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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

Cultural Dumka in Ukraine

The head of Ukrainian cultural studies was embroiled in the development of the cultural and historical process of developing Ukrainian culture. On the other hand, the food was wintered on the cob of the 19th century, in the era of romanticism, since the side of the progressive part of the Intellectuals was dominated by the interests of the interest to folk art and culture. However, the first position on culture was called Grigory Savich Skovoroda (1722–1794) . Winning down the principle of a symbolic interpretation of culture, representing three different sights, storing human beings and living environment, the nature (“ macrocosm ”) and “ holy symbol ” (abo Bible). The mustache in the soul of the “lover” is the same as the material nature, the “internal” (the spiritual nature), which is the dualistic spirit of the last, the good, the evil, the lost and humble.

Diyachi “ Cyril-Methodius Brotherhood ” voted the thesis about the unique skin and national culture and ethnocentric character. Istorik Mikola Ivanovich Kostomarov at his own article “Two Russian nationalities” (1861), having won the old times in Russia, there were genuine Russian, Russian, Great Russian, Pskov native Russian culture.

The idea of ​​the United Russian culture, the three brotherly words of the ’Yansky peoples, was held at their creative work , the members of the тр Russian Trinity’ in Galichin (mid-19th century). At the front of the house to the folk barn, the inscription “Mermaid of the Dniester” had a hidden meaning: “Narid Rus is clothed from the top generations of the Slavic ones between them, spreading over the barny surroundings from the pose of the Beskydsky mountains beyond the Don. Vin nai shirsha delay in svoih behaviors, songs, rituals, Cossacks, cherishing everything, but I’ve deprived my forefathers of my grandfather ...

The founder of psychological vividness in the world of cultural studies will be the corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences Oleksandr Afanasyevich Potebnya (1836–1891), a kind of understanding of the theory of literature, folklore, history, and cognitive history. Vin meaning that you want to change the internal capabilities for development, however, I want to buy a national school, I want to use school, and form a new equivalent.

At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in the era of the industrial revolution and the radical social evil, if culture is still a part of the political ideological struggle, the winery is the theory of two cultures of the United National Culture. In Ukrainian culture, two protestations stood straight: revolutionary-democratic and national-liberal. Pershiy was represented by T. Shevchenko, Marco Vovchok, Panas Mirny, I. Franko and іn. The stench was familiar with the fact that in the leather national culture there are elements of a democratic social culture and elements of the culture of the ruling classes. Representatives of the other directly, to a certain extent, belonged to M.I. Kostomarov, І.І. Ogіnko, M.S. Grushevsky, and stood for the position of classless and bourgeois Ukrainian culture. At the thought of Professor M.S.Grushevsky, the essence of the matter was in the autochthonousness of the Ukrainian people, the ancestors of a certain population of the population, who, from the most recently found, lived in the territory of Ukraine today * 6. For joyful possessions, the boulevard about the new socialist culture, the socialist behind the form, the national behind the protagonist, the international behind the character were blown up.

* 6: {Grushevsky M. Khto is also Ukrainian and what you want to stink. - K .: Znannya, 1991. - P.111–112.}

The next step is in the development of the Ukrainian cultural studies of the traditions of Ukraine as an independent state. Ninja vidililosya decіlka naprym_v dlizhenennya: traditsіna іstorichna cultural education school, philosophy of culture, social culture, psychology of culture.

The head of the pride of the historical cultural school was that it was necessary to give specific knowledge about that type of culture. She didn’t want to explain, the skills and descriptions of the facts, the achievement of culture, the view of the most important memories, the names of authors and creators. Until historical cultural studies, linguistic cultural studies, like cultural culture through the prism of movi literary culture, have come to an understanding.

Zagalnuyu theory of Ukrainian culture Bula philosophical culture . Завї zavdannya fell into the osmislennnogo clarified culture through її найзагальніші йайістотніші rice. Philosophy of culture reached the day of culture, ії відмінності ід of nature, іївідніннішення с білізіізіі і і інішими міжвые міжвів. The subject of civilization is the structure, function and role of culture in the life of people’s suspension. Philosophy of culture is straightened out on the manifestation of the most recent trends in the European culture, on the disclosure of the reasons for the crisis crisis.

The sociology of culture reached the level of culture, but rather in the subculture - masov and eltarnu, Moscow and Silk, women and youth. She won the viciousness of the crime and the need for a culture, reaction to the dynamics, the reaction to the peace of quiet of the most reliable forms of suspension and suspension of institutions.

The psychology of culture has brought about a special emphasis on culture, the spirituality of the spiritual existence of people in the framework of the singing cultural space. On the basis of social and psychological attainment, the psychology of culture saw cultural and historical types of specialty, characteristically up to an explicit social society.

For new minds of development, the Ukrainian cultural studies have a genre in the national culture, look at the periodical and cultural relations with the European cultural culture. There was a chimo of fundamental praxis of history, philosophical and social culture. Vіdі Ukrainian Ukrainian culturologists Ya.Isaєvich, A.Makarov, V.Ovsіychuk, M.Popovich, V.Smolіy ta іn. I look at Ukrainian culture from the ambush principles of cultural thought.