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Insurance - lecture notes

Methody reinsurance

Transmission of reinsurance in reinsurance may be completed one time at a time. Istoriya rezvitku reinsurance to celebrate, with the help of first-class letters the most reliable rezikіv.

From now on, for the method of transferring reinsurance from reinsurance and for registration of legal rights to reinsurance operations, I rely on the following:

• optional;

• Obligatory (contract);

• optional-regional and optional-regional (zmі-shanі).

The optional reinsurance method is characterized by a new freedom of parties to the reinsurance contract. The reinsurer has the right to transfer the bonds and the loss of ix to the authorities, and the reinsurer has the right to accept the loans and see them. In case of facultative reinsurance, the skin rhizic is transmitted okremo. The main thing is the particular method of reinsurance of the pole in the ability to evaluate the evaluation.

Facultatively reinsurance in bagochny aspects is similar to direct insurance, the only guarantee is that a reinsurer, accepting a loan, a report of a vivcha зна know about the practice of insurance transaction procedures. Such a report is not repeated, the partner's vivchency of this prophetic attitude is especially peculiar to one of the first ones to accept a business associate. Proteins of information in such an obligation will require a bagato hour and additional administrative documents for both parties (document revision, detailed documentary review, etc.).

Cross over the optional method to find the axis for whom:

• є the ability to vibrate for the company-assignor of the clever and tidy minds of reinsurance (the sale of letters in the number of reinsurance companies, the vibrancy of propositions);

• at the recessor, the reinsurance provider in these quiet falls, if you have the right insurance, you can pay the insurance rate, but if you need to increase your insurance coverage, you need to have insurance for it.

Specialty of facultative reinsurance є the possibility of regulation by the insurer (assignor) to the insurance of the whitewashed.

Vlasne utrimannya - part of the insurance sum has been economically wound up, as well as the insurance company has paid for its own insurance business. Qiu sums:

• okremo for an insurance policy;

• for one rizik;

• for a group of risers.

Vlasna utrimanyannya to become an absolute sum of money at insurance rates of the insurance company. Foldable meals for practical reinsurance є By designating the parts of the chisel, the way you want to do it is yours. Passing to reinsurance to finish the great part is not visible, the fraud of the insurance policy is equal to the amount of insurance premiums. A water hour to finish the high limit of vyasnaya utrimannya vplivaє on the financial stability of the insurer. Do not be deprived of the insurer, but the first reinsurer may not pay attention to the roaming of the lofty utriman. Underestimation of the insurance policy’s utter maturity does not give reinsurers the opportunity to be safe, but the insurance policyholder is in case of regular insurance losses at the time of insurance premiums.

Ozhe, viznenzhennya optimal rosimiru vlasnogo utrimana роз є є є є ливо ливо є ливо ливо є є є ливо є в орган орган орган орган орган орган орган орган орган орган орган є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є єє є є є є є є є In fact, in bagatokh kraynah svitu rozmіr vlasnogo utrimanaannya regulated by the law or even the participants themselves reinsurance.

At Art. 30 of the Law of Ukraine “On introducing the wage to the Law of Ukraine“ On insurance ”, it has been transferred more than once to the contract of reinsurance, if the insurance sum for the amount of insurance is transferred, I transfer 10% of the total statutory reserve to the fund .

Існує Bagato Theory and Practical Recommendations, as a rule, when there is a noticeable limitation of the utmost utrimany. It’s clear.

¦ The oath of oversight. What is the biggest oversight of the zbrano premium with a slight increase in the visibility of the number of rizikiv, the other is the limit of the utter utrimannya.

¦ The middle profitability, but the average zbitkіst for okrimy types of insurance, for objects. We want to see if there is less and less bitterness, while we can do better than the level of utter matrimony.

¦ Rosmіr vitrat for the holy days. Yakshko vitrati zvedennya cope with the surrounding types of insurance to finish the great, the insurer (assignor) when you install the lower boundary of the maternity insurance can reinsert the greater part of this vitrat on reinsurance.

¦ Territorial insurance of insured objects. Let’s make the big deal, let’s do it less and cumulate and make it more clear.

¦ Qualification and practical dosvid special insurance of the insurer (assignor). The assessment of the mark is correct, the maximum possible cigar is set, the commensurate and the necessary test set adequate to the test is passed on to the test of the lofty utriman.

For the dermal appearance of the rizikiv (group of rizikiv) insurance companies, put together tables that limit the total number of yarns, often yell.

The procedure for arranging a reinsurance contract on an optional basis is such. On the other hand, the reinsurance agent and the reinsurer are laying the contract with them for optional reinsurance. Tsei contract does not take revenge on riziki, but less than the designation scheme of the robot, the rights that obov'yazki side. On behalf of such a reward, the reinsurer does not have any objections to accept insurance policies for reinsurance. Optional reinsurance transfer of reinsurance reinsurance to the skin okremoy vipadok.

If the insurer has a rizik, a certain winnings to reinsure with an agreement on optional and optional reinsurance, reinsurance reinsurance carpet note.

Carpet note to avenge such information: type of insurance; territory insurance; object of insurance; insurance bag; premium rate; completely overwhelmed; reinsurance premium, commission and so on.

Pislya vivchennya informatsii shodo reziku reinsurer povіdomlyaє the insurer (assignor), as a part of the winnings in the optional reinsurance. Підтвердження to work on the phone, fax, or otherwise send written copies of the presentation to the assigned parts.

When considering an optional reinsurance, you need to deflect respect for the short-lived method:

1) without the sake of the reinsurer, the reinsurer cannot remember the insurance;

2) great vitrati with formalized facultative reinsurance, especially at times non-recurrent facultative propositions;

3) triviality of the execution of the optional reinsurance of the investment є on the possibility of arranging the contract for any kind of agreement;

4) vivcheneniya dermal skin and often performed reinsurance and information to competitors about the underwriter policy of the company-assignor;

5) the impossibility of automatically updating the optional coverage.

The commission for the optional reinsurance is not regularly established. Optional reinsurance contracts are settled on the period of the original policy.

An optional course of action is in the usal gallows of fear. Most of all, to indulge in recession during great risks (industrial enterprises, universities and aggregates, which may have a higher degree of insurance), as well as indemnity, and non-insurance.

In addition to the oath of insurance operations, there was a need to speed up the mechanism of transfer of reinsurance from reinsurance. And then, from my own side, I tried to reinsure the new method of reinsurance, having put on more insurance and better insurance, less insurance for the riziki. Іdetsya about regional insurance (contract) reinsurance.

Obligatorne reinsurance transmission ов obov'yazkove viddavannya reinsurance earlier known parts of the house for all coverage. The reinsurer as well obov'yazkovo accept the part of the insurance contract with the contract.

The regional reinsurance agreement includes the following terms and conditions, the term of the agreement, the reinsurance premium, the reinsurance contract, the cross-border coverage, and the scheme for the refueling is thin. Reinsurance on a regional basis is of a universal nature, so that you can enjoy the most common types of insurance, and all of these insurance markets. Obligatorne reinsurance gave me the opportunity to develop reinsurance technology, I took into account the fragmentation of the system of agreements in open garages and types of insurance.

Obligatory reinsurance so I can protect against the insurmountment of insurance operations; I want to reinsure the majority of the reinsurance premium from professional reinsurance insurance. Інші overtake the whole method at the offensive:

• in the case of regular trials (reinsurance of rejoicing in that, if the riziki are better, so be less difficult, there will be different paths);

• automatically accepting rizikіv, I will need significantly less vitrates, due to the processing of rizikіv, a shortened hour for underwriting;

• the ability to develop pre-hosted business listings by the parties;

• guarantees of reinsurance reinsurance, so as to give greater freedom to the assignor to conduct insurance operations, extension of business.

In the regional reinsurance reinsurance system, systematic reinsurance reinsurance and bordero premium are systematically suspended. At such a time of need, you need to give information to Dodatkov, who will be the insurance company of the assignor's insurance portfolio. Bordero-premium - the price of rezikіv, so as to reduce the cost of the reinsurance treaty reinsurance.

Zazvichay Bordero-premium to have such information: the number of the original policy; I will name the insured object; insurance period; insurance bag; overwhelmingly re-insurer; part of the reinsurer; reinsurance premium.

One hundred percent of the zbitkiv’s, now the reinsurer has strengthened the reinsurance of the reinsurance and bordero-zitki. The document is to be taken such information: the number of the original policy; date of the day details of the post-graduate agreement; upside down; rallies; Reserves

Zauvazhimo, prote, scho oblgatorne reinsurance is not amused and nedolіkіv. The main incompleteness of the whole method is as follows: if you have a reinsurance policy, reinsurance, do not redeem the insurance contract, but insurance policy reinsurance, you can redeem the contract more often.

The agreement on regional reinsurance is often set aside for non-derogations of terms with the right to each other a different way with a third party’s agreed upon agreement. Reinsurers bugatokh krasnad to overtake the regional method. In general reinsurance, there is optional пере reinsurance, fragments of regional insurance form technically folded.

Practitioners of reinsurance and investment have the same methods of reinsurance, so they are called optionally reinsurance reinsurance and regionally-facultative reinsurance.

At the time of facultative and regional reinsurance, the company -assignor passed on the surplus in itself the rhizics of any part. Reinsurer with the help of this method of reinsurance of goiters' obligations to accept is enshrined in a contract of riziki. From now on, facultative transfer is provided for the insurer (assignor), and regional liability is transferred for the reinsurer.

Zrozumіlo, scho reinsurer, some kind of faculty обл optional regional agreement, most of the time to reimburse the company-assignor, bits of interest and balance of the portfolio to fall into the form of reinsurer. To this, the reinsurer does not wait for reprimands from the optionally-regional treaty, in order to surrender the sound optional faculties, as well as to allow the other side to constantly analyze the skin rhizic.

Optional regional reinsurance of victories in especially great, non-secure riziks, at the time of cumulative zbitkiv, as long as there is only a few proportionate agreements.

Obligatory-facultative reinsurance, on-the-spot transfer, transfer ов obov'yazkovіst for the insurer, and optional - for the reinsurer. I’ll look at the private agreement and agree on the terms and conditions of insurance companies with their own files. Behind a regional-optional facultative reinsurance contract, you should be able to choose the best deals, which are not necessary for an independent insurer (assignor), fragments can ruin the balance of your insurance portfolio.