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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

Form supreme culture

At its own bagateness and rosma culture there is such a form of supremacy: science, technology, mystery, visual and relational that.

Science is a separate and popular development of a cultural process, an outreach, a class, a form of process. To stimulate the development of a suspension of thought, which is necessary to increase the gross national product, the national gross income and the economic and social life of people.

Technological culture should be secured by the scientific development of suspension. She’s got a lot of praise for people, a good time for working hours, and some people want to take more opportunities for self-development.

Light- relied culture was divided into two independent systems - part and religion. Yakshcho partіyna obіtsyaє usі blessings of people in vidra, then relіgіyna, vіdvolіkayuchi від terrestrial butti, and to transfer their own programs to the potent light.

Mistetsvo - the whole process and the final result of humanity, the form of suspension is especially peculiar, which is a vira-wife in artistic images. Being a warehouse of spiritual culture, the mystery of being able to provide people with their own artistic and creative work is to establish themselves on the basis of self-sufficient sub-activity. The mystery includes all kinds of artistic creativity - literature, architecture, sculpture, painting, graphics, arts and crafts, music, tanks, theater, movies and other visual arts. Yogo is the essence of the polygon for the almost supremely supranational supreme, but also for the natural mastering of the light in the process of artistic creativity. Roskrivayuchi nutrition about cultural diversity that mystery, students of guilty faithfulness are the peculiarities of mystery: in the first place, the same quiet sound with the other emotions, the other, the sweetheart is different creative character, in the fourth place, its undetermined significance as a possible misfortune of people.

Functions of culture slіd mean so:

- lyudinotvotcha - zavlyuyuyuchi reach the culture, lyudina piznaє myself and visnachaє myєmysce in suspension with svіtі, meta svogo life;

- informative - to get people to go ahead, to become cultural, to go through the times of the old culture (І.V. Goethe);

- Regulatory - the culture of the norms and rules for organizing people’s living;

- axiological - the establishment of prices;

- hedonistic - straightforward to make up the satisfactory, pump-up.

Thus, culture is a specific form of the unification of people and the form of spiritual spirituality of an individual.

The historical typology of culture (<gr. Typos - license plate, word + logos - word, word) represents the main social and cultural period of people: the culture of the Old Church, the culture of the Middle Ages, the culture of the New and New, the culture of the first , the culture of the Ancient World, the culture of the Middle Ages, the culture of the era of Vidrodzhennya, the culture of absolutism and enlightenment, the culture of the era of the industrial revolution and social wickedness, the culture of the twentieth century.

Istoriya kultury ukrainskoy people є one iz lantsyugіv іstorії svіtovoї culture. The people of the present-day suite were formed in a unique complex of natural, racial-ethnic, modern and geopolitical factors, all at once they formed and grew in unique cultural culture. Not a vignette of Ukrainian culture. Особї particularities with a great world of zooming in on the natural and geographical characteristics of the region, suitable for earthmoving. The Ukrainian culture is to follow the culture of the scholarship type, suttural culture and culture of the ancient tribes, with the other half of the first yew. not. approved the power of Kyiv Rus. The form of the presently Ukrainian culture has been held in place with folding minds, which are marked by changing the land plots of the old russians in the warehouses of such European powers, as Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, and Ukraine Yavisch. Nine, I’m developing like the culture of the powerful country, the culture of the Ukrainian people has entered a new stage of its development - the cultural renaissance of Ukraine of the XXI stolta.