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Insurance - lecture notes

Form of reinsurance operations

Існує безліч різних for the form of reinsurance contracts. Quite a standard contract for all insurance companies. For a skin-tight okmadku, arrange reinsurance to have your own singing singularities, take note of the parts of the contract, premium rates. You can agree on the whole agreement on two main groups, which can be differentiated between the system of reinsurance and reinsurance and reinsurance. Before them lay proportional and non-proportional forms of reinsurance operations.

Form reinsurance:


  • quota agreement
  • Sumi case agreement
  • quota-excedent agreement


  • case agreement
  • case agreement
  • zbitkovostі (stop loss)

Proporcіyna form reinsurance transfer є to the private fate of the parties at the rozpodіlі vіdpovіdalnostі. Most often, the parties to the agreement are agreed upon between the parties and the insurance and premium insurance coverage are extended.

The essence of non-reinsurance reinsurance is that we must be reinsured, signify only a small amount of money and not cover the total amount of insurance, but there is a large proportion of the maximum cost of return. The main reason for the non-reinsurance reinsurance is the guarantee of the insurance policy for the adopted riziko of the great generous crib for the period signatures. From now on, for the non-reproachable reinsurance assignor he will pay the crib to the singing rozmiru, and reinsurance of the whole rozmiru I will pay the reinsurer at the limit of the agreement for the contract. The indemnity for a non-reproachable contract shall be established in the absolute amount (contract for the case of cryptocurrency) chi at the contract for the contract for the case of cryptocurrency). In non-proprietary agreements, the assignor is called unceasingly a top performer, franchise, and priority. Vidovdalnost reinsurer - pokrittyam.

Neproportsіyne reinsurance mak so special features:

• the insurer can get rid of the great zbitkіv, scho pour on the yo financial results;

• the reinsurer does not take part in the insurance coverage, as it is easy for the insurer to take advantage of it;

• an oath of overshoot of accounting operations is reduced, fragments of insurance are less than the cost of insurance and the results of insurance. Ale vodnochas zrostaє need in the preparation robot;

• the bonus in the contracts of the form, as a rule, is not transferred;

• reinsurance premium for non-reproachable contracts not to be handed over to the skin, not to be handed over, but to the whole portfolio for a single loan and insurance for the river.

Features reinsurance rizikіv non-residents

Reinsurance I look at the tamed peculiarities and specifics cannot be confused with the framework of one power. Bazhannya maximum rozizerezhennya rizikіv, ikh of heterogeneity and summarized rozmir allow for reinsurance operations on the international insurance market.

When arranging insurance contracts, there are several ways to expand to the territory of a foreign country, a lot of insurance companies need to rely on additional reinsurance countries, and we need to rely on them for reinsurance.

If you enter into financial insurance with non-residents subject to legal safeguards (see Article 2 of the Law “On Insurance”, insurance will be granted exclusively to resident insurers of Ukraine). Insurers Victory Institute of Reinsurance for the most important nutrition.

Such a situation vinikayut a little, for example in case of insurance. At tsyomu the insurer zdіysnyuє control over the passing through the territory on the territory of their state. Well, before the reinsurer, it isn’t a professional buoy є not a professional, but some kind of special insurance in that type of insurance, which is a reinsurance. Zagaglі, tse bіlsh does not resemble reinsurance, but sp_vstrakhuvannya.

First-hand terms for regular reinsurance rezikіv boules healthy 24 april 1996 for closed rooms Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Regulation “On healthy operation reinsurance”. Provision of a specific agreement on reinsurance between Ukraine with non-resident reinsurers allowed only one time, as follows:

1) the legislation of the country, in which a non-resident reinsurer, transfers of power over the insurance (reinsurance) case are registered;

2) a non-resident reinsurer has uninterrupted access to insurance (reinsurance) is not less than 3 rooks, which re-transfer the rock, in which the reinsurance agreement is settled;

3) a non-resident reinsurer without having violated the insurance legislation of the territory of the first place, and before that you didn’t stumble over the second drive by stretching out the remaining two streets.

When concluding an agreement on reinsurance for the share of insurance intermediaries - brokers Lloydu insurers are guarded by the value of the brokers of the copy of the indemnity of the insurance.

In the prescribed manner, insurers may be obligated to inspect the agency for looking at the insurance duty regarding the liabilities of the repayers and the rallies to reinsurers of insurance payments, as follows:

1) get reinsured (redeem) contract reinsurance with non-resident reinsurers, sometimes a portion of insurance payments is paid to some reinsurers, I re-transfer 50% of the amount of insurance payments due to these contracts;

2) a portion of insurance payments paid to non-resident reinsurers, transferring 50% of the insurance indemnity amount from the front interest period, reunited by non-resident reinsurers for the entire period.

Cream has been assigned the highest value, especially reinsurance rizikiv at reinsurance non-resident є opodatkuvannya reinsurance premiums. For example, the Law of Ukraine “On deferring a gain in income”, sums of income non-residents, waiver of premium insurance premiums, reinsurance of risks to Ukraine, and a rate of 15% are incurred. Ale Slyd, deny the respect, the norm has been given that you need to rely more on quiet reinsurance, who кра residents of the country, since Ukraine didn’t steal the international covenant about the unimpeachable opodatkuvannya. As a reinsurer є a resident of the country, for whom such a favor has been arranged, it is necessary to take legal protection from the national legislation of the territory of the country.

Remaining special, due to reinsurance of reinsurance at non-resident reinsurers, pole in held rozrahunkіv with them.

For example, we prohibit the Regulation “On the securing of foreign currency in insurance insurance”, we confirm the Permanent Regulation of the National Bank of Ukraine on April 11, 2000, No. 135, for additional insurance against non-reinsurance contracts and insurance contracts.

1. A copy of the license to the authority, an authorized health authority and a public eye for the insurance duty (one-time credit), due to a seal of the insurer;

2. A copy of the license of the non-resident reinsurer, or a document about the second reward, due to the seal of the insurance;

3. One of three packages of such documents: a contract about reinsurance, but about insurance about reinsurance (certificate, policy), and also about reinsurance, about taking over rewriting (carpet note (cover note)); agreement on reinsurance, but insurance on insurance (certificate, policy), as well as certificate of insurance (policy, certificate) and on behalf of a non-resident (bordereau), insurance policy, insurance; agreement about reinsurance; but about insurance about reinsurance (certificate, policy), as well as a rakhunok invoice (invoice).

If, however, reinsurance contracts are settled for the middle of insurance brokers, then such brokers can buy foreign currency in Ukraine’s foreign exchange market for more than one reinsurance reinsurance contract for such reinsurance agreements:

1. Copy of information about the inclusion of an insurance broker to the sovereign registry of insurance brokers (one-time credit), due to the seal of an insurance broker.

2. Copy of the insurance license, a kind of transfer in reinsurance, due to a printed sign (one-time credit).

3. Copy of a non-resident reinsurer’s license of a third-party reinsurance document that is covered by a seal of an insurance broker.

4. The agreement on the replenishment of insurance brokerage services (broker's favor), a certain order of health insurance through a certified insurance broker.

5. The contract of agreement or the agreement of handing over, deposits between the reinsurance resident and the insurance broker.

6. One of three packages of such documents: agreement on reinsurance; but information on reinsurance (certificate, policy); agreement on reinsurance or insurance on reinsurance (certificate, policy), as well as insurance certificate (policy, certificate) and on behalf of a non-resident (bordereau) agreement or on-line agreement ) or debit note (debit note)); insurance policy (carpet note (cover note)) on the subject of retail insurance and reinsurance of the most important information and reinsurance parts;