an earlier transfer to reinsurance of reinsurers is reinsured.

Insurance market - a system of economic insurance with insurance services.

Insurance policy - insurance policy, insurance policy, insurance policy.

Rizikova premium - a part of the insurance premium, yaku the insurance provider is designated for the establishment of the necessary reserve with the method of payment of insurance insurance.

Repeatedly - a part of the insurance premium, is taken away by the insurer at the time of signing the contract.

The real в в сот сот сот сот - - - - the nominal і ень ень в сот сот сот сот м м м сот ф ф.

Real investment - investment in real material and non-material activity (of an innovative nature).

Reinvestment - reallocation of capital from certain assets in the economy — efficiency, effectiveness of income from a method of gaining a benefit, as well as access to a social contribution from a rent that has been removed from the economy.

Rent - regularly possessions a surplus of capital, a lane of land, I won’t need any kind of renting business.

Profitability - an indicator of the effectiveness of robots, which can be seen in a business trip to the middle of the main major funds and the normative of reverse assets.

Profitability of assets - a view of the secondary balance sheet to the cost of the assets of the company.

Profitability of equity capital - an official balance sheet gain to the sum of the statutory fund.

Profitability of sales is the presentation of the balance sheet profit before the total liability of sales.

A third time income is one of the most important ones, which is called “critical”. One criterion is that one can spend three times the total gross income for investing, which is worth looking at.

Rizik vtari kapitalu - the most rivine rizik, which is called "catastrophic"; Yogo criterion є the possibility of losing all of the most powerful assets in the result of bankruptcy.

Rizik rub a little bit - rіven a rizik, which is called "permissible"; Yogo criterium є the possibility of a twelve ochukuvannogo clean move.

Risik ininflyatsiy - rzik, obligations for income and income in the form of investment. In the minds of predicting the appearance of the investor, the investor can earn income from income from premiums.

Rizik lіkvіdnostі - the form of riziku is special, it’s tied to a low lіkvіdnіstu ob'єktіv investіvannya chі with a great period of the investment process. For the manifestation of such a risk, the investor can pay extra income from the premium prize for liquidity.

Rizikovy capital - a particular form of investment in capital with a higher level of rhizic in the rose on a twig on the basis of a gain of high standard profit. Companies (firms) - the objects of such investing are called "venture" (rizikovymi).

Rizikovy portfolio - an aggressive investment portfolio with a high, irrelevant riznik behind him.

Rinkova Infrastructure - mortgage system and organization (bank, exchange, insurance companies, consultancy and information-marketing companies, etc.), as well as secure a large volume of goods and services for the market.

Rinkova rivnovaga - is more adequate to the economical laws of living and eating; vіdpovіdnіst between the oath and structure I will drink for the comrade and the servants that the oath and structure of their propositions.

Rinok - the sphere of economy, de vidbuvaєtsya the process of commodity obigu, re-creation of goods on a penny and zvorotne re-creation of pennies on a product; sukupnіst vzakozmozalezhnyh acts іn buying і-selling sales of masi goods, viroblenih at іzіnyh galleys ekonomіki.

Rinok of posichkovyh capitals - a system of economic vidnosin, so as to secure the accumulation of large sums of money, re-creating them for the post-capitals and redistributed among the participants in the process of completion.


Balance - reznitsya m_zh with penniless nadzhizhnennymi i vitraty for singing promzhok hour. Sanitation - a system of calls, directing for the advance of bankruptcy of a company (company) at a time of non-payment.

Self - insurance is the practice of legal abo physical individuals of a hairy material abo penny reserve.

Certificate for insurance - a document, which is due to insurance, the party, etc., which is the general policy of insurance.

Syndicate "Lloyd" - a group of underwriters, so that you can join the syndicate by using your own financial resources to take out a risk insurance.

Сліп - an insurance document, which is to be used for the front business. At a number of VIPs, prior to the insurance policy.

Spivstrakhuvannya - insurance, if one and the same rizik in singing parts insure two more insurance than in insurance, apparently when I have a whole but in full amount of insurance, before you become a part of skin insurance.

Strakhova wart_st_ - d_isna (actual) wart_st_ of the insurance policy (є more rinkov’s wart, contractually thin).

Insurance indemnity - insurance indemnity sum (part її) insurance indemnity for the insured (for special insurance) and insurance for general insurance (for lane insurance) for insurance indemnity.

Insurance company - a legal entity has been legally registered with a form of active, full-time, command partnership whose partnership is guaranteed, as is the right to take on yourself insurance obligations.

Strakhova podia - potential, hypothetical (possible) insurance hijacking, for the subject of which insurance is carried out (for example, insurance hijacking: emergency hitchhiking, twigs, surviving to the marked bad mark).

Insurance Sum - signed by the insurance contract, but established by the law of the Groshov Sum, on occasion they rely on insurance indemnity and insurance premium, so that they take on the insurance indemnity insurance cover. In the international insurance insurance practice, it is called insurance coverage.

Insurance premium (installment, payment) - the insurance fee of the insurance holder for those who want to go on insurance insurance and get insured lane, but pay the insurance sum when you pay the song.

Insurance claim - the insurance holder’s insurance about insurance, insured by a vipad, transferring insurance premiums from the insurance agreement.

Insurance for insurance - a sum of compensation, which will be paid for insurance for insurance, for the insured mine with an insurance insurance loss.

Insurance insurance - dedication about insurance.

Insurance insurance - the amount of money to pay for the insurance in case of the main insurance and insurance of the insurance for the material in front of the third persons. Insurance insurance may be more or less limited to insurance sums, if necessary from the specific conditions of the insurance plan and the insurance contract (for example, franchise redemption).

Insurance partnership - insurance: joint-stock companies, mutual insurance and insurance partnerships.

The insurance field - the maximum number of objects is possible, so that they can be fully protected by insurance.

The insurance agent is a full legal person, as long as we are insured between them, we are careful to insure that the insurance policy is offered and the insurance policy is agreed upon.

An insurance act is a document that should be stored behind the hell of a look around the insured object, having suffered an unreported second waiver.

Insurance premium (premium, payment) - the amount, I will pay the insurance cover for the goiter, pay the insurance fee, get the insured lane, or pay the insurance sum when the insurance is paid out (insurance).

Insurance hijack - verse famously, harsh hijack, but if you want to pay insurance, if you have insurance, go to pay insurance to the insured (to the insured, to pay insurance) insurance.

Insurance coverage - economic, overpriced business, can be stored at the time of purchase, long-term care and business coverage, overlooked specific matters: material and legal health, and other health problems.

Insurance zbitok - Skoda , inflicted on the insurer on the heirs of insurance vipadok.

Insurance interest - material interest in insurance companies, prior to insurance, master insurance agent, tenant, lender, skinny.

Insurance review - control of insurance insurance by a state authority.

Insurance portfolio - a) the actual number of insurance coverage of the insurance and the number of insurance contracts; b) sukupna vіdpovіdalnіst of the insurer (reinsurance) for all other policies.

Insurance pool - voluntary collection of insurance companies for private insurance (reinsurance) of singing rizikіv.

Insurance market - a) an economical space, in a certain way, insurers, insurers, insurance intermediaries; b) the scope of groshovyh vidnosin, deobktom kupіvlі-sale є specific goods - insurance servant, form to drink and offer on it.
Insurance rate; abo gross rate - the insurance premium rate for the single insurance amount; The insurance rate can be rolled in absolute units or at any rate. Insurance tariffs for both types of insurance are established in the laws on insurance. Insurance rates for voluntary types of insurance (a special lane and insurance) can be independently insured by insurance carriers (based on actuarial insurance plans). The stink is controlled by the body of the sovereign look. Rozmir insurance rate is indicated in the insurance agreement for the benefit of the party.

Insurance - legal entities of a legal form, transferred by law, established for health insurance and yanky have removed from the established order a license for health insurance.

Insurances - legal and physical persons, who have canceled the insurance contract, but є insurance by the law (if the form of insurance is required), and by which the insurance is paid off (according to the contract, but the law). Insurers have the right to lay insurance and insure the agreement on insurance of the third insurance (insurance), but on the basis of third insurance and signification of vigodonachuvach for insurance bills, as well as take it on the foreclosure before the insurance.

Strahuvannya - tse ekonomіchnі vіdnosini for yakih strahuvalnik Splat trumpery vnesku zabezpechuє sobі chi tretіy osobі in razі nastannya podії, obumovlenoї agreement abo law scrip viplati strahuvachem, yaky utrimuє Pevnyi obsyag vіdpovіdalnostі i for її zabezpechennya popovnyuє that efektivnosti rozmіschuє reserves zdіysnyuє preventivnі come in schodo change of riziku, at times necessary reinsurance part of the left.

Insurance (process) - placement please be sure to insurer and insurer on the basis of the contract for the law on the insurance of the main interests of the insurance holder for the insured.

Strakhuvannya (sutnist) - the distribution of the junior horse’s neck is closed between zhizkavlennymi physical and legal persons.

Insurance vantazhiv - one of pіvidіv lane insurance.

Insurance insurance - a type of insurance, de є є том том є є і і ​​і перед перед перед перед перед перед перед перед перед перед перед перед перед перед перед перед перед на на на на на на на на на на на на на на м на на на на на на оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди оди.

Insurance insurance vogn vnyu - one of pіvidіv lane insurance.

Insurance insurance of extraordinary vipadkiv - a form of special insurance.

Insurance for motor vehicles - insurance for Auto-CASCO, with objects of a certain kind of transport, which should belong to legal and physical persons.

Life insurance is a form of special insurance, in some cases insurance is life of the insured.

Credit insurance - a type of insurance, with which there may be more bank posters (buyers and sellers) commercial postures, loans and guarantees for credit, pre-investment loans.

Cargo insurance - insurance vartostі vantazhіv on all types of transport without insurance of the transport hassle itself.

CASCO insurance - insurance for transportation (ships, passengers, railway cars, cars) without insurance.

The insurance holder is legal and private, insofar as the contract for insurance was paid, the right to extra insurance and the right to insurance were paid out at the time of the insurance indemnity, the insurance coverage was insured.

Insurance for the harvest of Silkospodarsk cultures - a form of May insurance. The sovereign state authorities are in good shape.

Insurance of civil insurance - insurance, when you have insurance, take care of yourself, pay the insurance amount, provided that you have a law and law between the third person.

Subrogation - transition to insurance of the right of vimoga, as the insurer is the most individual, the wine is at the cigars.

Superkomisiya - the commission, I will wipe off the assignor of the reinsurance in addition to the main commission for the completion of the reinsurance contract.

Surveyor - an expert, inspector, insurance agent, a certain helper looking over the ship, a passenger and that main lane, who should take out insurance.

Sanktsii ekonomіchnichі - come in with a primus vomit, you must go to the side of the bank (organization), so as to allow damage to the financial and state dyalnosti th themselves to zbitkіv partners abo powers.

Seleng - one of the best practices is the transfer of investments, the transfer of information transmitted by the hairworms (legal entities and individuals) to the rights of the public order of mine for a song fee. Such a lane can be useful, equip, install, syrovin, materials, koshti, valuable accessories, as well as products of electronic pracial.

Certificate - a document, such as product qualification and appearance by competent authorities on the basis of product expertise.

The syndicate is a group of investment dealers, as well as subscribing to new newsletters, as well as large blocks of back-end folders and expanding them.

Foldable depository - depository, which is periodically paid for investment and reached investment. Maybay payments and the total amount paid for the flat rate, ale z bilshoui sums, cash flow for cash flow.

Sponsored Risks of Income - an indicator of how to increase investment and income in terms of income and to seek additional support for a varied model of online business. Victory time is half an hour and the form of the investment portfolio is chi okremich investment projects.

Spiralnie investvannya - dyalnіst, as well as in the interests and for the partners of the Fund and the participants of the Investment Fund (often - the investment company)

Stagnation is the camp of the economy, if it’s stagnant, but if you don’t forget virobnitsy, you have to keep in mind with the growing unemployment and the constant prices (інфляцією).

Subventsia - a form of financial assistance; we will numb the goluses of the statehood, the private enterprises and the hairy ones. Widely practiced as a method of sanitation, bankruptcy and bankruptcy, and with aggressive method - for the purpose of publicity and communication with it.

Sub-investment investment - the purchase of physical and legal functions - continuous investment and participation in investment.