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Insurance - lecture notes

Theme 6. The main see insurance that characteristics

Specialist insurance

One of the halls of insurance є the specialty of insurance , health insurance , by the way of giving singing services as a physical person (okremim to the public, members of the family), as well as legal persons (for example, insurance, public relations). For the sake of servicing, transfer insurance coverage to the insurance provider (insured) at the time of unsanctioned uplift for your life and health.

Prior to the special gadgets of special insurance:

  1. life insurance (pension),
  2. insurance of the extraordinary vipadkiv;
  3. more medical insurance.

Ongoing two health benefits in economic literary education with the name “health insurance”.

Alas! Zdіysnennya special insurance mu singing specialties. Zokrema when yogo povdennіnnogo blow it is important to correctly evaluate that risik, which is taken on insurance. Through this insurance policy, on a daily basis, based on the established insurance insurance sums, I’ve seen more and more insurance, which can lead you to insurance vipadas.

I filed insurance in the room for insurance and discounts, so that I can agree on it, the contract for insurance contracts, as well as accumulated insurance sums.

Rhizics, such as in case of fear of life, in connection with undetermined triviality of the rest for the skin surrounding the insurer. So, there’s a short life for people, for example, the year of the leader of SIM, I’ve created significant problems for the first team of children. Trivale of living on the side of the problem of financial security in the elderly.

Insurance of life transfer of insurance of the insurance company at the time of death of the insured (insured) of the contract hour insurance will live up to the singing line in the contract.

In addition, in the insurance contract, the insurance policy is stipulated by the insured person during the life of the insured individual to the singing level, on the side of friendship, the social rate of the child, and also the loss of their health.
Contract insurance for life May singing singularities:

  1. vidovaldnost insurance company insist that, as a rule, the insurance cover (s) died for any reason;
  2. insurance agreement to enter into a legal agreement, osklki tsei agreement, і especially ugalnogo yogy umovy, viroblyaetsya more than an insurer;
  3. the insurer is awake on the mind, like an insured;
  4. life insurance contract - a goodwill agreement, the basis was laid on the first basis by the insurer and the insurer. For example, insurance cover, laying down a contract, governing obligations to be supplied, nourished, honestly. Incoming insurance agreement to enter into less.

The insurance contract will be transferred , and the insurance company will be obliged to pay back the insurance (to the insured, Vigodonuvachevich) insurance insurance, I will pay back the loan, but take the insurance cover to get the goods on credit. The sum is fixed to cry vigodonabuvachev at the death vipad the insured individual. At one time, the insurance premium amount is paid back during the life of the insured (insured) before the end of the insurance contract. Behind the minds of such a contract, an insurance cover (of insurers) may, in case of deliberation, receive a pension in case of an aching singing wiki.

When the insurance is carried out by the main hips є it will survive until the end of the insurance line, but the death of the insurance (insured) by the extension of the second. The very same insurance company needs to pay attention to the insurance claim. For your convenience, I’ll put together a table of mortality, based on the statistics of the statistical region of the population, as well as on the materials of the insurance company and showing the mortality of people, who will die from the skin of the people. Strakhovikovі, a kind of health insurance, life is important, it is important to know the factors, so as to absorb the mortality of the population.

The following factors can be included:

  1. wik;
  2. Profession
  3. a month of living;
  4. to become.

Dostrokove pinned the contract of insurance to bring to the winter cobs of insurance by the insurer and the insurer, and the meta, for the purpose of creating a reserve, are deprived of unattainable. To that the reserve is fixed. As a rule, the insurer is able to pay a premium, I will pay insurance premiums (to the insured) by a singing rank to the insurance (vacation) bag, so that I become less part of the accumulated reserve. Along with the minds of the contract, such a binding on him may not be paid, but the agreement is still lacking.

The insurance company may need to provide insurance coverage, some difficulties, and a change of insurance premiums (I will pay the insurance premium). Taka (on a daily basis, not available for the insurer) the operation is called a reduction .

Svitova insurance practice pod_lyaє insurance life insurance for insurance and insurance rent.

Insurance insurance transfer power agreement negotiate insurance premium with the insurance holder to the value specified in the agreement (at least) at all times. Insurance capitals transferring new capitals. It’s great to go around with the insurance of life, with the minds of some kind of payment, as a result, the insurance cover will live up to the value of the line (viku), or even die if you extend the insurance agreement.

While it’s about renting insurance, the song is enshrined in the contract, the insurance provider (the insured person) is often paid by the regular periodic bills, and the rest of the life is left to keep the life of the insurance (insured).

The practice of life insurance transmits the following: see life insurance:

  1. zmіshane life insurance;
  2. insurance of children;
  3. insurance before joining a sweetheart (more fun);
  4. health insurance;
  5. insurance of pre-retirement pension.