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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

Ukrainian cultural science thought behind the cordon

Foreign representatives of Ukrainian cultural studies, who agree with the concept of Professor M.S. Grushevsky, did not see the chronological principle of the Ukrainian culture. So, D. Antonovich and I. Krip'yakevich, having added money to the material and spiritual, came up against the closed national culture, knowing the recognition of the zagolnulyudskoy svitovo culture. At the same time at the twentieth century, if the ruins of the people became active before the national self-determination, the popularity was linguistic theory, the authors of which are M.S.Grushevsky and I.O. Ogіnko. Absolutely the role of national movement, the stink of respect was respected by a single proactive factor in preserving, affirming and increasing national strength, which should be consolidated by force beyond the borders of Ukraine. So, І.І.Ogієnko visunuv іdeyu "rіdnomovnoї polіtiki", based yakoї Bulo very hard Statute about Reigning movu provіdnoї natsії, about vіlny rozvitok cultures natsіonalnih menshin, about Yednist materinskoї culture of culture through emіgratsії spriyannya rozvitku sobornoї lіteraturnoї MTIE i through a wide zastosuvannya її ordinance and holy mortgages, in addition to the number of churches. Religion of the concept of Ukrainian cultural studies is also represented by the Greek Catholic Metropolitan Andriy Sheptytsky (1861–1944), transferred the incorporation of Ukrainian culture to the congregation through the inclusion of Orthodox Catholics in Greek Catholic.

Self-monitoring power supply

1. Roskriti significant cultural science of science and primary discipline.

2. Rozkriti the role and importance of cultural studies of the integrated process and processes in suspension.

3. Say directly to the Ukrainian cultural studies.

4. Name the methodology of the principle of cultural studies.

5. What are the basic concepts of cultural studies?

6. What are the basic concepts of foreign culturology?

7. What are the main conceptual Ukrainian cultural studies?

8. Roskriti zmіst understood culture as the subject of cultural studies.

9. What kind of culture and chim won won’t be civilized?

10. Give a description of the material and spiritual culture.

11. Rozkriti role and value of the mystery of the warehouse culture.

12. Roskriti funktsionі culture in suspension.

13. Roskriti significant culture in the process of government.

14. Name the vidi (pidgroup) th form of superelevation of culture.

15. What kind of cultural vernacular and how can manifest irregular cultural development?

16. Roskriti basic methodological principle of cultural culture.