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Insurance - lecture notes

Insurance vіdpovіdalnostі

Insurance in the form of a clean sweep to protect the third person (healthy health mine). The gadget of insurance was assigned one day in a row to mine a main insurance, as long as a Skoda is taken over a lane, so a special insurance if a Skoda is overwhelmed with life, healthy people.

About the insurance policy for the third person, for the main interest, for the insurance policy: the following creatures are:

  1. in case of death - for balance sheets
  1. west ody skoda espei abo її mine;
  2. Shkodi, Western legal persons.

Під майновим інтересом necessarily rozumіti zbitok, a certain ponis bi insurer, yakbi yogo vіdpovіdalnіst is not insured.

Meta insurance insurance - insurance coverage of economic interests insurance, health insurance for third persons.

The subject of insurance іdpovіdalnostі є:

  1. riziki special insurance (life, health, prazdatatnіst) - ti, pov'yazanі z moglivisty zapodіyannya shkody;
  2. riziki lane insurance (knowledge, instability, post-graduation).

Prior to the specific sign of insurance, see the following:

  1. sub'єktami of insurance insurance є three parties: an insurer, a safety harness, a third party - of insurance, who will pay insurance insurance - no advance notice;
  2. the vartity of the fear insurance is not recognized; I’ll forget about the third person’s visit and immediately see the protection of the main interests of the insurer itself;
  3. insurance policy is included in the contract for limited insurance, such as insurance when you are covered by insurance, for the entire insurance contract there is no need for insurance, but for more information, two months before the cob of a new calendar of fate behind the subordinates of the Authorized Body.

It’s very nice, especially for insurance, ideal insurance, insurers have large enough reserves, generously vidrahovuyu ix at the maybutnyh fund of bills.

Insurance insurance : Classification:

  1. for the form of health: voluntarily, obov'yazkov;
  2. for the types of the insured sub-insurance of insurance : legal entities; physical individuals;
  3. for the object of insurance: insurance of bargaining; insurance for vipadok vіdshkoduvannya Skody;
  4. for types of agreements : zvichaynі, dodatkovі.

I have a leather coat from my view of insurance in the form of insurance. Napriklad have vіdpovіdalnostі zaborgovanostі naychastіshe vidіlyayut: strahuvannya kreditіv, depozitіv toscho, and strahuvannі vіdpovіdalnostі on vipadok zapodіyanoї Skoda -strahuvannya profesіynoї vіdpovіdalnostі (lіkarіv, advokatіv, arhіtektorіv-budіvelnikіv that іn, SSMSC zaymayutsya Private Practice.) Vіdpovіdalnostі vlasnikіv the agriculture zasobіv, vіdpovіdalnostі retrieval, civilian business opportunities - Dzherel pidvyshenno і nezdezpeki skinny. Assigned to pay attention to more detailed supply, fallow insurance policy and family.

Alas! From insurance in the day to day in the collection of lane and special insurance. Through insurance vidovdalnost vidshkodovuyu minova Skoda, due to the third persons, as before nevidom. The insurance cover itself, when I take it, doesn’t mean any kind of administrative and criminal justice. Hello at the voluntary and final form.

Self-powered meals

  1. What is the reason for the Zmist, the designation of special fear?
  2. What are the main features of special insurance?
  3. Yak ekonomіchna the essence of lane insurance?
  4. What are the main features of main insurance?
  5. What is the economic benefit of insurance?
  6. What yakoy characteristic?