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Zovnіshnyoekonomіchna politics - Khramov V.O.


New trends in the economy, the modification of the commodity virobility, the formation of the global economic sphere, the expansion of the crisis of the economic and political development, the increase in the cost of their use, the cost of their use is different. power regulation of trade calls zvyazkiv.

In these minds, a wikipedia is used to take ZEP, which doesn’t have to be included in the group of tariff-tariff sharing, as it is in the administrative order, but as a rule they have functions, often they didn’t have to bargain for trading. The stench distal name non-traditional obmezhen.

The peculiarity of the country’s non-traditional division of the pole is that they introduce, as a rule, organic power, they have an autonomous character, so as not to be any kind of international goiters. That oath and methodology of застx zososuvannya on a regular basis are regulated by national authorities and national rules. As a result, I can help to regulate the process of regulating foreign trade from the cordon to the middle of the country, as well as the internal legislation and technical legislation, which can be used to fix the international trade regulation.

The term "non-tariff sharing" will cover the large group of administrative, financial, credit, technical and technical calls, which will make it difficult to import and export goods and services. In other words, win obznomnі reznomanіtnі pereshkody for import and export.

Of course, a clear, unified understanding of the concept of "non-tariff interconnection" and unified classification is not violated. Odnak naypososhirenіshoyu nini є klasifіkatsіya, divided by the Secretary of the GATT. Vona peredbacha p'yat group coming:

• the fate of the state at the third-party visits (subsidies of virobnosti and export of goods, the system of sovereign purchases of goods, the state of trade at the borders of the country with a market economy);

• mitna, administrative and import formalities (anti-dumping mitos, methods for evaluating mito wartost goods, mitna and consular formalities, commodity documents, commodity classification);

• standard vimogi, due to health protection, industrial and safety requirements (standard, industrial standards, vimogi before packing and marking goods, sanitary and veterinary norms);

• kіlkіsnі obmezhennya import and export;

• deletion, mortgaged in the mechanism of payment (for example, import deposits, near-marginal patrimonial regime).

The classifications are widely stagnant at the boundaries of UNCTAD and those of the international organizations, as well as the hour of international trade negotiations.

Kіlkіsna otsіnka вп у лив об нет нет нет нет на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на склад склад. Reach in time, often non-tariff interchange often mask disguises, an implicit nature. On the other side of the bar, non-tariff payments can be introduced to the other organs of the sovereign state, as well as the government, so that they can be on the other side of the river.

For estimates, about 4/5, so that 80% of the international number of holidays and non-tariff unloading, fall to the part of industrial goods and 20% to the part of high-quality products. At the group of industrial goods, non-tariffs are stowed, come in more often of such groups, such as transportation (about 15%), chemical delivery (at least 10%), energy-saving (about 6%).

Non-tariff non-tariff exchanges will expand by at least 17% of the commodity nomenclature to the import and export market.

With the use of non-tariff protection charges, the amount will be changed. Reach at the moment, on the other side of the largest trade and political interests of the largest group of stinks, there is an obvious character - to regulate the free-trade turnover for the help of administrative administration without interruption.

Acts of nutrition, due to the lack of tariffs, non-tariff distribution (commodity classification of tariffs, identification of the price of the goods and prices), blurred availability, and the availability of prices. Інші Nutrition rozglyanemo dali.