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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

Spivvodoshennya cultures

Culture is a factor in the organization of all life of people. Stink vzamopov'yazanі, ale nenorodny:

folk culture (korinna) takes root in the glibins of the folk spirit, in the daily work of the people of the masses on the basis of a rich livelihood, accumulated by the table;

“Culture” , to the greatest extent possible, to have a clear view of the environment of the individual: artists, disciplines, clergymen, preachers, prophets, leaders, promoted by the national culture and the help of the noses;

elitarnaya culture - culture, motivated by elitism of suspension, to some extent belong to the clan aristocracy, financial and industrial magnates, political leaders with their own respect. It includes ritually-ethnical, modern and moral-ethical peculiarities, the presence of elements of old cultures, distance from the people to the highest level;

democratic culture - culture, it’s not the kind of cultural butti of the working people, the whole layer of life, the culture is free, even not formalized;

Masov culture appeared on the cob of the twentieth century. For the uncharacteristic standardization of cultural activities, profanity, more active circulation for the auxiliary ZMI (fashion, film, television and so on). “Masova culture” is super-catchy: on the one hand, it’s very easy to shave the cultural heritage of “high culture” accessible, and on the other hand it’s vulgar, pure, original, robust, quick and easy.

Culture is the main reason for mentally sharing in groups: poobutova, political, legal, art-creation, technical, virobnich.

The Pobutov culture is characterized by the peculiarities of the peoples, and they live an hour of trials in singing territory.

Political culture is an important factor of suspensions, which can be formed one-time to the real social and economic ones, and they have formed in the middle of the old people.

Legal culture - form on the basis of the first spirit, which means the higher level of suspension, the higher level of legal rights, the most important ones, the more important ones are often more important than the regular ones people, but I’ll need a party and a great capital, I want to give in to yak zagalnolyudsky chi zagalnonatsatsionalnі.

Artistic and creative culture will encompass bagatoaspektnost and bagatovimіrnіst of human art dіyalnostі, okhoplyuyuchi folk art creativity and professional mystic dyalnist. Yakshcho people creativity doesn’t give away the opportunity to sing in the form of activities in private professions, then for professional-mystical robots it’s necessary to go through a serious school of professional navigations.

Technological culture - a fragment of the latest technology for supervising people with a long stretch of life and a role for the role in the formulated nature of behavior, the impudent meals, the interconnection of people, technology.

Virobić culture tackles the problems and norms of ethical vidnosin among themselves members of virobiotic collectives and that in time with a win. I’m going to need the most optimal models of virological ones with the maximum addressability, the more ethical norms, the more fragmented hours of the central distribution system, the less expensive, the better the psychological characteristics of the people, the more important