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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

1.3. Basic concept of culturology

Know the basic concepts of culturology , respect mothers, up to the first half of the nineteenth century. the phenomenon of culture was seen more in the ambushes of the Russian rational osmislennya. The other half of the 19th century Having analyzed it within the framework of the science-conceptual direct culture, yak became the fundamental basis of culturology. Because of the spiritual spirit of the crisis of human suspense, independent of the apparent success of the most civilized civilization, among them the natural medium of mankind has become a tremendous technogenic recess, which has called up to disharmony of the human spirit. The blessing of civilization is to consume the spiritual development of ordinary people from the post-conflict confrontation. Ninete cultural knowledge has already been seen in the rational values ​​of European culture. Having become angry at speculative-philosophical compositions, it became on the hats of wide cultural studies the imposition of the post-European specifics and the manifestation of the problem field of self-significant and self-cultural cultures.

At the period of Renaissance to Enlightenment, the theory was formulated about the ability of people, the reproach of vigilant love for the support of the vivid rosum. So the winnings of the announcement about culture are like realizing the human mind. Ale tse firmvennosti at their place protirіchchya, debris did not say anything about progressing the development of the most human rozuma.

Philosophy of Hegel as a theory of culture. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770–1831) is a great philosopher, a representative of the classic German philosophy, stubbornly putting his nutrition about the cultural culture of the human mind. In Hegel’s philosophical system, culture prodovzhuvali in reality as a realization of the rosum, not of the people, but of all things. Winning through the development of the culture of culture, such as logic and logic, we cannot enter into the warehouse of the individual people. Not ignoring the diversity of cultural forms and the sacred sacrifice of national cultures, Hegel, having dearly lost it, will take a step at the self-development of the Almighty Spirit.

Philosophy of Spengler's culture . Viznachny Nimetsky philosopher, historian Oswald Spengler (1880–1936), having dismissed a scholarly student on culture as an unclosed “organism” (є Egyptian, Chinese, іndіі і і і і. Ін.), You have to go round and round, I have to go through it all. trivaє sale of tysyacholіt. At first glance, it’s organic culture, dying, re-selling to one’s supreme style - civilization, the panicking principle of pure practicalism and rationalism. Spengler has become a topic of painful problems in European culture. Not talking about those who didn’t explain the process of the birth of new cultures, having put food on a steady footing, they became the right point of a serious serioussociation about people, culture and civilization.

Lyudina, creativity and culture of the philosopher Berdyaev . The vis-à-vis Russian religious philosopher Mikola Oleksandrovich Berdyaev (1874–1948) , having become the first tune-up of the spiritual drama of the critical era, as long as the old cultural forms became smaller for the farther development of humanity, the past has been completed. Winning the show, scho ludin is a great creator, to be the main focus of culture, that is why his creativity mixes steel cultural form. Talking about the historical share of Russia, Berdiav pushed over to the “miracle of religious reincarnation of life” as an alternative to the fast-paced symbolism of culture and the mechanically soulless order of civilization.

Culture and homelessness began at the concept of Freud . Austrian thinker, likar-psychiatrist and neuropathologist Zigmund Freud (1856–1939) , having analyzed the conceptual culture, having decided to bring your own ideas to the same people. Winning a new direction in psychology and medicine, calling it psychoanalysis, the principle of roznusovdiv on iznі galuzі human culture - mythology, folklore, art, creativity, religion and so on. Vidkrivshi in human beings is the beginning of a natural liking, as well as direct sexual bazhannya and bazhannya death, Freud wiaviv rushіynu force її creative potential - sublimation, because of the fact that there is no direct sexual attraction. Itself won, on a glance, I є rushіynoy force pull people to knowledge, that’s the mysterious idea.

Culture and collective non-ownership of the concept of Jung . The Swiss psychologist and philosopher Karl Gustav Jung (1875–1961), like Freud, having repaired the pratsuvati as a psychic psychiatrist. However, they didn’t rely on the sexually-biological treatment of the unsubstantiated, but on the other hand, typical types, they were seen in dreaming people, because they couldn’t know about the culture of the world. Yungische Jung, explaining as a natural force and signifying a certain collective nesvidome, and his first primary form - the archetypes of a collective nesvidomy. So, it appeared that, collectively, it’s not cultural and culturally similar, it’s been transmitted biologically from the recession. From now on, people for the sake of securing their own souls and needs do not struggle with indivisibility, but conduct a constructive dialogue with them. The reason for the ruining of symbols is rationalism, which is due to the fact that people are divine symbols that are ideal for the mercy of mental hell. "Demons" viritsya z-pid control weakened culture, the twentieth century. old age of insanity of psychic illnesses, which mask masked ideological treatment. Otzhe, ейEuropean culture, so that you can be lost in your life єDnіst human souls, guilty for a long time.

“Wiklik and Vidpovid” yak rushіyna power in developing culture in the concept of A. Toynbі . English historian and sociologist Arnold Joseph Toynbі (1889–1975) attributed bagato creativity to the detailed descriptions of different cultures and alignment with the main concept of cultural development. Yak and Spengler, because of the fact that the great culture has established a singing truth, but their skin is not looking at them like an organism, but like a step towards a real prizewinner. I respect, I don’t become a deity, I’ve uncovered alternatives to cultivating culture. With the rush of power of Toynbi culture, having respected the struggle of two creative principles, the foundation was laid at the people: “divine” and “devilish”. At first thought, the development of culture is a good idea for the creative spirit of “Wikimedia”, which will leave nature to rest, and the final result is to lie in specific situations, if you’ve got one more “more” visit.

Validity is the main principle of culture in the concept of P. Sorokin . Visiting Russian sociologist and culturologist Pitirim Oleksandrovich Sorokin (1889–1968) , developing the concept of Spengler and Toynbee, recognizing the progressive development of the most common cultural history, alleys, recognizing the main problems of the Middle Ages scho vreshti-rasht ob'єdnaє all of humanity. At first thought, culture є the success of the fastest and the most committed in the world is given by suspension to the first stage of development, in the process of a certain form of development, the cultural system is recognized, relevant, it’s more Due to the tendency towards the realization of cultural supersystems, dermal and senile power is mental, philosophical and social, and the other factor in these systems is value. The very value for P. Sorokinim and the warehouse is the foundation of skin culture.

Culture as a sign of sign systems: structuralism of K. Levi-Strauss, M. Foucault and in. Remember the special culture, structural identity. Tse - an ongoing direct development of the humanities knowledge, obligations to the Vikings of the structural method of modeling, elements of semotics, formalization of mathematics in linguistics, literature, history, history. About the achievement of structuralism є culture is the same as sign systems (mov, science, mystery, mythology, fashion, advertising). The basis of the structural method is polyana in the manifold structure, which is clearly presented in the article; vosnovannya methodological primacy vіdnoshen over the elements of the system. Fundamental and ideological structuralism was broken up by robots in French students, among them ethnographer and sociologist Claude Levi-Strauss (1908) , a philosopher, a history scholar of culture and science Michel Foucault (1926–1984) , a philosopher Jacques Psychologist (1901) –1981) .

The concept of gris (J.Heizinga, H.Ortega-i-Gasset, E.Fink) . Nairozpovsjuzhenіshoy ninі mid-cultural concepts концеп concepts igrovogo culture. The most representative representative of the Netherlands is the Dutch cultural expert, historian and philosopher-idealist Johann Heyzing (1872-1945) . Development of culture for yoga theory at the process. Wuxia cultural creativity - is grace: poetry, music, art creativity, morality and usability of the form of culture. Different versions of such a concept may exist in the concepts of higher cultural scientists. The basis of the concept is based on the mystery of the language, spontaneously, unqualifiedly, as it is for its own sake and not a song. Cultural creativity is the power of the priest because one has to do one’s own work through re-creating the middle way of lyudin’s “program” in order to master the process. Yak vzvav Heyzinga, the elements of grout are present in all the spheres of material culture and signify the form of society - the whole era of “grabbing” the idea and the way of being in good condition, without inconsequentially new principles.

The analysis of an instant cultural culture in the aspect of the theory of theory and practice of the Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega-i-Gasset (1883–1955) . Piddayuchi criticism of the present “Masov culture”, the protest is “live” culture, which is especially special tombs of people. The specific elements of such a culture put together an elite layer of the cultural process, which can resist the “mass culture”. An important element of the human booty is the respect for the sad philosopher Philosopher E.Fink, who put them on a par with such understandings, like death, praise, love to love, who do not have power to love, more than anything else, I have more choice in the process of realizing one’s temple’s spiritual spiritual tombstone.