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Insurance - lecture notes

Theme 7. Credit and financial insurance insurance

In the case of bosoms, the creditor (posikodavod) and that of the other bourgeois (posichnik), the subject of the most interesting interest is the loan - on the side of economic and legal situations: for the bourgeois - goiter, turn the right to the right to vary the amount of time. Nevikonannya for various reasons of these domiciles I’ll clog up the creditors and financial loans, so that I can reckon with the help of the other available legal and material reasons. Under the law of law, secure transfer, which is due to creditors, may be turned over by third persons.

Credit insurance is based on the standard non-payment policy; non-payment opportunities, which are formulated by the loan process.

The historical prototype of credit insurance is lost in business operations, beyond the minds of those who did it, the dodatka pleased, it was called del credere. The commissioner for vodpovodnu dodatkovu vinogoroda, as I was respected by the payment for taking the commission of the transaction, having guaranteed the guarantees, the bill for sales of goods on credit will be purchased from the terminology. From now on, for the sake of delcredere, I incurred the nature of bills of guarantee, which was probably due to the fact that I was indefinitely repaying the third party to the third party third party commissioner for paying bribes. As a result, the widespread commerce operation was the cob form of credit insurance with the necessary attributes of the insurance transaction: the loan is not repaid, the loan is indemnified, and the insurance period is over.

Fig. 4. The scheme of delcrediting credit insurance

Fig. 4. The scheme of delcrediting credit insurance

At the time of a deliberative form of organization of insurance creditors (banks, investors and investors), the role of insurance and insurers is recognized at once, and insurance policyholders need to be insured by less than half the insurance policy.

The insurance policy is stored in two groups of insurance loans: insurance of commodity loans and insurance of financial (grocery) loans. The first insurance group has to protect itself both internally and internationally (export-import) goods, which are on a credit basis. To another group of del-loan insurance, to establish operations with insurance of financial loans, as well as part of living loans and loans, investment is shown in the form.

The creditor’s main interest may be in the middle of the abductions - a slam to the insurance planner of the ploskomozhnosti yogo bourgeois. For the price of the form of insurance insurance company страх posichnik. Vin, without delay insuring his plateau, in the middle of the grave of interest of his creditor - creditor. A water-hour insurer, insuring the payroll of the clerk, we give the guarantee of the creditors themselves, turn the boss. From now on, from the legal side for the insurance operation по, by the day, I’ll be given by the insurer of the insurance guarantee goiter, as a servant for the creditor, I will force a non-attorney to the borg on a waiver. I will look at the prices of insurance theories and practical insurance policies of this nature ia exchangeable, but guarantee.

An economical insurance guarantee is established before the insurer takes out the indemnified non-paid insurance premium and takes care of the role of a guarantor as a guarantor of payment of any additional bargaining at the agreed terms for the insured's benefit.

When guaranteeing (insured) insurance from an insurance company , there are not two parties involved, as in delcreder insurance, but three parties:

creditor - sub'єkt, on the basis of the certain kind of money of Viconan’s goiters and I’m immediately є insured and the beneficiary of the insurance guarantee;

pozichnik - sub'єkt, goiters, turn the borg, but the same insurance;

guarantor - an insurance mortgage, a kind of guarantor; a vicon of Zobov'yazan; a same insurer.

Fig. 5. Vzaimovidnosini side with the guarantee of insurance

Fig. 5. Vzaimovidnosini side with the guarantee of insurance

In the minds of outposted (guaranteed) insurance, insurance products (insurance warranties) can be used for better insurance, transferred on credit ambushes by one subscriber. With such news, secrecy, cream of bank poses, you can be able to get the sum of the right up to a pay, but also the last little expenses and the sum, the right amount of compensations for the weekly weekly and on-time delivery of goods, unavailable delivery of goods. All the so-called classic goiter’s claims, as well as insurance guarantees.

At a group of outposted (guaranteed) insurance, there is also the practice of special methods of insurance insurance - insurance of financial guarantees. Technique of insurance of warranties and insurance. To that very credit, kind of financial guarantees, to be shared by two groups:

a) loans, which are guaranteed to be guaranteed to healers for a long time from financial instruments. I’m talking about mortgage and bank loans, I’m seeing myself at the front desk of the mortgage loan office, which can be assigned to the students. Mortgage and insurance may become a subject of insurance, and a substitute of insurance is insured and insured in one individual;

b) credits, turning of which are guaranteed by trading goiters of financial nature: regions, shares, business partners, certificates of financial assets of enterprises. I will look at the guarantee of the guarantee, I will pay the guarantee for my private sub-accounts, and there will be a guarantee that I have one independent sign. The capacity of bovine goiters is the same self-sustaining insurance, so that you can keep to yourself.

In case of a guaranteed insurance, as in case of a de-credit, there are two ways to get insurance coverage:

• one-time - reimbursement of the whole area of ​​the credit and credit operations, as I will need insurance guarantees;

• bagorezovy, werewolf - most often driven by operations, as well as one can be healthy with one fellow lasting an hour or so about guaranteeing insurance.

There are a number of different types of credit loans, such as being on a regular credit market, of particular importance are to get credit services, and generally credit loans . By the butt of such a loan є kind, dovrіchnі vіdnosini mіzh the forerunner (lender) and that we will hire a pracer (borshnik). In this way, one can instill a real sermon in the transmitted precedent to one's own servant at the hour of the koristuvannya in connection with the transport of any other values. Otzhe, Vinikaє Rizik is not true dovri pracedavtsya. On a vipadok, you will be able to insure you with your family. You look at the type of insurance, as it were, from one side, the character of the loan dealership, the insurer is the creditor, and from the other - gaining the form of the insurance guarantee, fragments of the insurance policy to become the subject of compulsion. To that very reason, dumb insurance insurance is definitely uniquely identified before the deceitful group of the outpost group.

Otzhe, beruchi to uwagi rіznomanіtnіst nature operatsіy, pov'yazanih іz bezposerednіm strahuvannyam kreditіv that nadannyam INSURANCE garantіy vzaєmovіdnosin of the credit, credit strahuvannya mozhna viznachiti yak gospodarsky mehanіzm meta yakogo - zadovolniti vipadkovі otsіnyuvanі maynovі require SSMSC vinikayut of riziku nepovernennya loan pererozpodіlivshi vtrati between sub-accounts of credit and insurance loans.

In economic, insurance and financial insurance, understanding financial finance is not unambiguous. Zdebilshogo insurance of financial rizikov to look at the university and wide rozumіnnі. At the university there is a higher risk of insurance, as well as more insurance than credit risks, and wider insurance, I can also see the insurance coverage quietly, as there are no significant losses.

Alas! On the insurance policy, the subject of the insurance is the same as the mine, the insurance policy is paid by the form of the insurance policy on the May subcategory of the insurance policy. Vipadkov’s spending of Maybut corianity (for a given time - a cleanup) can come up with the reasons for the vipadic decline of the virobenic process, but to navigate this zupinki. Zbitki, a kind of gospodarsky sub'єkt can be recognized as hell with the whole haste, do not be shunned by a loss of a third of Maybut corianity. Before them, I’ll also have to give details, vitrained to pay the so-called regular consumption, zoomed out need for permanent payment, and the state submission, as well as prior to that. In addition, since it’s much lower than the price of acquiring the virological process, it is now heralded an unreported vipad, that the oath of zbitk can be spared for the vitra, as a whole, by protesting from the whole. From now on, a waste of maybutnos coristi, and a separate and third-rate insurance coverage, do not occur independently.

Zvichaine insurance of the main interests to complete often less than a fraction of the gate, a kind of gospodarsky sub'kt having recognized the successor will show rizika. Much larger may be the butth of a third, taken into account by the neotrims of a companion. Prote at the main base of main insurance is paid for the safety of the cat, which is sufficient for the creation of the most valuable things and the subject of virobnitz. With the help of the method of Najbilsh Bajanim Bulo b Insurance Lane of the main funds at the new wartost base of the base of the Rizik.

Such a form of insurance coverage, such as transferring the principle of “new for old”, so long as insurance coverage is taken on equal terms, has already been reserved in the order from Niemechin and Austria 1929. The organization of such an insurance zashistu stooped zdeblshogo riziku boggling. This type of insurance is the average type of insurance for real lane gates for excess bills and insurance gates for lost rates, so that insurance is lost.

Insurance insurance, canceled in case of insurance from the "New Wartost", I can immediately see the new viral process, interruptions through the installation of the VIP card. Insurance insurance in addition to the transfer of the payment of the payment, the insurance for the insured sub-account, the regular maintenance of pennies, the necessary for the financial insurance, the payment of financial and social benefits.

Insurance in case of insurance in case of loss of insurance є zbіrnoy i okhoplyuє so see zbitkіv:

• vitrati, so that they can have a permanent character and є є need to be extended with a stretch of a winclose interrupt the viral process;

• Growth of vitrati for virobnitstvo, as well as of pre-donated vitrums, hidden in the minds of the declining decline of virobnitzty, as a result, an insurance premium fell into place. Nagromaghennya zikh zbitkіv zumovlyu є rent of pre-adobe viral areas, cars, mechanisms, payment for the work at the hour of the hour and enter;

• a waste of time, uncovered for a special technique.

I’ll take a little walk, you can go through a non-stop post-graduation Maine and I’ve gotten to close the viral process, I can get a little more than the same amount of time, if I have an insurance trip from a co-holder of this state gift. A co-sponsor, a kind of vidigra, the role of a post-scholar, having recognized the latest main gateway, not zooming in on the situation. All the same, I’ve brought to such negative insights as if I had been able to interrupt the virologic process through a short-lived lane. Great amount of insurance for such a guarantee is also available for a special and supplementary insurance coverage for all insurance companies.

The rest of the oath of the insurance independance of the insurer in case of insurance twice in the amount of the amount of the insurance amount. The insurance sum for the consumer insurance will be deducted at the base of the transferred oath to the side and the oath of the old vitrati, which can be put together at the state rotsі. In practice, insurance in the event of a loss is stalled by the understanding of the gain - gross. The gross side door, at one’s own house, can be stored in two parts: a sideway in an economically significant understanding, called a net sideway, that old vitrati, which are pure gates in the minds of a simple virobnitz.

Particular insurance is worth a little extra є those who have an oath to keep a bit of money don't have to pay attention to things (like at the time of some major insurance fears), skills at the time of interruption of interruptions. An official for an hour is characterized by a specific parameter, such as being more visible and more obsolete if you insure yourself a second time — terminology. Nim є rozrahunkovy period of dіyalnostі pіdpriєimstva, with a stretch of some kind of piles of negative results vіd interrupt virobnitsva through lane zbitki.

Triviality of the entire period is to be recognized as a front-line insurance cover and maximum allowance for the hour, necessary assistance to reach the oath of the turnover of the turnover, it is not enough until the insurance vypadu. Rozrahunok tsyogo termіnu, as a rule, to reach out to the highly qualified specialists - managers, brokers. It’s stinky to have more time than the official for an hour, but the first officials, and the very same: the design of the insured objects, the type of state-owned activities, the folding technology, the availability of access to financial resources, more time.

The insurer, as a rule, is scolded by the insurrection of the term insured. All the time term є period, moreover, between the boundaries of a certain insurer, you have a valid insurance for a one-second surcharge. To that very same, I’m an insurer, so I have a rozumіyut insurance, but trivial terminology відшкодування є the most respectable official to fill in the insurance bag. Schopravda, insurance practitioners do not have direct severance by the establishment of the term for the insurance claim and the liability of the insurance sum. In quiet hikes, if terminology is taken for the shortest 12 months, insurers have fixed rates for the fractional type: for shorter term insurance, the sum is set up visibly for the insurance, lower for trivial terms. Naiposhirenimim є termіn vіdshkoduvannya trivalіstu vіd kіlkoh mіsyatsіv to one rock.

Insurance tariffs for consumer insurance twice as much as possible with the coveted methodology and with the singing peculiarities of evaluating performance, which is laid in the basis of this insurance. Sokrema, rizik rub a little bit, wait for є more than a day to riziku nastannya maynovih zbitkіv yak svogo basic riziku. The peculiarity of the interchange of the pitch is the same as that between them there are not so many deposits. Adzhe navіt is insignificant Mainova Skoda it is good to bring to the zupinki whole virobnitztva, to the whole yoke. From now on, the insurance tariff is limited to the following risks:

a) basic riziku (shkozhenzhennya, but even the knowledge of the main interests);

b) Riziku spovіlnenny abo zupinennya virobnichnogo process.

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  1. What is the form of credit insurance?
  2. Hto in the minds of the delkrederny form of insurance credit in the role of the insurer?
  3. How much time do you have to insure yourself in case of insurance?
  4. What do you mean with the term “vidshkoduvannya”?