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Insurance - lecture notes

Theme 5. Marketing at insurance

Marketing at insurance is the whole complex of visits, directing to the form of the first postal insurance policy, and the very same:

a) development of competitive insurance products (services) for specific categories of insurance (insurance);

b) improvement of rational forms of sales of their products for proper service and advertising;

c) zbіr i analiz iz informatsії shodo effektivnosti dyalnostі insurance.

A glimpse of the functional zavdan, which means we value it with a set of visits, showing that it’s practically practical for the main types of statutory insurance to not lose the attitude of respectful service to marketing. Pershochergove її zavdannya - Poshuk chi vibіr potentsіynogo klієnta insurers, formuvannya require tsogo klієnta have insurance that zahistі z'yasuvannya Yogo platospromozhnostі. Provide marketing services with the visibility of the insurance product, the offer of realizability, the collection of information in the midst of actual insurance products, the selection of recommendations, and the identification of the price of the insurance.

Marketing - with the closure of a cycle of dyy, a kind of permanent interruption in active dynamism and production of information and advisory assistance, we can help you ahead, we’ll seek a person to insurer, interest insurance, and so on. Such a complex of duplicate marketing programs for three elements of marketing: strategic, operational and organizational. Before entering strategic marketing, follow:

• up to the insurance market of that segmentation;

• value of indicative indicators of insurance products;

• development of proposals and projects for strategic development of an insurer.

Operational marketing transfer перед:

• analysis of the production line of insurance services;

• professional preparation of insurance and insurance intermediaries;

• organization of advertising calls and sounds of publicity;

• Development and maintenance of supplementary services to insurers.

Organizational marketing contacts have the following changes:

• monitoring of the organization of mutual borrowings in the structure of the insurance company;

• awareness of the effectiveness of the structural insurance policy of the insurer;

• improvement of visits to the corporate culture of the insurer's personnel.

The head of service marketing can be put :

1) the problem has a form - if a specific problem is formulated in the insurance policy and the need to understand the variations of the reasons why they brought to it;

2) in the form of tasks - on the vibration of the optimal variant from the obvious ones, for specific nutrition from the insurance provider;

3) in the form of food (it’s usually the best way to go out of singing insurance and insurance) - you’ll need to exclude expert evaluations from a specific nutrition (insurance tariffs for analogous products, efficiency of new advertising and new products) Yakostі іnstruktivnykh materіalіv for insurance agents and so on.).

With the whole marketing service, the mother’s butcher’s service was clearly recognized and agreed upon, the term of the visit, the oath of the material was given, and the specific support was given (advice, beforehand, to be given away), as well.

Surrounding informational and analitical materials, dealing with some of them is possible additionally, one-time victorious, more valuable and generous, service to marketers can submit their products from demonstration forms.

The main averages can be buti:

• conducted business - one of the most effective training methods before important negotiations were held and coordination and coordination with the side of the insurer; Nabuttya practical skills in the business sector (who have insurance intermediaries), but for the functional requirements, the rest should be left to the robot with the keys;

• modeling and analysis of specific situations, demonstrating and evaluating insurance options in insurance in robots with keys;

• nadannya on the front materials (prototypes of polices, methodical drawings, advertising materials to skinny) from the very best, the practice of competing with the last sub-grants.

Odnієyu of nayvazhlivіshih minds when pіdgotovtsі service marketing kіntsevih produktіv svoєї dіyalnostі Je proyav rozumnoї іnіtsіativi buyout bazuєtsya on glibokomu usvіdomlennі fahіvtsyami service prіoritetnih napryamіv i printsipіv robot insurers, i Got to metі Povny th vsebіchne vikoristannya in іnteresah kerіvnih organіv i pіdrozdіlіv insurers zіbranoї that sistematizovanoї Informácie , що її опрацьуєє service.

Marketing policies traditionally follow these basic principles:

• it is oriented on the vibration of a potential insurer, for example, on the basis of the category of the category of high-class people, cleverly singing for singing signs - for the type of labor activity; vidnoshennyam to lane; the region of residence (for example, rentals, drivers of motor vehicle hardships, service planners, service workers of the profession);

• it is based on the environment, see insurance and a group of insurance products - medical, other types of insurance, a package of insurance services, a loan, a regular insurance service and a serviced insurance. secured by assistance, matrimonial rizik (for example, with insurance, if you want to transport a carriage);

• one of the specific channels of sales is implemented - for example, an extension of insurance policies for companies, groups for singing group signs (transportation, tourist, etc.).

If you want to conduct a marketing campaign at both stages, you will need to provide the nutrition of the sub-active provision of the client before insurance, as the Institute for Social Assistance will be entitled to specific insurance products. Even the most affordable insurance product will not be sold, but if a potential client doesn’t make it possible, you should use it in a new way, but if you have no good reason, you shouldn’t bring any other benefits to them. The catering is comprehended in the understandings of the form of living covetous (culture of insurance).

From now on, in the realm of service, marketing is fully viocremed with such respect for respect:

1) insurance field (category of potential insurance company and insurance policy);

2) yakіsnі indicators of insurance products;

3) channels for realizing insurance products;

4) the form of a living dormitory.

Strakhova іndustriya vikoristovu іznі tipi middleman and that combi. Intermediate functions can be completed: insurance company personnel, agents, brokers, banks, travel agencies, business calls, non-rental agencies, car dealerships.

Alas! The Law of Ukraine “On Insurance” also defines the intermediary: “Insurers can protect their insurance through insurance intermediaries (insurance agents and insurance brokers).

Insurance agents - large numbers of legal entities , who have the right to pay for the assignment of the insurer and have the right to cover a part of the insurance coverage (the settlement of insurance payments, the coverage of the insurance indemnity), Insurance agents є representatives of the insurance company and their interests at the commission for the settlement of the win-win agreement under the insurance contract.

Insurance brokers - people of a legal nature who are registered with the established order as a subdivision of health insurance and health insurance in the insurance market for business insurance.

Intermediate activity of insurance agents and insurance brokers on the basis of foreign insurance in Ukraine is not allowed, but it is not transmitted by international treaties of Ukraine before. ”

Alternatively, I’m selling insurance products to become more legal entities, but to play the role of insurance agents for a particular insurance company. Nimi є banks, notary offices, travel agencies, viddlynye zv'yazku skinny, some order with the servants for their basic business activities to understand the terms and conditions of the contract for that kind of insurance. More than one insurance company and insurance agents - legal entities are governed by the disposition of general land about legal requirements and quick protocols to them, but contracts of legal entities and legal agents for such sums.

The system of general insurance agencies is characterized by a higher stage of insurance and insurance company and an insurance agent. Our time has such a system of transferring overseas insurance markets. General agents - as a whole, individuals who have been redeemed by one insurance company, have the same stink to represent the general territorial-administrative region with that person. The robot of such an agent is monitored by the inspector and directors of the insurance company, as I have encouraged. Legally vidnosini mizh general insurance agent and the insurance company drawn up an agreement on appointment for landing. Such an agreement makes sense of the type of insurance, such as an agent for upgrading praciuvati, the maximum limit of insurance, which can be accepted, territorial distribution, contractual insurance, and general insurance. The skin general agency, which is repairing its work, is an insurance company providing financial assistance for organizing help (renting an allowance, paying for special services, advertising, etc.).

General insurance agent hiring insurance agents, we can see the service area - the territory (specific population points), and they can change the organization of sales of insurance policies. Hourly, if you have already reached a certain amount of insurance, you must have insurance for the designated territory, the insurance agent has the right to collect subagents as an assistance, to enter into an agreement with them upon completion of the contract. Inod ogov'yazki subagents_v may be missed more representative functions. For example, vivchati rinok and orinuvati agents with food for a particular type of insurance, so that you can become interested for those who are living in a small town. Subagents also want to look at a concert whose sports are organized, as well as organize through an advertising method of insurance company. Prote so that pracіvniki don’t have to go straight ahead with an insurance company.

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