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Insurance - lecture notes

Theme 8. Basics of reinsurance і співстрахування

The essence and role of reinsurance

The need for reinsurance vinikaє for such furnishings:

• the grave of little cherries, the instructions of the great rizik;

• a catastrophic catastrophe, because of the cumulative impact of the result;

• the average frequency of zbitkіv is changed.

Reinsurance - insurance by one insurer (assignor, reinsurance) on the basis of a contract signed by the insurer of the weekend of part of their obligations to the insurer of the general insurance (reinsurer) resident non-resident, the country has the status of a non-resident insurance.

In the reinsurance agreement, to take the fate of: insurance partnership, which is passed on to a rezik; insurance partnership, which will accept a rezik for your business; middleman (not obov'yazkovo). The process of giving orders to rhizic is called tzeduvanny rhizik, but otherwise tsesinu. The insurer (reinsurance manager), generally, is called the assignor. The insurer (reinsurance), which is rezim priim ц, - tsesionarіm.

Reinsurance contract scheme

The insurer (assignor, reinsurer), who has agreed with the reinsurer to reinsure the contract, to be indemnified to the insurer for the full liability of the insurance contract.

At the time of insurance insurance reinsurance, the reinsurer carries the necessary insurance with recognizable goiters and reinsurance. Vidnosini insurance iz reinsurance regulated contracts, scho be settled between them. Rizik, adoption by the reinsurer of the reinsurance, we can reiterate the transfers from the private parts of the reinsurer. Tsey process call retrotsesіyu. The side that is transmitted indirectly is called a retrocedent, and the side that is taken over by such a rizik is retrocesionarium.

As a result of reinsurance (retirement) and retrocessed viduvayutsya filed rizikіv, vіdpovіdalnіst rozpіdlіvatsya mіzh bagatma insurers yak on the internal market, so і on the foreign market.

With a glance of retrocycium, the part of Rizikiv can be passed on to the direct insurance company (sellers). Schob to uncover such cumulative zbitkiv, at the contract of reinsurance it is possible to zrobiti in the middle of time zherezhenennya.

Yak in insurance, so in reinsurance operations and third-party intermediaries. The wide range of services offered by the broker is covered by the specific risks of reinsurance: the number of risks, the number of times required, and the need for retail on special markets. The broker is ready to use all the information for offering and distributing in an optimal way. Pislya rozmіschennya propositsії broker gotuє reinsurance contract. And I’m writing for you, I’ll have to save some necessary documents. The broker will repudiate the commission, which will vary, as a rule, from 10 to 15% of the net premium.

From here, the main functions of the broker are:

• presentation of a client;

• consultation;

• negotiations;

• rozpіl rizikіv.

At the time of purchase of a reinsurance agent, I will insure (the guarantor of the insurance) the insurer the transferred part of the insurance, as well as the part of the premium. But for organizing an insurance policy, the insurer has the right to reject a business wine, or a premium. Otzhe, komis_ya - the part of incurred by the assignor of the Vitrat z contractual insurance agreement has been recognized.

I understand that see the comment:

Original comisia - vіdrakhuvannya with premium for the assignor. I cry out for reinsurance.

Reinsurance komisіya - vіdrakhuvannya with premium on the basis of retrocedent. Vikoristovuetsya with retroces.

Brokerska komis_ya - vіdrakhuvannya with a premium on the broker's greed. Pokrivaє vitrati, liability for the reinsurance contract, and insurance for the whole of the reinsurance contract.

The insurer (assignor) may also have a right to a bonus - credit with a reinsurer, a certain benefit may be given for the results of a reinsurance contract. The bonus is crying out for a blink of an eye out of a pure clean-up; I’m waking up the reinsurance company. The whole form is preoccupied by the reinsurer of the reinsurer with the right to participate in the reinsurance agreement, and the extent and accuracy of the contract.

Significantly, the reinsurance bullets are reinsured. There are two types of pools that are available: insurance pool and reinsurance pool. The pool of insurance to conduct sales of polis, for all the participants to take on themselves earlier the site of the business. The reinsurance pool is reassigned є, the insurers will let me go on my own, quench my installment, and transfer the reins to the pool on the basis of a quota for the case. The reinsurance pool is a middleman, the transfer of funds to reinsurance among its members. I will look at the private dots_volume to get involved in firing the bullets at the insurers in the event of catastrophic disasters (nuclear, aviatsіnny, hull sea ships).