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Insurance - lecture notes

Theme 4. Legal basis and regulation of insurance insurance in Ukraine

It is the right of lawless insurance to become complimented by laws and regulations, which regulate insurance as a whole, as it is for the whole area of ​​tension.

The system of legal regulation of insurance dyalnosti to comply with the norms, signaled:

• Constitution of Ukraine;

• international pleas, which I signed and ratified Ukraine;

• The Civil Code of Ukraine;

• laws and decrees of the Supreme For the sake of Ukraine;

• Decrees and orders of the President of Ukraine;

• decrees, orders and orders of the Ukrainian Government;

• normative acts (regulations, methods, regulations, punishments), which are awarded by the ministries, departments, central authorities of the wielding authority and registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

• normative acts to the body, which is clearly indicated by the legislation of Ukraine, health supervision over the insurance duty;

• normative acts of the authorities of municipality of vikonavchio in vipadki, if the area of ​​nutrition regulation of insurance activities were delegated to these authorities for the decisions of the President or the Government of Ukraine;

• okremim normative acts kolishnogo Radyansky Union and the URSR, as it was not entirely governed by the legislation of independent Ukraine.

The Constitution of Ukraine, it was awarded 28 rubles of 1996, it signaled, exceptionally by the laws of Ukraine, to establish an ambush for the established function of the financial market (Article 92), and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the protection of the public (116). From then on, the Constitution of Ukraine established the norms of legal regulation of financial policies, one of which storage facilities, and the provision of a security insurance certificate.

Alas! Legislative regulation of insurance insurance in Ukraine is historical and specific, as it is often considered to be the entire system of legal protection.

The colossal Radyansky Union did not have a basic law, which regulated the order of health insurance. Oskilki insurance dyalnost zd_isnyuvali exceptionally establish the State Insurance Agency and the State Insurance Committee, if you have not a little to increase the independent status, then do not blunder consume the legislative norms of absolute rights and that of these sub-laws. The environmental aspects of insurance business were regulated by the decrees of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Ministries of the Central Soviet Socialist Republic, regulatory documents of the State Insurance Committee of the Socialist Republic of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Ukrchurchstrakh.

With a stretch of 1992–1993, the riches of the most independent powers, which were approved by the decay of the colic SSR, were blamed for legislative acts on food insurance.

Ulitku 1992 to Ukraine Ukrchaststrakh for the fate of the current insurance companies, approved in the period 1990-1992, submitting to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the first draft of the Law "On Insurance", directions to the legal basis for compulsory insurance. At the age of 1992, the project of Uzhizhen Uzhengodnya was repeatedly submitted for review to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Oskilki zdidno z rishennyam Verkhovna For the sake of Ukraine in the whole period The order has gained the right to see decrees, as mali the status of laws, meanings, the draft project was adopted as a decree of 1993 1993.

The Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Insurance” has become, in fact, the first basic legislative act, which is a kind of securing systemic regulation of insurance insurance. Tsei Decree having signed the basic terminology and understanding, due to insurance insurance (market of insurance services).

With the help of market economy in Ukraine, the need has come to praise the new legislative act, which is to adjust the terms and conditions of the insurance, so the procedure for maintaining insurance coverage (long-term incumbency payments).

On the 7th birch tree of 1996, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine praised the Law of Ukraine “On Insurance”, until October 4, 2001. Verkhovna Rada introduced serpents and supplements. Win є the main legislative act at the center of our power.

The Law of Ukraine “On Insurance” has 5 main distributions.

The first insurance company has the right to understand: the following basic principles are identified, such as insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance , reinsurance, insurance policy, insurance agents and insurance brokers and dealers.

Centrally, in general, I agree on the norm, I need to understand the insurance policy before the hour of registration and registration, as well as the order of the general insurance. Zokrem, the law The law in Ukraine establishes a special mechanism, if you see a binding insurance you can become more deprived of the law, and not the legislative acts. Under the whole Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the right to regulate the procedure for conducting dermal visibility of viscous insurance for the mind is given, which form is transferred by the Law.

Another part of the Law regulates the procedure for insurance: visa to the terms and conditions before the agreement and the rules of insurance and currency, I will establish insurance policies and insurance for specific leather situations. The importance of legislative norms that are transmitted by distributing this code, lies in the fact that you should, as much as possible, beat the particularities of the contractual rights, that is the right of the parties to the insurance industry. In fact, concretization of zagalny norms of civil law in these spheres.

The third part of the visit is to remember the health and safety benefits of insurance and the more important. Here you will be given the financial mechanism of health insurance, the establishment of a singular loan and the possibility of taking care and the principle of audit of the insurer. The important articles of this article are that you need to go about the order of the form and see the insurance reserves as technical, so this is the life insurance. A number of articles regulate nutrition, schoistnoy razvoreniya guarantee funds, the order of the region that zvіnnostі.

The fourth has distributed the principle of the sovereign glimpse of insurance insurance. In this way, the authority has been designated, which is the state authority for insurance insurance (at the time of working with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine), and the right to that function has been established. The order of insurance has been established at the end of the year, so I will preserve the legal regulation of insurance robots for the insurance market. The law of concreteness, secrecy, special features of liquidation, reorganization of insurance and sanitation, which allows me to control them in such a way that I remember to remember my duty.

Final, ceremonies, distribution of the regulation of such obscure moments, such as international law, the procedure for this regulation of singing norms and so on.

If the law is adopted, the order having verified the low legal acts, the order of the order and the order, which regulate the provision of health insurance insurance.

So, by the decision of the Government, the procedure for regulating the system and reinsurance in Ukraine has been marked. The person shall be transferred, but the insurer, reinsured to a non-resident of his own rights to be married, may be remitted to singers, and she must: Viscons are low in vimog.

It was also adopted by the decree of the Department of Strictly Legal Regulation of the Middle East - broker and agent for the insurance market. Before us, I’m going to get more information about song brokers, sharing brokers, distributing middleware, keeping them safe and secure, putting them in order to insure them from the middle.

By the decision of the Government, the special functions of mutual insurance associations have been marked.

The regulations of the Department regulate the order of health of the skin type of obov'yazkovy insurance. The decision on the border is to limit the amount of vitality required for the management of health insurance at the same time, as well as to regulate the power of the establishment of the sovereign and national insurance companies and the insurance policy.

By order of orders I’ll be surrounded by hands to conduct experiments at the galuz fear insurance. For a supplementary order, you can choose the right rate, the price of the contract, if you don’t cross the laws of Ukraine.
Normative acts of the Ministry of Economy and Home Affairs - instructions, regulations, methods, orders, which are restructured in the Ministry of Justice, are detailed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. Allow us to quietly cherish the food, so as to lay down to the sphere of regulation of the small houses. For example, such acts regulate the procedure for conducting bookkeeping and statistical insurance of health insurance companies, as well as on the side of law enforcement agencies with specialized financial and insurance coverage. Inodi such acts will confirm the methods for drawing up insurance tariffs. The acts of incorporation of the insurance policy for the systems of private homes are established by the acts of association.

Regulatory acts, which type of authority, health insurance, control over the insurance business, є obov'yazkovimi for insurers. These acts (orders, orders, decisions) establish, first of all, the instructions for the methodology of health and safety; in a different way, get in the heat for insurance for the appearance of destruction - attribution, zupinki, obmezheneniya that vidklikannya licenses; in the third place, vimogi to starvation region; fourthly, the order of registration, licensing, registration and registration, liquidation and reorganization; in a nutshell, order of health, preparation and retraining of personnel for the insurance market.

So, prior to the most respectable normative acts of the greatest number of Ukrstrakhnaglyad it is necessary to establish the Methodology for reserve insurance with various insurance policies, insurance policies, provisions for insurance policies, insurance provisions and insurance regulations.

Normative acts of the municipality of the authorities, as a rule, may be erratic, environmentally friendly, between singing administrative singularities, visions of official documents and official documents. This can be a matter of better understanding than once carried out by any experiment, the peculiarities of municipal insurance. At the time of the meeting, there is a minor role for legal insurance in the absence of insurance for the rest of the world. The role of legal acts in the insurance community is insignificant.

The Law of Ukraine “On Insurance” vouched for a single body of sovereign wilderness authority, which is good at looking at insurance insurance: The committee at the right is looking at insurance insurance - Ukrstrakhnaglyad, endorsement of 17 years. Ukrstrakhnaglyad was the central authority of the sovereign wielding authority, a kind of order to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. For its status, the Committee is the rank of the Sovereign Committee of Ukraine.

In the process of administrative reform, by Decree of the President of Ukraine “On Winter in the Structures of the Central Authorities of the Wicked Authority”, dated 15 June 1999, No. 1573/99 functions of the Ukrstrakhnaglyadu bulo was allocated to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

The Law of Ukraine “On Insurance” defines the main functions of the body at a glance:

1) the conduct of the Unified Sovereign Insurance Register (re-insurance) and the sovereign insurance registry and reinsurance brokers;

2) a type of license for health insurance;

3) control over the insurance industry’s insurance policy, and by the means of which they will get insured goiter'zan before the insurance;

4) the established rules of the form, insurance and insurance insurance reserves;

5) the reinsurance of the insured and the insurance intermediaries was carried out, and moreover, they should have adopted legislation on insurance and insurance of their interest.

6) the development of normative and methodological documents for the provision of insurance policies, which is introduced by the Law to the competent authority to look at the insurance policies;

7) the out-of-date practice of insurance dyalnost, the drawing up and submission in the established order of the proposition about how to develop and the more detailed legislation of Ukraine about insurance dyalnost;

8) the fate of health care entrants, who are hiding on a personalized basis for insurance coverage;

9) the fate of the international financial and insurance sector and reinsurance.

Within the framework of this basic functional body, I look at the insurance policy and the specific order:

• type of license to insurers for the right to health insurance, insurance and re-insurance, and insurance, re-insurance and transfer of licenses;

• plans, thematic and complex changes to the correctness of insurance policy coverage of Ukrainian legislation on insurance, and the availability of public interest;

• methodically secure (with their own competence) insurance robots;

• Development of legislative acts on food insurance and recommendations for the protection of financial interests of insurance and insurance;

• Adoption of regulatory acts with food insurance;

• analysis of additional information about insurance legislation;

• control over the insurance industry’s payroll insurance with taken insurance goiters;

• securing the pre-existing methodological work with the power insurance and the effective efficiency of the sovereign insurance peer;

• established rules for formulating insurance insurance reserves, and also (for weather conditions with the Ministry of Statistics) the rules for the regional economy and indicator of insurance;

• Development and control of additional methodological ambushes of the accounting and reporting area, as well as forms of statistical rating for insurers;

• analysis will become that trend of development of insurance business in Ukraine, the provincial practical insurance of insurance;

• organization of visits for professional training and retraining of facilities for insurance activities, as well as robots for round tables, lunch, seminars, conferences for the provision of insurance activities;

• Arrangement of international insurance in the hall of insurance insurance, vivchenennya, expatriate extension of social security in the price of help, the end of international agreements in Ukraine with food insurance;

• Information-roz'yasnyuvalna robot through presu, telebacheniya and inshi zasobi massovoy іnformatsії with food insurance dyalnostі;

• a review of the proposition and the provision of food for the population, which should be within the competence;

• managing the mine, the yak of transferring to the proprietorship of the upper hand and establishing the rules and regulations, organizing, entering into the sphere of control;

• The main functions with the control of the mine, transmitted by the sole legislation.

The insurance contract is for the sake of two rights, it’s straightforward to install, the loan is right, and there are legal rights (rights and conditions).

Such a contract is for two main functions. In the first place, this is a legal fact, with a certain norm of law to bind the wines (as well as the first and the last) zobov'yazan. Відповідні зобов'язання, oskilki stink vinikayut on pіdstavі contract, are called contract. The skin of the goiter’s work in singing is right-handed. It means, that agreement is to please parties by legal fact, on the basis of any agreement on the law of conduct and legal rights.

In other words, the parties to the contract do not need to establish the legal right to be better than you, and if you want to know the right way, then you will have to learn the right way to learn more.

From the Law of Ukraine “On Insurance”, the insurance contract is limited to the insurer and the insurance contractor, for such insurance you must take care of yourself at the time of insurance and pay insurance, but also have to pay insurance. insurance (I’ll help you; I’m looking forward to the service), and the insurance goiter’s obligation to pay insurance payments at the same time and then understand the agreement.

Zmіstom agreement as a legal fact to recognize the sukupnіst yogo minds. Viznazhennya zmіstu agreement is much more practical, the fragments of the whole law to lay down special features of rights and obov'yazkiv, the ability to properly see zobov'yazan.

Yak is transmitted by civil law, we’ll agree to enter into legal compliance, most likely both parties in due form have been reached for all of their minds.

Indeed, think about the subject matter of the contract, think that the legislation of the present day is necessary for the agreement of this kind, as well as all that are necessary for the benefit of one and the same side of the law.

Under the terms of the agreement, please state (point), transfer of the law to the rules of law, which regulate specific agreements. Prior to such a mind, an insurance contract, apart from the subject of insurance and insurance indemnity (premium), must be laid down, and insurance coverage should be avoided. Please, be aware of the risks of insurance, to delay the payment of insurance sums for yourself, to have a clear notice of the parties to the agreement.

Nine practical practices are divided up by insurance organizations (companies), think (rules) of higher types of special and lane insurance, which should be used for insurance and financial insurance.

These minds and rules often signify the whole complex of true (that is) minds, so as to become the insurance contract.

Otzhe, the original agreement on the agreement of the party. Prote for deny civil-legal agreements in itself is too little to please the parties is not enough. It is almost possible to see more songs, for example, to transmit speeches, pennies, to pay off extra words, for which we agree to enter into confinement. So agree imenuyutsya real (on vіdmіnu vіd consensual). Prior to them, there should be an insurance contract, which was insured at the time the insurer paid the first insurance premium (as a rule, the law did not transfer it anymore). Contract insurance is laid down for the rules of insurance. The fact of arranging an insurance contract may be covered by an insurance certificate (policy, certificate), and є a form of insurance contract.

The law has the meaning of insurance policy (insurance) in that I have the right to keep the value of the document, which is explicitly agreed with the law on the contract of writing, transferring the insurance policy to the insurance contract to conclude the contract.

From now on, the legislator has to pay more insurance coverage than I can prove the fact that the insurance contract has been settled, before the rules of insurance were completed.

The Law reports on the following details, such as may be registered with the insurance company (policy):

a) the name of the document;

b) the name and legal address of the bank address of the insurance provider;

c) nickname, I’m, according to the father, but the name of the insurer, address; d) the object of insurance;

e) insurance insurance sum;

f) the value of insurance insurance;

є) rozmіr insurance off-line, line і order yogo introduced;

g) lines of the contract;

h) the order of the contract and the contract;

j) Intimidate you for your good fortune, in addition to the addition to the rules of insurance, but vignettes for them;

i) side letters.

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  8. What documents regulate the popularity of an insurance company?
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