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Insurance - lecture notes

Spіvstrakhuvannya that mechanism yogo dії

One and the same object of insurance can be insured for one insurance contract, for the sake of the insurer, the insurance group.

Spivstrakhuvannya - insurance, if there are two or more insurers, take the share of the most significant parts of the insurance of the same riziku, which can be seen as a special insurance policy, leather for the insurance sum of your own part.

Under the whole agreement, you must understand the rights and conditions of the skin insurer.

For appearances, please contact one insurance provider and one insurance company with one insurance agent and you can represent all those who have lost insurance and are more likely to be less in front of them if you have more private parts.

If you are insured, the insurer who takes care of the insurers will have to pay attention to the minds, will be recognized by the insurer, but probably the least. However, it’s not worth the trouble, as it was adopted by the proportional reinsurance, the whole order of the leading insurance insurer and the share of the insurance with the clerks on the other hand, because the insurance policyholders have been redeemed.

Yakshcho insurer insuring the object is not for nothing, I want to look like I have one insurance and no insurance for an uninsured part. Inkoly insurers, in order to take a share of the insurance, insure that the insurance holder himself went through the insurance policy, so that he would wipe out the entire part of the insurance.

Special signs can be used to apply reinsurance pools (obdnan, funds).

The pool is based on the concept of mutual interest. The essence of the problem is that the prize and the sum of the winners are transferred to the pool, which is the same as the operation performed by the members of the pool, the prize was transferred to the pool.

Two types of bullets are available: bullets fear and bullets reinsurance.

The process of building bullet bullet is more complete in case of insurance rises with potential catastrophic disasters (for example, insurance of nuclear power plants, aviation riziks). Ob' доdnannya insurance to the bulletin board is the same for hull insurance, at times insurance onfluorizikov, toshnovosti skinny.

Previously, in deyakii Krai, bullets fired for a quick oath of operations with reinsurance, which is often used for the border between countries.

Both insurance providers before the bullet points are also subject to a technical inspection of small operations and higher educational institutions, for which it is important that you have the benefit of special conditions. Few of the regional development of reinsurance pools, meta ones fell into the international rozikіv rozpіv.

Participants in the pool of goiters: take all those assigned to the territory of the tula between the pools. It’s stinky that you also have to take part in all rizikahs, which are transferred to the pool, and collectively signed all the members.

The pool can normally function only if you want to accept the rules and the terms and conditions of the pool; the pool is the same as the premium rates; if you have to be one unsanctioned transfer of one participant over the other.

By the international insurance company the insurance company is the main principle of their organization. In principle, please refer to the pool and recognize the following:

• a form of ob'єdnanny (obov'yazkova chi voluntarily, with established legal individuals without denying their status);

• take the form of insurance for the insurance policy: insurance insurance; reinsurance;

• view of the participants in the pool in front of the insurers: chastkova, solidarno abo subsidiarna;

• the procedure for the collection of insurance by the insurance pool: insurance, deductibles, insurance claims;

• a form of participation among participants in the pool and insurance companies, who agree to arrange the insurance contract: be a member of the pool, only the participant-underwriter and the leader pool;

• Establishment of limit of pool;

• carried out cutting policy with reinsurance in the future, I will re-distribute the pool;

• Health insurance policy and investment insurance reserves;

• Carrying out insurance on the main rules and tariffs.

Acts of meaningful minds are included in favor of the insurance pool as the principle of principleless organization. To such endless principles, to enforce, for example, think about the conduct of insurance for the unified rules and tariffs, consider the general policy of reinsurance and re-insurance, so that I can relocate to the pool, that’s the case.

On the principle of organizing the insurance pool, let us in, for example, such officials:

• values ​​and ordinances, which are attached to them;

• specificity of rizikiv, for pool insurance;

• legal and insurance regulatory framework, according to the regulations є dyal-nіst insurance pools in Ukraine approved;

• special features of the national economy and the national insurance market, which will determine the international insurance insurance pool.

With a whip of the goal of the pool

• Declare that you think for fear, priority, and such, as if they were important; such, who often get around and don’t give zmogi at the time of maximum accumulation and form an unbalanced insurance portfolio; catastrophic rizikіv.
• For the round-trip discussion of financial concerns, insurance coverage is limited to the pool, and insurance coverage may also be taken on insurance of significant risks.

• Promoting over insurance coverage for the guarantee for the guarantee of the guarantee by the insurers of their own obligations and insurance claims. When there is a greater need for insurance coverage, you must be guaranteed a pool, lie down, on the basis of a certain contract, there will be a maximum number of insurance holders - participants in the pool and insurance companies: insurance and reinsurance. I am a pool є with an insurance premium, then on the basis of a certain range: private, joint and several subsidiary ñ there are participants in the insurance pool. Form the agreement that the meeting will be completed, on the other hand, there will be mutual participation in the pool, and you will be pleased about the pool.

One of the most important principles of organizing an insurance pool is that by limiting the amount of insurance. Limit the pool, whose maximum obedience to goiter is due under an insurance contract, which is stipulated for the first pool, to be established in the pool about the maximum cost to the skin participant of the pool. At his house, the maximum oversight of the skin insurer for the okimy rizik under the insurance contract, you cannot redeem 10% of the cohesive statutory fund and the formation of large reserves and the insurance reserves of the insurer.

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  • Yakom ekonomіchniy zmіst laid in the mechanism of reinsurance?
  • Yakі и methods, forms of reinsurance operations?
  • What is also reinsurance?
  • Why do you need to believe that reinsurance and insurance?