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Examination of goods - Kolomієts T.M.

Front signs

Additional signs - all signs that are intended for the protection of people who are safe and who have a good middleware for operating and potentially unsafe goods are always needed to be safe, but you must always be sure to do so.

Peredrezhuvalnny signs are two types:

  1. ty, schozhdzhayut about nebespeku;
  2. shi, schozhdzhayut about dyu schodo without custody of vikoristan.

Відповідно up to the international vimog s classifikatsіі markuvannya

non-trivial speeches and materials, divided by UN bodies and the International Organizations (MOP), the skin type of the front-end signs and signs, which can be stored in the letter “K.” - for signs, please continue about good practices, but "8" - for signs, more and more about better ones, double-digit code numbers, please take note of a specific good reason, for example: I 12 - it’s not without a reason, K. 34 optics.

The front signs are refreshed by the symbolic image of the safe.

Assigned information marks are a part of the pre-juvenile mark, which can serve as an interim respect for the merchandise of non-custodial goods to the highest authorities. By the way of pre-juvenile marking і informing about the heyday of cheap shy bite, the manifestation of these about the ways and picking up the net, it’s important to secure the holy day of consecration with non-custodial goods.

First of all, I can tell you about the information about helping you with unwanted contact with goods that are not safe, you can make a good trip to your health.

VIP start and realization of non-non-product items without vidovnogo markuvanny zaboronyayutsya.

Non-product items include: vibration, non-productive, non-productive, non-productive, non-hazardous, active, active, active, non-functional, non-functional, non-hazardous,

As a rule, talk about living comrade, then most of all non-secure speeches to avenge a group of goods in a bit of a chemistry. For them, more than real marcouvanny є obov'yazkovim. Inshi groups of food and non-food products may also have a great deal of secrecy (for example, nicotine in tyutyunovy virobes, fusel oil in alcoholic drinks, etc.). Ale kіlkіst Іх is not guilty of overreaching the marginally permissible concentrations, and the sale of these goods will be blocked. At zvyazku zim is more mature than the mark for such goods, but о by the day without care, do not stand still. On tyutyunovyh virobіv days, more often than not, I’ll start to write: "Health, well, which is not a problem for health."

In the middle of the market, turn on:

  1. Nainmenuvannya not unspecific speech, including the trademark and foreign trademarks;
  2. UN gray number and class number of words according to GOST 19433-88;
  3. symbols of good reason; a signal word that can be seen in large print and vikoristovuane is fallow in the middle of the stage:

“NON-SECURE!” - to attract respect to a greater degree, a rhizic that is characterized by a higher death rate and even more important earrings;

"BEWARE!" - in order to attract respect to the middle stage and potentiality, threaten the cripple caused to the health of people and the midst of treasure.

Symbols of good faith are guilty of superconducting with letters, which characterize the appearance of good work. Stink out of sight with a black color on a lively background.